July 4th Service

We are having a special service tomorrow, being the July 4th weekend. In the past, we did an all music service with patriotic songs. Then some of our members would take the pictures of our military loved ones from the wall in our foyer, walk down the aisle and hold them, while the military members in our congregation stood. The first year we did it, Beth, Laura, and I sang “God Bless the USA.” It was hard to get through that program without crying.

We are not doing as much in the program tomorrow (no carrying of pictures down the aisle), but Beth and I are going to sing “God Bless the USA” while our present and past military members stand. Both our pastor, Herb, and our youth/music director, Dave, were in the Air Force. Herb never went to war, but Dave fought in Vietnam and was shot several times.

Beth is also going to sing a song called “There She Stands,” accompanied by a slide show. She and Laura use to do that one together. We were not able to do as large a program this year, with Beth having surgery. Next year I would like to get back to the original program.


(Edit: Please pray for us as we do this program tomorrow. This year seems to be a little more difficult.)

Waving flag

Not a lot to say today. About the house Brandon and Rachael put in an offer on, the bank accepted the offer the other couple put in before they even got Brandon and Rachael’s offer. But nobody knew it. So that’s kind of a disappointment. But I’m praying that God will bless them with a house…the right house for them.

Talked to my youngest sister a long time today, about our parents. Our parents are running out of money. So that means we will be helping a little more to support them. My sister is gone tonight to get them a new stove.

Have to get up early Monday and go to the post office to mail out the flyers for VBS. I’m really cutting it close to the line this year. I really didn’t mean to, but there’s just been so much other stuff on my mind. I have to go to downtown Houston to mail them, which is always kind of a pain, because they are mailed with a bulk mail permit. Area post offices don’t accept them.

Then Monday afternoon, Beth has another appointment with the rheumatologist. Tuesday and Thursday it’s more physical therapy. She can go by herself now if she needs to, though. And I still have to go and buy the rest of the VBS craft supplies.

So much to do….so little time.

I am dreading Beth going back to work, at a job where she has to stand on her feet all day. Oh, and she’s having a significant amount of stomach pain. I’m afraid she may have developed an ulcer from all the anti-inflammatory medication she’s been taking.

I’m cooking steaks for dinner.

Sunflower line

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

— Thomas Paine, author

Sunflower line

Good News: Texas Lawmaker Proposes Tougher Divorce Laws

Texas couples seeking a divorce would be required to either wait two years or take a class designed to save their marriage, under legislation proposed by state Rep. Warren Chisum, a Republican. It currently takes 60 days to finalize a divorce in Texas.

Chisum, who has been married for 50 years, attempted to pass similar legislation in 2007, but it was defeated in committee.

Glenn Stanton, director of family studies at Focus on the Family, applauded Chisum for his perseverance.

“Unfortunately, divorce is far easier in this nation than it should be,” he said. “So, asking couples to think more carefully about their relationship, to reflect on the process of divorce, to reflect on the incredible fallout that will come from that — not just for the children, but for husbands and wives — is a very serious issue and worth considering.”

Last year, Chisum authored a law that waves the $60 marriage license fee for couples who take an 8-hour premarital class.

“We’re going to attack it at both ends — marriage and divorce — in an effort to keep families together,” Chisum told the Austin American-Statesman. “If this just saves one marriage, it’ll be fine with me.”


8 thoughts on “July 4th Service

  1. @DKT1978 – :yes: Thanks, Debbie. It is kind of a nerve-wracking experience. You have to have a downpayment, and money for closing costs. And you have to be able to find one in your price range. Then you have to make an offer and be prepared for the owner to make a counter offer. But in this case, the house is a bank-owned foreclosure. The bank can do whatever they want to do. They offered more than the asking price, but I don’t know what the other couple offered.
    There’s still a chance they could get it, if the financing falls through for the other couple. Not everybody gets pre-approval, but Brandon and Rachael did. One place approved them almost instantly, but they wanted a larger downpayment. The other place approved them within a day or so.
    But last week I was having bad dreams about this house. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s not the right house for them. It would be so much easier if things had a sign on them that said, “I’m the one!” :giggle:

  2. What kind of steaks did you cook?  Fried in skillet, grilled or broiled in oven? 
    I understand your concern for Bethany when she goes back to work.   For me to go back to the Preschool would be almost impossible since my arthritis has gotten so bad.  I see how God has blessed me by working for my cousin because she understands about my disability. 

  3. @DKT1978 – New York strip steaks. I cooked them in a skillet. I like to grill them, but our grill bit the dust. Need a new one.
    It definitely would be hard for you to teach in a preschool. I couldn’t do it, either. VBS is hard for me and that’s just a week. I use to keep kids here at home, but I really needed to stop that. And the girl I was babysitting for decided she didn’t want to pay for it anymore. She’d give me these sob stories about how it was so hard for her to pay me, yet she got her nails done regularly, and took out loans to enlarge her house. I guess it’s all where your priorities are :hammer: And of course, now her oldest daughter is in serious spiritual trouble. She just turned 16. She’s decided she lesbian. :oh-no:

  4. @DKT1978 – Oh, and we had mac and cheese, peaches and biscuits to go with the steaks. I’ve been buying “Mrs. B’s” biscuits at Walmart. That brand was started by one of Cathy’s (chatcat42’s) husband’s relatives. It is the initial of their last name.

  5. Thanks for the prayers. We are holding up good.  Mike, brother #3, called this afternoon they have moved his f-i-l to a hospice house. He will probably die tonight. Stress up a little more.

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