A home invasion and murder happened Tuesday night, about 15 minutes away from us. It happened across the street from the football stadium where my high school graduation ceremony was held.

This is just scary…..

Poll: Many Christians Believe There is More than One Road to God

‘Americans seem to be fashioning their own beliefs … because it doesn’t seem to correspond to the official teachings.’

More than half of self-identified evangelical Christians believe there is more than one path to salvation, according to a poll released Monday by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. More than 35,000 Americans were surveyed.

Jim Daly, president and CEO of Focus on the Family, said he was unsettled by the results, which go against evangelical teaching.

“That shows the contradiction with the New Testament, where Jesus is saying, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” he said. “ ‘Nobody gets to the Father but through Me.’”

Daly said he believes the culture will suffer when Christians abandon their foundational beliefs.

“Those are the very core things that hold us together as a community of believers,” he said. “It’s indicative of where we’re at in the modern age.”

Luis Lugo, director of the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, said Christians may be reinventing their beliefs.

“Americans seem to be fashioning their own beliefs on many of these things,” he said, “because it doesn’t seem to correspond to the official teachings that they’re getting from their own church.”

John 14:6…..6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.  NIV

I wonder what part of that scripture these evangelical “Christians” don’t understand. I think it might be that word “truth.”

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Good News: Norma McCorvey Takes Pro-Life Message to Television

‘Jane Roe’ of Roe v. Wade records first TV spot.

Norma McCorvey — known as Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade — has just finished her first television spot. As Jane Roe, she was the icon for abortion; now, McCorvey wants to be known for protecting life.

“In 1973, I was a very confused 21-year-old, with one child, and facing an unplanned pregnancy,” she says in the ad. “At the time, I fought to obtain a legal abortion, but truth be told, I have three daughters and have never had an abortion.”

McCorvey goes on to share that she’s a Christian and that being involved in Roe v. Wade was the biggest mistake of her life.

“You read about me in the history books, but now I’m dedicated to spreading the truth about preserving the dignity of all human life, from natural conception to natural death,” she says.

Jonathan Saenz, staff attorney at the Liberty Legal Institute, applauded McCorvey for spreading the truth about abortion.

“It’s so wonderful to see Norma McCorvey taking such a strong stand, being so vocal, and so public on one of the most important issues of our time,” he said. “If Norma can see the truth, there’s no reason why the rest of the country and our courts shouldn’t embrace the truth (that) abortion ends the life of an unborn child.”

That reminds me of the apostle Paul’s story. He spent so many years on the wrong side, persecuting Christians, till God got hold of him, and turned him around.

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Judicial Tyranny and California Lunacy – A message from Dr. James Dobson (it’s too long to print here).

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Promiscuity Leads the Pact 

Despite the angst over fuel prices and the presidential race, rumors of a high school pregnancy pact are stealing headlines in America’s largest newspapers and prompting more parents to question what public education is teaching their children about sex. During the 2007-08 school year, Joseph Sullivan, the principal of Massachusetts’ Gloucester High School (GHS), noticed a serious spike in the number of girls who became pregnant during the school year. In an interview with Time, he admitted that the teen pregnancy rate had quadrupled at GHS, and he suspected that a group of sophomore girls agreed to “get pregnant and raise their babies together.”

While the media is consumed with whether or not such a pact exists, the story raises far more troubling issues about the school’s message on sexuality. If these students never struck an agreement, as Gloucester’s Mayor Carolyn Kirk insists, we can presume at the very least that these 16-year-old girls thought it was acceptable to be sexually active and become pregnant. And why wouldn’t they? GHS’s own policy encourages it. The school offers free on-site daycare for teen moms so that students can bring their babies to school. It also teaches “comprehensive” sex education to students in the ninth grade, just in time for high school. If the school is bending over backward to accommodate teen mothers and encouraging the promiscuity that leads to it, these girls would have no choice but to assume that premarital sex and motherhood are acceptable social norms.

Sarah Brown of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy said, “This is not a story about sex education.” Of course it is! It just happens to be a story that liberals are trying to hide, as it confirms–once again–the failure of comprehensive sex education. Planned Parenthood celebrated when Gov. Deval Patrick (D) refused the federal funds for abstinence programs in Massachusetts schools. Had he accepted the grant and encouraged schools like GHS to use it to teach sexual restraint, the storyline in this storied fishing village might have been different. Instead schools like Gloucester insist on promoting promiscuity over abstinence in direct contradiction of the wishes of 78 percent of parents (as expressed in a 2007 Zogby poll) Like us, these parents don’t understand what’s wrong with telling kids to simply say “no.” Isn’t that the message we give them on other dangerous activities like drug and alcohol use? We tell them not to smoke. And unlike sex education, we don’t hand them filters and say “If you’re going to light up, smoke safely.” Now that public schools are starting to reap what they’ve sown with the “just do it” mentality, states are scrambling to accommodate kids and their poor decision-making. On teen sex, it’s time to stop treating the problem and start preventing it with the only birth control that is 100% effective–abstinence.

