This video was posted on Steven Curtis Chapman’s website. This is Maria, his daughter that died yesterday.

Sunflower line 

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms,
it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

— President Abraham Lincoln

MySpace really ticked me off. Yesterday Bethany posted the very same pictures of her ankle incisions that I posted here. MySpace deleted the picture because it was “inappropriate.” It “violated their terms.” She wrote to them about it.

So….I fired off an email to MySpace. I went to a bunch of MySpace sites that have nude photos on them, and sent them in the email. I asked them to explain to me how nude photos of homosexuals are allowed to stay online, but a single pic of 2 healing surgical incisions is inappropriate.

They have a really screwed up view of what’s appropriate and what’s not.

On another subject, our youth/music minister called me to say one of our members is moving back here from North Carolina, after her Army husband decided he did not want to be married anymore. They have one child, and another on the way in 2 months. And they just bought a house in NC. I suspect this may be the result of problems he is having after having been in Iraq 4 times now. So please pray for this couple. The children need both parents.

Sunflower line

War Bill Supplements Planned Parenthood 

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has a funny way of expressing his appreciation for our troops this Memorial Day. Rather than honoring our soldiers with the funding they need, the Senate is stuffing the war supplemental bill with pro-abortion paybacks for groups like Planned Parenthood. By fattening up the legislation with controversial earmarks, the leadership has not only jeopardized the timetable for the bill’s passage but raised the possibility that it will not pass at all. Despite the urgent needs of our servicemen, Reid and his liberal allies are more concerned about funding the war against the unborn than the war in Iraq. The bill is rolling in pork, including a provision that would give groups like Planned Parenthood a big discount on contraceptives and Plan B, which can act as an abortifacient. It would also be a massive cash cow for university health centers, which would also be eligible for a discount on such drugs. Keep in mind that these clinics already make profits on the pills when they mark them up for resale. Nor are many of the recipients suffering in the financial department, thanks to a hefty investment of your hard-earned tax dollars. So the $165 billion question is: What does any of this have to do with Iraq? Absolutely nothing. Reid’s personal political agenda is exposing our active-duty troops to new risks as they wait on Congress to duke out the abortion provisions. The bill is bloated with millions of dollars in other unnecessary pet projects for infrastructure, health care, NASA, and more. Until Democrats put their anti-war vendetta aside and both parties rein in spending, the supplemental faces failure on the floor or due to the President’s veto pen. Contact your Senators today and remind them that this is no time to make a political statement. Now is the time to support our troops!

Court Rewrites Law to Beat the Ban 

Yesterday, a federal circuit court in Virginia struck down that state’s ban on partial-birth abortion, despite the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court last year upheld the federal ban on this gruesome procedure. This is a troubling decision that speaks to America’s ongoing problem with judicial arrogance. Virginia has been trying to ban partial-birth abortion for years. Its law was already struck down once, and yesterday the Fourth Circuit, by a 2 to 1 vote, said it was still unconstitutional, this time because it might be used against an abortionist who started a legal abortion and then accidentally performed a partial-birth abortion. Judge Niemeyer in dissent scoffed at such an implausible claim and pointed out that hypothetical challenges like this one are no longer acceptable according to the Supreme Court. Part of the strength of last year’s Supreme Court ruling was its insistence that abortionists bring real cases with real facts when challenging an abortion law. But the Fourth Circuit ignored this admonition and overturned the will of Virginians on the basis of a hypothetical claim from the abortion industry. We urge the Commonwealth to seek review of this activist decision that thumbs its nose at both the people of Virginia and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Wedding Crashers Good for Business, Says Gov. 

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) seems to be enjoying all of the publicity the state’s Supreme Court ruling is bringing to California. To a room full of reporters, Schwarzenegger crudely suggested that gay “marriage” may be a way for California’s tourist industry to make a fast buck. “I’m wishing everyone good luck with their marriages, and I hope that California’s economy is booming because everyone is going to come here and get married.” The audience laughed, but values voters are finding more arrogance in his statement than humor. Gay “marriage” may be a boon for business in the short-term, but accelerating the breakdown of the family will cost Americans billions more in the long run. Last month, researchers found that what happens to the family has big implications for federal and state spending. Each year, the government has to fork over $112 billion dollars in welfare, anti-poverty programs, criminal justice costs, and remedial education just to pay for the decline of marriage. That’s nothing compared to what California’s marriage mayhem will mean to taxpayers if a voter initiative to reverse this ruling does not pass this November.

