Happy Birthday

Why, yes….I do take pictures of just about everything, thank you very much!   This is Steve’s plane, just a few minutes before it left the gate (it’s the one on the bottom):

Steve's plane

He was sitting at the fourth window from the back. And here it’s been pushed out toward the taxiway:

headed toward the taxiway

And I just thought these clouds were really pretty. I was so hot up on the roof of the parking garage in July in Texas.

pretty clouds

We have a storm headed into the Gulf of Mexico. Right now it is predicted to hit the south Texas coast as a category 1 hurricane around Wednesday night.


Landed on time at 9:25 Eastern, 8:25 Central (our time).

8:05 p.m….He’s just fixing to zip over Maryland.

7:47 p.m…..Steve’s flight is just fixing to cross over the line from North Carolina into Virginia. I love flight trackers. He’s flying into Philadelphia.


2:25 p.m….Leaving for the airport soon. Steve is flying to Pennsylvania for the week.


Happy Birthday, Ethan!

When I saw that in the archives, it cracked me up. I knew what I had to do  Here’s last year’s birthday post. Good times.
Man….you are getting old!
Probably still can’t sing Amazing Grace.


24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. LOL At taking pictures of everything! I do that too! Great pics by the way!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN! And thank you ever so much for serving our country and putting your butt on the line for all of us!!! May God bless you!
    Take care, Tracy

  2. @Mother_Moonie – Hi, Tracy. Thank you. I usually have the camera with me, in case I see something unusual to snap a picture of.
    thank you ever so much for serving our country and putting your butt on the line for all of us!!!
    :yes: Thank you. He is an EOD tech (the boy plays with bombs) and he does indeed put his butt on the line for the rest of us. They deserve our thanks….not because they are supermen, but because it is an encouragement to them. Nobody likes to do things for people who are not thankful for what has been done for them. Even if it is “just a job” as I’ve heard so many times.

  3. I’ve been by here but it’s been awhile, Cindy!  I wish I hadn’t stayed away so long!  I love your sense of humor … I came by way of Lindain’s site to check out the little girl singing Amazing Grace … absolutely adorable.  Also, I checked out Ethan’s birthday page from last year, and you did a great job on that!  I cracked up in the places where you wrote very clever things!  What a wonderful young man … tell him Happy Birthday, and I also want to thank him for serving our country!   All the guys need to be encouraged!  You have a great weekend, and I’m going to sub to you, if’n you don’t mind! ðŸ™‚ Blessings ~ Deborah <><

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