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Clerks Reassigned after Refusing to Perform Gay ‘Marriages’

At least 14 employees with the San Diego County Clerk’s office have been reassigned because they expressed religious objections to gay “marriage” and refused to perform the ceremonies.

The California Supreme Court legalized same-sex “marriage” in May. County Clerk Gregory Smith’s office has issued 549 licenses and performed 287 ceremonies since the “weddings” began Monday.

Jenny Tyree, associate marriage analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said state workers’ moral and religious beliefs are in tension with the state. Voters will decide how this plays out when they vote on a state marriage amendment defining marriage as between one man and woman.

“Amending the state constitution in November would not only protect the definition of marriage,” Tyree said, “but also will protect the First Amendment rights of people who believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.”

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Good News: Adult Stem Cells Show Promise for Healing Broken Bones

Researchers at the University of North Carolina have used adult stem cells to improve the healing of broken bones in mice.

Unhealed bone fractures often require surgery, bone grafts or prosthetic materials. But in the mice, adult stem cells made the bones three times stronger than those that healed naturally.

Dawn Vargo, bioethics analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said: “Although this particular treatment is still being tested in mice, it might soon be added to the long list of adult stem-cell treatments successfully used in people suffering from debilitating conditions.”

I am amazed by the string of useful treatments that adult stem cells are found to produce. The usefulness of embryonic stem cells has not been proven, despite all the argument by those who hope to perfect it – or profit from it. Could God be honoring the treatments that don’t require the taking of a human life? Hmm…


7 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Many Christians Believe There is More than One Road to GodWhen 92% of Americans say they believe in God, but only 39% attend church weekly, the headline almost writes itself. I’m reminded of the King of the Hill episode:Lucky: Me, I don’t got to church – church goes with me. I’m worshippin’ when I’m drinkin’ a beer, diggin’ a hole, or fishin’ for trout.Luanne: That’s beautiful, Lucky!Hank: Luanne, I happen to know it’s asinine!_________________________Had he accepted the grant and encouraged schools like GHS to use it to teach sexual restraint, the storyline in this storied fishing village might have been different.I call baloney. If these girls are stupid enough to get knocked up at 16, “the governor encouraging a school to teach abstinence” isn’t going to stop them. The problem started 16 years ago, and has nothing to do with GHS. No policy Band-Aid from Washington or Albany is going to fix it.

  2. @MrParadox – 
    No policy Band-Aid from Washington or Albany is going to fix it.  I think that it won’t fix the problem long term. The problem is with the girl. But I do know (and no, I’m not gonna tell you how) that sometimes girls who are raised with strict moral standards get away from those standards for a short time. So it doesn’t necessarily mean she came from a whole family with loose morals. She may have just tried to experiment, and got herself in kind of deep.
    The problem with what the school is doing, though, is it appears to be putting a stamp of approval on their behavior.
    the headline almost writes itself  :yes: Agreed.

  3. The problem with what the school is doing, though, is it appears to be putting a stamp of approval on their behavior.I’ll agree (surprise! 😆 )…with the stipulation that the school should be doing is neither. Instead, the school could teach her how to read and do math, then she could figure out the complete stupidity of having a kid at 16. :yes:

  4. I go by that house where that home invasion was at last evening  a lot. :sigh: It is indeed scary that people want to invade a private home to steal and kill while they are taking what they didn’t work for.  :what:  It is nonsensical,  and it makes no sense whatsoever!!!   :question::mad::(:nono:   This world has gotton so bad that repect of others  and there property is just almost nonexistant.    Reminds me of a song called, “What the world needs is Jesus!”

  5. @DKT1978 – :yes: I use to go right by it all the time. The church’s bank use to be that colonial looking bank building on Spencer between Burke and Strawberry, and I would take Pasadena Blvd to Burke, to get there. I agree….there is absolutely no respect for others and their property with some people. That’s why the church has been broken into or vandalized so many times.

  6. @MrParadox – :yes: It is stupid. Unfortunately, stupid is what a lot of 16 year olds do best. 😦 :oh-no:
    I have no problem with schools only teaching reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic. That’s the problem with public schools…they are getting away from doing those things, and teaching social things that parents should teach :hammer: (The hammer is for the schools…not you  :wink::lol:)

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