Colorado Legislation ‘Tramples Religious Freedoms’ 

All ‘public accommodations,’ including restrooms, would be opened to men, women, bisexuals, transsexuals and transgendered individuals.

The next time you visit Colorado, you may run into members of the opposite sex when you use a public restroom.

Under a bill sitting on Gov. Bill Ritter’s desk, all “public accommodations” must be open to men, women, bisexuals, transsexuals and “transgendered” individuals.

Senate Bill 200 adds religion and sexual orientation to state nondiscrimination statutes. Supporters claim the bill will prevent discrimination; in reality, the bill endangers religious freedom by opening the door for the state to punish any person or organization — including small and home-based businesses — that refuses, for religious or other moral reasons, to offer or sell goods or services to homosexuals, bisexuals, ‘transgendered’ and transsexual individuals.

Focus on the Family Action began airing radio ads today to inform Coloradans about this over-reaching bill.

SB 200 would apply to all “public accommodations” in Colorado — including gender-specific public restrooms in shopping malls, movie theaters and churches, and public locker rooms in athletic facilities, which would suddenly be required to permit equal access to men, women and cross-dressers. Churches, mosques and synagogues would be exempt.

“With SB 200, we no longer have two ‘sexes,’ ” said Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst for Focus on the Family Action. “We enter a brave new world with a myriad of ‘sexual orientations.’ This bill, unfortunately, is in keeping with a national effort by ‘transgender’ advocacy organizations to accomplish an open-bathroom policy.”
Hausknecht said sexual predators can be expected to use this law as “cover” as they search for their next victims — in any public bathroom they come across.

“SB 200 threatens public safety and tramples religious freedoms,” he said. “This bill needs to be vetoed and sent back to the Legislature with instructions to come back next session with something that all Coloradans can be proud of.”

If you live in Colorado, please call and
e-mailGov. Bill Ritter today and ask him to veto SB 200. On the e-mail form, select “Share Your Opinion” from the drop-down menu. If you live outside Colorado, you can stay up to date on legislation in your state through your Family Policy Council.

(303) 866-2471



26 thoughts on “MySpace

  1. Each year, the government has to fork over $112 billion dollars in welfare, anti-poverty programs, criminal justice costs, and remedial education just to pay for the decline of marriage.I remember a time when the standard reply to that would be, “well, get rid of the welfare, anti-poverty programs, criminal justice costs (at least for non-violent crimes), and remedial education.”Oh well, I guess we’re more enlightened now. We get state-run marriage, or a welfare state, but no option for “none of the above.”

  2. And about that Planned Parenthood earmark: shame on them, but it’s business as usual. 😡 What we really need is a germaneness amendment to the Constitution (like most states have) to keep stuff like this from being snuck in.

  3. @SingingMom – This is my first time on the computer in two or three days. My lap top went back to best buy for some warrenty repair work. It took a few hours, but the computer at my house is working now. It has been a couple of rough days here.

  4. RYC:  You have blessed me more than I can ever tell you.  God is so amazing…prayer does truly get answered.  God has already started working on this situation.  Jill

