Pics from today…

10:50 p.m….Please continue to pray for Cathy’s mom, Agnes. Cathy and I have been emailing tonight. She is staying at the hospital in Springfield, Missouri. Agnes is having some heart irregularities, and Cathy is understandably worried.

My police officer nephew, Michael, came by the church this afternoon after he got off his shift. He came by to see Brandon. But a couple of the ladies at church, who should have recognized him, didn’t. One of them asked me, “Who’s the cop out there, and why is he here?”  They didn’t remember him from Brandon and Rachael’s wedding.

He and Brandon stood outside for a while, within sight of the crack house across the street, trying to make the occupants a little nervous.

Sunflower line

A collage of pics from today at church…..

Clockwise from top left: Dave (our youth/music minister) wearing Ashley’s sunglasses, Bethany and Jeremy, Andy at the piano, and Rachael and Brandon.

Forgot to say that Beth is walking better and better. She’s still wearing the boot, but she walked quite a bit without her crutches today. It hurts, but it’s getting better. She went to Brandon & Rachael’s tonight for movie night, for the first time since the surgery. 

Collage 6-29-08



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