Lots to do

7:50 p.m…Forgot to tell you that Steve is doing very well in his classes. In fact, today the instructor told him to stop answering the questions so somebody else could have a chance  Prayer works. He’s only been doing this work for about 34 years.

7:40 p.m….We started getting some of the outer rain bands from Hurricane Dolly this afternoon. Parts of Houston got a pretty good soaking. It never rained on me, but overhead were these pretty circles of rain clouds. I love to watch a storm come in. The wind was pretty brisk, too, enough to make walking a little difficult. But we won’t even have Tropical Storm force winds up here. We are too far north of where it’s supposed to cross the coast.

I did all my errand running. So far for VBS, we have brought in $307 that I’ve counted. That might not sound like much, but we are a very small church. And I easily have $200 to $300 more in unwrapped coins. Bought 384 penny wrappers at Office Max. Our bank rarely has very many penny wrappers to spare. Then I went to Walmart.

I guess I am spoiled to being married. When I come home from shopping, Steve always comes out to carry in the groceries, and big bags of cat and dog food. And we aren’t talking a small amount. It’s usually a trunk full, and our trunk is very large. But today I had to carry it all in myself. That would be fine if I had no physical problems, but I do.

But I also just kind of felt lost when I got home. I knew he wasn’t here. Now, I lived by myself for about 2-1/2 years before we got married, so it’s not like I’ve never done that. But for 29 years now, I’ve lived with him. So I feel like more than just half of me is missing when he’s gone.

When Steve was standing in the line to go through the x-ray machine at the airport Sunday, I was standing outside the roped off area watching. The area is roped off kind of like a maze, where there’s lanes you have to go through. (I don’t know how big airports are that you might have been through, but ours is a huge airport, with 5 different terminals. And that’s just one airport – we have 2.) So every time he would come back around in the lane, close to where I was, he’d give me another kiss. And when he was finally at the point where we could not reach each other anymore, I had tears just rolling down my face. I couldn’t help it, eventhough I felt kind of stupid for crying. People travel all the time. Some spouses are gone a year when they go to war. Mine was just going to be gone not quite a week.

The guard was standing there pretty close to me, and he saw the tears. He just kind of smiled a little and looked away. After Steve went through the machine and was on the other side (where I can’t go anymore since I’m not a ticketed passenger), I waited and watched as he walked down the hall toward the gate. We waved and blew more kisses. I knew where he was going, because I had been in that airport so many times before 9/11. I know where all the gates are.  He was leaving from C42.

So I went up on the rooftop. I like it when family flies out of Terminal C, because it has the best rooftop view of all the planes. I located his plane and waited for it to take off. I did lots of praying that God would keep his hand of protection on that plane, while I was taking pictures. People on the plane actually can see people on top of the parking garage. So I waved at him as he left. At night, it’s helpful to have a little flashlight so you can be located on the rooftop from a plane. Once when Brandon and Rachael flew to Missouri from terminal B, we signaled to them because that garage has red lights around the top. We would block and unblock the light, like it was flashing, and told them on cell phones what to look for.

Once when Caleb, Rachael’s brother was leaving after a visit, he said he could see 3 crazy people up on the garage roof waving as his plane was taxiing off toward the runway. That would have been Rach, Beth, and me. Once when Steve was flying somewhere for a seminar, he signaled to me where he was on the plane, by raising and lowering the window shade. We were talking on our cell phones, too.

Yeah, I felt stupid for crying, but maybe if more wives felt like I do, less marriages would break up. I cannot imagine ever wanting him to be away from me.


Much to do this afternoon. Beth is gone to therapy.

I have spent a good deal of time on the phone already today with the insurance company and the billing office of the therapy place. The therapy company want us to be paying our 25% copay on the amount they are billing, and not on the amount the insurance is actually going to allow. The receptionist at the therapy place already doesn’t like me, and I’ve never been anything but nice to her. However, I don’t think they expect that people will know the insurance is going to disallow much of what they are charging. And I’ve told them I will not overpay. So I got on my handy little calculator and realized the insurance is disallowing right at 60% of the charges that have been submitted. That’s a hefty difference.   So I sent a check for the amount I figured we owed, and not what they said we owed.   Beth said she did not know what she was going to do when she has to take care of this on her own. She is non-confrontational (at least most times). I am not afraid to argue with them. I don’t like to have to, but I will when it’s necessary. Actually, they should thank me. I am going to keep them from having to cut me a check for a refund.

I have to go to the bank and Walmart. And I have to stop at Office Max to get penny wrappers. Walmart sells bags of assorted coin rolls, but I already have tons of everything but penny rolls. I only need pennies. I have a 5 gallon bucket full of coins to roll from VBS.  Fortunately, some are already rolled.

Tomorrow we go back to see the ankle surgeon. I think he is going to be very pleased with the progress she is making.

Please continue to pray for Cathy’s mom (Chatcat42.) Her first skin graft is scheduled for in the morning, and she posted that the doctors said there’s a good chance her mom won’t make it through the surgery.

Steve’s still having fun in Pennsylvania. Or not. He took a bottle of Motrin with him. He’s been needing it.

My Walmart shopping list keeps growing.



20 thoughts on “Lots to do

  1. I am also praying for Cathy’s mom that she gets through the surgery.  I’m so happy Beth is doing so well.  Have fun at Walmart….I love going there myself..  I do hesitate sometimes, as it’s such a big store and I hate fighting the lines.  The prices make it worthwile though.  Many blessings, Jill

  2. This is an unending saga. Mama may not be strong enough for surgery. We don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. IF she has surgery she is scheduled first thing, around 7. If not we don’t know what will happen. There is a slim chance we will leave the hospital with her. 
    Thank you for all of the prayers.