                                                                                                        DEBBIE KAY

  6. @DKT1978 – :yes: I don’t know how MySpace does their moderating, to get rid of pictures like that. But I’m one of the Lord only knows how many moderators here on Xanga, and I know how we do it. When somebody comes across an objectionable picture (or video or post), they can rate it anywhere from A to E. E is explicit. Then it will show up on the moderator page, and we can also rate it at whatever level the preset guidelines say. If it’s a nude photo or a sex act, it can be rated explicit so that children cannot see it. If it were up to me, I would take it down, but that’s not my call. (There are certain sites that can be taken down by the Xanga team, though, likes ones that promote something illegal.) The moderators don’t rate something until it shows up on the moderator page….but they can go and rate it on the site itself, just like any other Xanga user.
    But I know those sites are there. I’ve seen way too many of them. Some friends and I started a long time ago, going to sites we knew were likely to have inappropriate pictures that children might see, and reporting them. I’ll go to the sites on one of the blogrings and first rate the pictures just like any Xanga user can. That way they will show up on the moderator page. Then I can go rate them again as the moderator.
    I imagine that MySpace has a similar set-up. The people who have the authority, know those sites are there. There is no excuse for overlooking them. I’ll buy that they might not ever get around to all of them, because there are so many, though.
    Since anybody can rate anything on a page, there are a ton of sites that get flagged for stupid stuff, like somebody trying to take revenge on somebody else. The site might not be objectionable at all, but somebody will rate it that way. It’s a huge waste of a moderator’s time.
    There are rules about posting things with self-mutilation, but her picture didn’t fit that category.

  7. @buana – I am so glad Jill. Let me know how things go. :heartbeat:  It was so funny when I was posting those scriptures. I’d ask God to show me if there was another one He wanted me to use, and I would immediately think of another. After the 23rd Psalm, I said, “Ok, are there any more you want me to use?” And my mind just kind of went blank. No more came to mind. I told Him, “Ok, I’ll quit then.” 😉 He surely does answer prayer. He communicates with us all the time, if we just listen. There are times something will come to mind, and you wonder if God is telling you something. And then there are those times when you know without any doubt.  :sunny: :wave:

  8. There’s a MySpace team that does it. I don’t think they do it like Xanga does. My page is private, so no one except MySpace employees with the authority can see it. And none of my friends would’ve reported the image.

  9. @Singing4God8692 – :yes: That’s what makes it even more stupid…..that nobody but your friends could see it. So no little kids were going to be traumatized by seeing it.
    But there still may be some similarity in the ways the 2 sites do it. On Xanga, the picture comes up on  the moderator page, but nothing else does, so you don’t know the circumstances of the picture just from the moderator page. But you can go to the page it’s posted on, to see what the circumstance is. So on mine, they could see that same pic, and then go to my page to see what it’s about. Then they could see it was surgery and not repairing self mutilation, as an example.

  10. Yeah, that’s really just quite shocking because Myspace has some of the…sketchier photos allowed on it.RYC: I’m set to sign my lease and move in 2 weeks from tomorrow… Friday June 6th. I’m excited. It’s going to be a busy couple weeks… I’m playing 2 events with the worship band I’ve been playing with in the next couple weeks, I’m playing piano in Jen’s wedding (a very good friend of mine that Bethany will probably remember that she’s chatted with before from the DH board), and moving.Ack, that reminds me. I have to call the electric and water and DSL and have my utilities transferred and activated.

  11. @MrParadox – :oh-no: I really never have liked MySpace. I do have one, but I really don’t use it. I located an old co-worker through it, though. It’s good for checking up on people, because so many people have one. I forget to check it, unless my friend Debbie sends a message. I also forget about Facebook. Not really impressed with either one of them.

  12. @MrParadox – And I use to use MySpace everyday to check up on Beth when she was younger and she didn’t know I was doing it. I didn’t want any surprises. The first time I actually said I read her MySpace, she got a slightly horrified look on her face. It was priceless and I still remember the look. 😀 My job was done. :goodjob:

  13. @MrParadox – 
    …it’s apparent, you’re a parent. :giggle: :p We always told the kids it was our job to make sure they never had any fun. 😮 Steve always told them the real world was outside our house. This was SteveandCindyland, a benevolent dictatorship. 😆
    I agree about MySpace. I feel like you can get lost on some pages. It feels like nothing is in its place. It’s messy.

  14. That is so sad about Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter……I will be praying for their son.  What a tragedy.  The video is really a treasure!

  15. @SingingMom – Thank you, thank you, thank you.  What a gift you are in my life.  Who knew that you can go online and find wonderful Christian Women who are there for you always.  Amazing.  God has truly blessed me.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Jill

  16. 1. That video was absolutely precious!:heartbeat::heartbeat:
    2. So, is did you post those pix of Beth’s ankle anywhere else? :brokenheart:I want to see them & compare them with my past surgeries. :lookaround:
    3. :love::wave::love:

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