VBS day 4…one more to go….

We are having major internet connection problems, so I’m not posting VBS pics today. I am using Steve’s wireless connection right now, on his laptop.

The girls are winning the money big time, so it looks like Andy will get the pie in the face tomorrow. And I have another interesting pic to post. Mark promised the kids in his class that if they all memorized their Bible verses, he would dye his beard pink. Well….he did. His daughter, Ashley, just sent Beth the pic  

Mark's pink beard

Had to take a kitten to the vet today. We thought she had a broken leg, but it’s just sort of a sprain. Rachael did an x-ray today after VBS. We took the kitten to VBS with us today.


6 thoughts on “VBS day 4…one more to go….

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    By the time the kids saw him, much of the pink had washed out of his beard. But there was still some there. And we showed some of the kids the picture on Ashley’s cell phone. The pic is also going in the slide show presentation tonight, so everybody can see. The kids loved it. Not to mention all of us…..:ROTFL:

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