  4. :lol:Are you crazy lady!!!  #1 – Get on the phone (you love it soooo much) and call  your bank and others in your area to first see if they have a change counter.  If not, #2 – the banks will give you penny wrappers for free.  The bank the church deposits with should for sure.  If not, tell them they are slipping in customer service because the banks here in Ohio do!
    Wonderful news about Beth’s progress!  She going to be doing the Fox Trot before long.  πŸ˜†

  5. @chatcat42 – Oh, Cathy…I wish I could give you a hug. I am so sorry. I know all this up and down of her condition is really wearing on you guys. We will definitely continue to pray, for both your mom and you. :heartbeat:

  6. @DKT1978 – It really is. I have a lot of ups and downs with my parents, but not quite this bad. But I do remember it with my grandfather. He lived to be 80, but every time he had to go to the hospital with his heart, we thought it would be the last time.
    I love Walmart, too. In fact, when I was checking out, one of the ladies (in the garden dept. where Beth works) said, “You must have a huge family. You are always shopping at Walmart.” I told her about all our cats and she nearly fell over. I told her it was just me, Steve and Beth, but we spend as much on feeding cats as feeding ourselves. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration πŸ˜† She just doesn’t realize that probably a quarter of the time, I’m shopping for stuff for the church, too. But it’s nothing for me to spend $500 – $600 a month at Walmart.

  7. @wolfpacwife14 – πŸ˜† It’s not the first time I’ve been accused of being crazy!
    We’ve been though this before. Our bank actually got rid of their change counter, and they have told me that no other banks in our area have them, either. That’s crazy. But their change counter did not roll them, just counted, and they require them to be rolled.
    I have gotten some penny wrappers from them in the past, but they hardly ever have as many as I need. I bought 8 bags of 48 penny wrappers this afternoon. And they are actually slipping in the customer service area. They don’t like to give up their penny wrappers.
    Fortunately, $60 of pennies were already wrapped. I already went and put that in the bank this afternoon. And guess what happened? I had one box of $25 that was unopened from the bank, so they were fine. Did not have to count it. But I had an opened box I had been putting penny rolls in, and while I was driving, that box shifted over against the door. But I didn’t know it. So when I opened the passenger side door, that box fell out in the parking lot. :sigh: So I had to pick up a few penny rolls. One of the guys that works there, came out to see if I needed help, so he carried those boxes of pennies in for me.
    When Brandon was a teenager, I use to enlist his help in hauling all those rolls to the bank. It was nothing to take $600 of mostly pennies to the bank in 5 gallon buckets. Once I didn’t have him to help, I had to find other ways to haul that many pennies inside. Luggage dollies come in real handy.

  8. @SingingMom – Tell your bank to get with the times and update their equipment.  The Federal Reserve Bank (which all banks deposit and receive their currency and coin from) does not require them to be rolled.  Modern coin counters sort the coins and shoot them into very super strong poly bags.  Each bag holds different denominations and $$ amounts depending on the coin.  The NEW machines also automatically stop when a bag reaches it’s quota and won’t count another coin until the operator removes the full bag and places a new bag on the machine.  These poly bags are then picked up and transported to the Federal Reserve Bank.  I don’t know of any banks that still use coin wrapping machines.  I worked 6 years in the banking field, actually the only years I have worked outside of our home and got paid for it, lol.  Can you imagine where I would be today with the PHWC BBB bringing in $20,000.00 mostly in coin.  I’d still be wrapping come next Christmas!  I would also call a few other banks.  I was told by the pregnancy center’s bank that NO banks in the area had coin counting machines and that just was not the truth. 

  9. @wolfpacwife14 – Thanks, Sue. That’s good information. Our bank recently built a new building and when they moved into it, they got rid of the coin counter. I sure don’t know why. But it sure would be nice to have one.
    Man..you’d be pulling your hair out trying to roll $20,000! Wonder how long it would take you? πŸ˜†

  10. No need to feel stupid for crying–M and I are the same way!  I felt SO lost without him here last week (he was gone to youth camp.)  Someone asked me when he was getting back to which I replied, “Saturday–not soon enough though.  I’m going CRAZY!”  And they looked down at Lucy and said, “Yea, probably quite a change being by yourself with her” And I was like, “O goodness no!  Lucy is fine–I just miss my husband!”  It caught me offguard at first that someone even took what I said any other way!
    RYC: It’s weird because I woke up the next day and my foot is TOTALLY fine.  No pain whatsoever.  Was hers like that, too or did it still hurt some?

  11. @w4lucy – Hi, PB…:wave: Most of the time she had pain, but there were times when it did not seem bad. One night she came down and showed us that she could actually jump up and down. That was before the surgery. But if she spent much time on her feet, she had to wear the fracture boot.
    Thanks for the comments about you missing Michael. Last night I was up late, and just for an instant, I thought Steve was asleep in our bedroom (he sometimes goes to bed early if he has to get up extra early.) I just did the same thing again about half an hour ago. I am so ready for him to come home!

  12. OK, lady, you are in trouble! I just got all weepy eyed reading your edit. This would be all well and good if I hadn’t just spent 20 minutes trying to remember how to apply mascara without jabbing my eyes out. :mad:Oh well. That was so incredibly sweet, I just can’t stay angry. :lol::heartbeat::love:

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