What do you find in your Oreos?

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5:00 p.m….Oh, man….we are eating good. We would not be eating this early if I had to cook today. Frances, mom of my new niece Holly, brought us dinner, and she is an excellent cook! We’re having baked chicken in gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes, chef’s salad and a cake. It is absolutely wonderful. This is the best we’ve eaten since Beth’s surgery. We’ve either been popping something frozen in the oven, or going out to grab a hamburger.

Frances…..thank you so much!!! We love you.

We have been cleaning for days, trying to get the house looking good enough for people to drop in. Two of Beth’s friends already have. So it is wonderful not to have to cook dinner, too. But the house at least looks presentable. I would not be mortified for someone to drop in. Well…as long as they didn’t go upstairs   But I’m getting that cleaned up, too.

Sunflower lineSunflower lineSunflower line 

Bethany has an excellent post.

Sunflower lineSunflower lineSunflower line 

Linda has been finding some really strange things in her Oreo packages. So I thought I would show her what I found in ours:

Oreo kitten

May 13, 2008, 4:10PM
Veteran Houston news anchor Ron Stone dies at 72

Ron Stone, the veteran news anchor and filmmaker who was a fixture of Houston television for more than four decades, has died at age 72.

Word of Stone’s death came via KPRC (Channel 2), the NBC affiliate where he was lead anchor from 1972 through 1992. The station said Stone suffered from cancer. 

Stone also anchored at KHOU (Channel 11) before moving to KPRC and, after retiring from the station, owning a production company called Stonefilms of Texas.

A native of Hanna, Okla., Stone made his television debut on station KDDO in Tulsa in 1961 and six months later was hired at age 25 by Channel 11, where he remained until leaving in 1967 for New York and a brief stint with NBC’s radio network. 

Five years later, he and his family returned to Houston, where Stone became a fixture at Channel 2. He may be best remembered by longtime listeners for his familiar signoff: “That’s our news. Good night, neighbor.”

“He was of a period that, I think, was probably the golden age of local news,” said Ann Hodges, the Chronicle’s longtime television critic. “He was a perfect choice for Houston with his personality and his delivery and his professionalism.”

His contemporaries included news anchors Steve Smith, now retired from Channel 11, and Dave Ward, the veteran anchor at KTRK (Channel 13), weathercaster Doug Johnson and sports anchors Bill Worrell and Ron Franklin.

“He (Stone) set the standard,” Ward said. “He would say `Good night, neighbor,’ and people felt as if he was their neighbor. There was nothing pretentious about him.”

Ward said Stone realized that his longtime tenure in Houston was a unique gift in the changing world of local television news.

“We were talking a few years ago about how many years we had been here, and Ron turned to me and said, `You know, Dave, we’re dinosaurs. This is not going to happen again. The industry has changed so much that the fresh new faces come in, but they don’t stay. They move on. You and I are just dinosaurs.’ And he may have been right.”

 Ron Stone

Most of my life this man was a newscaster here in Houston. He also did a show called The Eyes of Texas.


20 thoughts on “What do you find in your Oreos?

  1. @Idobelieve_fairytales – Absolutely there is a lot of prayer going on for all those who have been affected by both disasters. We are seeing pictures right now on the news, of boxes of medicine and food that has been delivered, but has not been distributed by the government.

  2. I hear ya on the cleaning–our home is in need of some attention as well.  I did get the kitchen cleaned today though,s o at least that’s a start…unpacking will be the next task though and I dread it!
    been thinking of ya’ll!!

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