She’s in a cast now…

We found Honey!! (That’s our missing cat, for those who don’t know.) He had been gone for 2-1/2 months. We found him at a house on the next street over.

Here’s Beth’s ankle. They unwrapped it and the doctor said it looked good. He removed the stitches and put a cast on. She’ll be in that for 4 weeks. Since it’s purple, we got a silver Sharpie marker for people to sign it. Purple and silver are her favorite colors.

waiting for her cast

If you look close, you can see the stitches on the bottom of her heel. That’s where he put the screw in. It’s about 3/4″ long. The longer incision is about 6″ give or take, and the other is about 3″. There’s also one small one on the top of her foot.


And here she is in her beautiful purple cast.

The cast



22 thoughts on “She’s in a cast now…

  1. I dont know Beth, maybe that camera is in a better place if you hold it hostage in your purse. At least then you know what pictures are being taken of you LOL. j/k.You look cool/cute in that first picture. Like ha, look at me, I’m too cool for these awesome stitches.

  2. @srbinchrist – :laugh::laugh::laugh: Yeah, I told her to take pics so people could see what it looked like! But I was just very impatiently waiting for the doctor to come in. That’s my “I’m comfortable” position. At least as comfy as I could be with that foot hanging off the chair.

  3. 😮 Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww …. I hope it all heals beautifully through and through!  You deserve a break today …. what would you like your mom to bring you?  ~Carolyn

  4. You know… you laugh at the bike story now like it’s no big deal and t’s funny, but I would’ve been in HUGE trouble if you had caught me. Don’t mock, you know it’s true…

  5. I don’t understand either, why those wouldn’t be allowed on a site!:what: :question: :oh-no: 😮 :hmmmmm:
    Cool stitches. Someday we’ll have to compare faded scars. (They do fade somewhat eventually. But they also stand out white against a tan, & can burn red, too!)

  6. @JusticeMom – No problem. She hardly ever gets a tan there anymore 😆 But when she does, she tans very well. She said she doesn’t mind the scars…she’ll just consider them battle scars. However, her scars tend to be like Steve’s…keloid scars.

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