Today’s adventures

5:20 p.m…Today has been an adventure. We went to Beth’s second day of physical therapy (2 down, 40 bazillion to go ). But she was actually able to walk on it just a little when we got home (without crutches). Then I had to go by the bank to deposit Sunday’s offering, and run by the post office.

After that, I decided to swing by Animal Control to see if they might have picked up our cat, Junior. She got out and I have not seen her since last week. She’s been sick, and I was afraid she had either run off to die, or gotten picked up. Well….they didn’t have Jr., but they had Honey.  He got out again almost 3 weeks ago, and disappeared. I thought he was gone for good. Apparently not.

They said his rabies shot had expired, so I went by the vet’s office to see why they had not given him a 3 year shot when he had it in March 2006. Their explanation still angers me, but it had indeed expired. So I called Rachael (she works in a different vet’s office than he had his shot in). She said bring him in tomorrow at 1:30, to get his rabies shot renewed. The pound gave me 24 hours to get his shot and bring proof. I am more than just a little bit aggravated with that cat. It’s a good thing he’s cute

Steve’s working a little late tonight. I’m fixing to make sloppy joes for supper.


I think God is making up for the rain we have not been getting.



19 thoughts on “Today’s adventures

  1. I agree. See my entry for more detailed information. It rained all weekend after that pretty much, save for some periods of sunshine with which I used to air out my car.

  2. @Singing4God8692 – I do, too. But I’d rather it be on a day where we didn’t have to get out and go somewhere. A day where I could just sleep through all the rain.  :yes:
    Who am I kidding. I don’t even sleep at night when I’m supposed to 😥

  3. :eek:Cats!  They do have minds of their own–don’t they?!  This is my first time without an animal (especially a cat) in about 15 years.  I have made the adjustment better than I thought I would.  Oh, and thanks for the comment at Sue’s site!  Yes, I had meant to send out an announcement to a few of you, but didn’t get it done.  Kaleb had sworn me to secrecy for several weeks and he finally shared the news at church this Sunday.  When I got to Sue’s site, it just spilled out!  hehee  I think I had waited as long as I could!!!!:lol:  And yes, the sign has made a very neat conversation piece.  The pics do not give it justice.  You will just have to come stay with me and see it!  Anyhooooooooooo, I love antiques, too.  I used to joke with Billy and tell him that he was the first antique I collected (he was ten years older than me)…He thought that was pretty funny and would laugh.  Well, I am glad therapy is going fairly well.  I am sure it is painful.  We’ve  got to get tht girl back up and going….How will she outrun the fellas, if we don’t??!!  And I don’t say this flippantly–love ya muchliest!!!!!!!!!!!!  paula

  4. @heyheypaula – :ROTFL: I’m laughing at everything you said. I was reading the comment to Beth (she’s sitting here waiting for dinner to be done), and quoted your “how will she outrun the fellas?” She said, “Why would I want to run?” :ROTFL:
    That’s funny about Billy being your first antique. I love it. And I love you muchlierest! :heartbeat:

  5. We could use some of your rain…I can’t believe I am saying this with the flooding that has taken place all around us!  But, could you please give it strict orders to only rain at night.  I’m with you about having to get out in the rain.  Not my favorite thing either!
    I’m glad Beth’s therapy is going so well!  Somehow I knew she was going to make the comment she did about the guys!

  6. @wolfpacwife14 – You rained really hard, but only for a fairly short time. If it rained in the middle of the night, I’d love it.
    Today Beth wanted to use the machine that warms and massages her foot longer, and the therapist (the Asian guy I mentioned yesterday) said, “Yeah…that’s not gonna happen.” I told her if she could just find a cute, unmarried therapist, maybe she could talk him into letting her use it longer. This guy is tall enough, but he’s married 😆

  7. LOLOLOL…you found Honey, but no Junior.  Hopefully he show up soon 🙂  Cats are so funny. I love them because they are independent and loving at the same time.  Our Maxx is more like a dog than a cat.  He comes when you call him and loves to eat dog cookies.  I am praying for quick healing for Bethany!  Blessings, Jill

  8. @chatcat42 – 😆 Might make him confused. He’s definitely Asian, but his name is Cruz Lopez. When I first saw him, of course he reminded me of Ethan. But when I saw his name tag, I did a double take. I thought I just didn’t read it clearly, but then Beth said his name was Cruz, and I knew I wasn’t seeing things. I’m thinking he may be a military kid….hispanic dad in the military and mom Asian.
    At the place where I get my nails done, there is a woman there who is half hispanic and half Vietnamese. She, however, does not really appear to be Asian…she has the hispanic look. But she speaks Vietnamese. She’s plenty old enough to be an Amerasian child of the Vietnam war. I believe she said she’s 48. She looks much older than me, though. I think she’s had a tough life. She was surprised that I am older than she is.

  9. @buana – :yes: And I found Jr. last night. I thought I would just call her in the front yard one more time. And when I did, she came from across the street. I had not seen her since Friday or Saturday. I had been praying that God would bring both her and Honey home safely. I was really worried about them. And when I was standing there calling her, I know it was God that told me, “See, Honey’s home safely.” I thanked Him and asked him to bring Jr. home safely, and then called Jr. some more. That’s when I saw her come out from under the neighbor’s van. I had been calling her repeatedly for days, to no avail. But this time I found her. I know God was letting me know again, that he’s there, in charge, and he’s answering prayers.
    I have to go get Honey’s rabies shot in about 45 minutes. Then I have to go back to the animal control and get his license. He is upstairs in Rachael’s old room. She has a rabbit in a cage up there, and a turtle in a fish tank. They could not take their pets with them when they moved. So now there’s a third resident of that room. Honey can open the front door, so if I let him down here, that’s exactly what he’ll do. And if somebody else opens the door, he shoots out like a rocket. I’ve had to chase him a few times. He loves being outside, but I just can’t let him anymore.
    We have cats that work in a team. Whiskers can open the front door. We have a steel door, and a glass storm door outside that. The door has a lever instead of a knob, so Whiskers puts his front paws around the lever, and pulls down. Then the door will pop open. Then 2 other cats, Honey and Tigger, know how to pop open the storm door. When they work together, they can all escape. In my mind, I see an episode of Hogan’s Heroes here.

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