VBS Day Two….

I just can’t believe what a gorgeous young woman Jordan is turning into. She will be 14 on Aug. 2. I started keeping her when she was 6 weeks old. I was already keeping her older sister, Candice. I kept them until they were old enough to stay by themselves when they came home from school in the afternoon. Jordan still loves VBS (we took them every year when they were little) and she likes to help Beth in her class. They are teaching the Kindergarten-1st graders. Rachael and Andy are also in that class.


Beth’s ankle is getting so much better. At therapy today, they had to really try to find something that was challenging for her to do. And today she was able to press 100 pounds with her injured foot. Yesterday was 10 weeks since the surgery.

A few pics from today. Click on them to make them larger. 

1) Beth’s class was watching a video on her computer. 2) The Pre-K class,

3) Andy telling the salvation story. He made “salvation bracelets” (the ones made of colors that represent things like life, death, blood, etc) to give to each child when he tells the story.

4) Beth teaching her class.

watching a video Pre-K class Andy's bracelets  Beth teaching

5) The girls won the money competion Monday. 6) Andy is not a very good aim, 7) Andy and Beth do a balancing act (notice Beth is not robo-foot anymore), 8) Stinkin’ boys. They won today. If they win all week, Andy gets to hit Beth in the face with a pie. Last year, she got to hit him. The year before, he hit her.

 girls are trying Andy's a bad aim who will win boys won

9) Jordan and Rachael, and 10) Jeremy holding the kitten Dave found in a hole in the ground outside our Sunday School building. He heard it crying while he was inside the building, so the little thing must have been loud. The kitten now belongs to Brandon and Rachael.

Jordan & Rach  kitten and Jeremy



Bethany tried to kiss a young man today. He pulled away with a look of horror on his face.

Here’s Beth and Nathan.

Beth & Nathan

Nathan was not on his best behavior today, so Beth sat between him and some other boys. When he asked why she was sitting by him, I said, “Because she liiiikes you!” He got a horrified look on his face and pulled away. So she made a kissing noise. He looked even more horrified. The other little boys were saying she wasn’t going to kiss them….as they moved closer to her.



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