Kitten Caboodle

1:55 p.m….Want to see what our weather is doing?

I get chills up my spine when I listen to this. I’m singing along, and the kittens are looking at me really funny.

I love this song. Somebody needs to use it in their wedding:

 I thought it was about time for some more kitten pictures. They have been playing all around me here at the computer, and they got tired. I stacked all the catalogues up, and they spread them all out again. After all, they can’t all sleep on one if they are stacked neatly. (Right now, Racer is trying to catch the letters on the screeen as I’m typing.) Here’s the whole kitten caboodle. They are 9-1/2 weeks old now.

Kitten caboodle

This is Motor. He’s always purring when you hold him.


This is Racer, because he looks like he has racing stripes down his back:

Racer 6-10-08  

And this is Patch, the wandering kitty. She’s the one we had to find in the wall, the one that got out of the garage when she was 2 weeks old, and the one the Mamma Kitty managed to sneak out of the garage to some secret hiding place, and brought back about 10 days later. She has the brown patch on the right side of her face. Rolly has the patch on the left side (they are both calicos), but Rolly is fat, so you can easily tell them apart.

Patch 6-10-08

The other 3 are not named yet. And I did not get any pictures of Wilson when he came to visit yesterday. Maybe Brandon and Rachael will post some.

Sunflower line

“We are knee-deep in a culture of death. … Our moment in history is marked
by a mortal conflict between a culture of life and a culture of death. God put us in the world to do noble things, to love and to cherish our fellow human beings, not to destroy them. Today, we must choose sides.”

— The late U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde,
in support of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, which finally became law in 2003

Obama Makes Promise to Planned Parenthood

The so-called Freedom of Choice Act could wipe away every state law limiting abortion.

Last year, presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., made a promise to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund:

“The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act,” he said.

The so-called Freedom of Choice Act could wipe away every state law limiting abortion, undoing decades of legal work, research and educational successes.

Obama has co-sponsored the legislation with 18 other senators. The bill has the support of 109 members of Congress.

“Thirty-five years after Roe, abortion supporters, like Senator Obama, are dismayed that abortion remains a divisive issue and that their radical agenda has not been submissively accepted by the American public,” writes Denise M. Burke, vice president of Americans United for Life.

“Rather than confronting legitimate issues concerning the availability and safety of abortion, they choose to blatantly ignore the concerns and interests of everyday Americans, as well as the growing evidence that abortion hurts women.”

Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, said even the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act could be overturned.

“This shows exactly how dangerous this man is to unborn children,” he said. “We are killing off our children, and this is something we really have to pay attention to.”

Family Fights to Keep Woman Alive after Stroke

Committee will determine whether Florida woman on feeding tube lives or dies.

Three years after Terri Schiavo was starved to death, a Florida woman is once again at the center of a legal dispute over whether a feeding tube stays or goes.

Karen Weber, 57, has been periodically in a nursing home and a hospital in Okeechobee, Fla., since her December stroke. Her husband, Raymond, claims she is in a vegetative state. He sought earlier this year to have her feeding tube removed, The Associated Press reported.

But Weber’s mother and siblings are fighting to keep her alive, arguing she is alert and responsive.

A judge has prohibited the tube’s removal, and has appointed a committee to determine her competency.

Weber communicates by blinking her eyes and using hand signals. Alliance Defense Fund attorney Joseph Rodowicz said Weber even waves goodbye as he leaves her room.

“The Constitution of this country gives people the right to life, and it gives people the right to make those decisions,” Rodowicz said.

Tom Lothamer, executive director of Baptists for Life, said the sanctity of life is the real issue.

“Somehow, we’ve come to determine that we can determine who will live and who will die,” he said. “In reality, it’s God who is the sovereign Lord of all of this.  We keep pushing God away and saying we want to do it our way.”

Good News: Operation Saves Legs of Preborn Baby

In what may be the earliest in utero surgery of its kind, Australian surgeons are being credited with saving the legs of a 22-week-old preborn baby.

The French news agency AFP reported Leah was diagnosed with amniotic band syndrome, in which bands of tissue wrap themselves around a developing baby’s limbs, hands or feet and cut off blood flow. Doctors said the tissue had wrapped around both of Leah’s legs.
Leah was born in January, and doctors believe she will be able to walk.

“Abortion is on a collision course with science,” said Carrie Gordon Earll, senior analyst for bioethics at Focus on the Family Action. “Stories like this one confirm the humanity of preborn children and bring us face-to-face with the atrocity of abortion. As medical technology continues to advance in prenatal surgeries, it will be increasingly difficult to justify abortion — at any stage of development.”

Good News: Adult Stem Cells Help Repair Man’s Back

A spinal surgeon in Aurora, Colo., recently performed what’s being called the first disc surgery in the United States using adult stem cells to help repair a man’s injured lower back.

“Stem cells have shown great promise over the past three years for treating back pain,” Dr. Jeffrey Kleiner said. “In combination with the diskectomy, we hope to offer patients long-term relief from their back pain and to decrease their risk of needing additional surgeries.”

Adult stem cells have been injected into patients’ backs and joints to promote tissue growth, but this is the first time stem cells have been injected during a spinal surgery, doctors said.

The bone-marrow cells used in the procedure were harvested from the middle-aged man then brought to the laboratory, where millions more were grown over three weeks using the patient’s blood. Tens of millions of the cells were then injected into the man’s back during a discectomy, a surgery to remove a herniated or bulging disk.

Hi, E.


15 thoughts on “Kitten Caboodle

  1. The Freedom of Choice Act can be read here.I would question the constitutionality of this one. The Act specifically refers to abortion as a “right” and even quotes Roe. But Roe is no longer the controlling law on the classification of abortion. Casey redefined it as a “liberty interest” and applied something less than strict scrutiny to state and federal laws. The FOCA would applie a higher level of restriction that the Court. This doesn’t codify the Supreme Court’s decisions–it blanketly ignores the past twenty years in favor of an outdated constitutional model generated out of the medical ignorance of the 70’s.Furthermore, the sentence “This Act applies to every Federal, State, and local statute, ordinance, regulation, administrative order, decision, policy, practice, or other action enacted, adopted, or implemented before, on, or after the date of enactment of this Act.” seems a little beyond the scope of federal power on this issue.You’d think Obama, a former Constitutional Law professor, would know that.

  2. @SingingMom – Ok…so I recorded it video wise…of course camera facing computer screen…but for some reason it’s taking forever to upload…so I will try again Friday night when I don’t have to go to work the next morning. It’s unedited too.

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