Update on Cathy’s Mom

Animals are getting entirely too needy around here  I was walking into our bedroom, which means I had to walk past the back door. I looked out the window in the door, and the squirrel was sitting on the deck, trying to look in the back door. The squirrel feeder was empty, the bird feeder was empty, and the dog food dish was empty. He wanted to know why there wasn’t any food for him. I forgot to get more. So I took an ear of corn out there, along with a handful of dog food, and put it on the squirrel feeder. Then I filled the dog food dish.

Great. The dogs already sit out there staring in the window when they are hungry. Now we’ll have the squirrel doing it, too.

And Ethan, I had another crazy dream about you last night. You were coming home from Iraq yet another time.

Sunflower line

I forgot that Cathy had Friends Lock on her site, so you can’t access it from the link I posted. Thanks, Jill, for pointing that out.

Here’s what she said yesterday:

Mama has taken a turn for the worse. Today she was placed on a ventilator. Not looking good.

Here’s what she said this morning:

Mama is stable. Her blood pressure is low, but still within range. She responds when spoken to.

It will be an up and down thing. On Tuesday they (Cathy and her 4 brothers) had agreed to go ahead next week with skin grafts. They will be painful. But they agreed not to put her on a ventilator or do anything else heroic to save her. The grafts will be painful, and the doctor is not hopeful.

But yesterday she took a downward turn even before the grafts, and they put her on a ventilator.

This is a terribly tough decision to have to make. I am the one who will be in charge when my parents reach that point. But I already know what they want. They do not want to do anything heroic. They don’t want to be on life support. That will not make the action easier, but it certainly will make the decision less complicated.

When my mother’s aunt got so sick about 2-1/2 years ago, my mom would not sign a DNR order. She said, “I’m not ready to let her go.” Fay was the youngest sister of her mom…the only one left in the family….and she did not want to turn loose. I know that I know Mamma was not wanting to let go, because it was the last tie she had to her own mother, who died of cancer in 1972.

Sunflower line

On a different note, Beth is going to therapy by herself today. I need to go to Hobby Lobby to shop for the VBS craft supplies. Saturday is our monthly church workday and we will be getting everything in order for VBS….I hope.

I aggravated the receptionist at the therapy place on Tuesday. We have been paying a $26 co-pay for each visit. I asked her if they had received any payment yet from the insurance company, and they had not (I already knew that because I had checked the insurance website to make sure.) I told her that on the last visit, we may not owe any co-pay because I knew the insurance was going to disallow a lot of what they have charged, and our co-pay will be much lower than what they have been charging us. We pay 25% of the charge. She gave me a look that let us know she did not appreciate me knowing that I might be paying more than I had to. Too bad.



6 thoughts on “Update on Cathy’s Mom

  1. :heartbeat: Hello lady!  I’m back in the land of the living!  I haven’t been around too much because of my sickness and just taking a little mini vacation from the net…
    That’s cute about the squirrel wanting his food… too funny!  Get that poor thang some food! ha!
    Poor Bethy, having to go to rehab and stuff… what a pain to have to deal with… hope you all are doing well.
    We have had lot’s of repairs on cars and house this summer.. I guess it’s time for stuff like that! 
    Have a great day… I’ll talk to you soon!

  2. @daisymae81 – Well howdy stranger! Glad you came by. I hope you are feeling better. Beth is making progress every day. Sometimes she has swelling that sets her back a little, but it’s to be expected.
    I read about you getting a new bathroom. I’m jealous ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. I love the squirrel story…too funny!  So sorry for Cathy’s family, and will continue to pray for peace during such a difficult time.  Sorry to hear you’ve been blue…prayers for you too!  Blessings, Jill

  4. @buana – Thanks, Jill. It is stressing doing this to me. Once VBS is over, it will be a little better, although that won’t cure it by a long shot. I’ve just had so many things to get done, and so many concerns to pray about the last few weeks. It’s getting to me. I appreciate the prayers.

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