11:00 p.m….Beth just came downstairs….wearing both shoes! She’s walking, well, limping, in a shoe now. She’s making progress. Today is 8 weeks since the surgery.

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I have to tell you guys about my brilliant daughter. Where do I start?

Her Mustang needed the catalytic converter changed. Today was the deadline for getting it inspected. We put it in the shop last week, to check and see which of 4 converters it was. When we went this afternoon to pick it up, and take it to the muffler shop to replace the cat (yes…we even have cats in our cars ), the technician had cleared the codes in the car’s computer, so they could not tell us which one it was. So Paul, the shop owner, told her to do a drive cycle on it – drive it 40 or 50 miles to reset the computer – then bring it back in the morning for them to check it.

She drove around, and put 30 miles on it. Then she came home. While she was resting, she had a thought….if the computer is not showing a code for a bad catalytic converter….wouldn’t it pass inspection?

The answer is yes! The guy at the inspection place hooked it up, then said, “You’re good to go!” She called and said, “I’m brilliant!”

She’ll still need the cat changed, but now she’s got another year to do it, which is good, because until she goes back to work, she isn’t getting paid.

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Vacation Bible School starts 2 weeks from today. I am not ready  I never am.


18 thoughts on “VBS

  1. How to prepare for VBS
    1. Have lots of oreos
    2. Have lots of oreos.
    3. Eat some oreos and have a meeting.
    4. Have lots of oreos.
    5. Have lots of oreos.
    6. Might need a gallon of milk or maybe some icecream.
    7, Cut, cut, cut, glue, glue, glue, paint, paint, paint.
    8. Cut, cut, cut, glue, glue, glue, paint, paint, paint.
    9. More oreos please.
    10. Reverse #8 and #9.
    This may not be the best list, but it taste good.

  2. That was very smart of your daughter to think of that….she makes a good point. Why did she have to have surgery?

  3. @hotfuturefireman – On Oct. 31, she fell and really messed up her ankle. She had a stress fracture, sprained ligaments, and ruptured a tendon. The orthopedic surgeon put her in a fracture boot and said it would take 4 weeks to heal. Well…she wasn’t getting much better, so in February we went to an ankle surgeon that she had been to before for other problems. He did an MRI and bone scan, and found all the damage that had been done. The stress fracture did not show up on any of the 3 previous xrays. She had surgery May 5, to repair the tendon, and make her ankle more stable. She has always had a problem with ankle stability.
    So she’s in physical therapy right now trying to rebuild the strength in her ankle. She is supposed to go back to work the first week of August.

  4. @MrParadox – :laugh: We serve snowcones. But in the last few years we added Goldfish crackers and animal crackers. The big bag of animal crackers like you buy at Sams. None of this name brand stuff πŸ˜†

  5. @SingingMom – That sounds really painful. At least she got to have the surgery and is on the mend.
    Hope she is doing good in PT I know when I  broke my arm and had to be in PT I struggled. And when Ashley had her knee surgeries she was in PT for months afterward.

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