It’s Monday…


Our cats are so rotten. I guess Domino is our “copy cat”….

Copy cat

And here’s Rolly (that’s roll-ee, for those who can’t pronounce it – seriously, some people don’t know how to say it). She got tired.


“Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.”

— President Ronald Reagan

Today’s been different so far. I think I may have had a seizure last night. That happens if I get extremely sleep deprived. I have been for the last couple of weeks. Stress, VBS, Steve being gone to PA…all those things plus some keep me from sleeping well enough. I need around 10 hours of good sleep a night, which I rarely get.  This morning, I did not wake up when the alarm went off (when Steve got up). I did not even wake up as he was getting ready for work. He woke me up when he left. I fell asleep again immediately. I woke a couple more times, but I felt drugged, and fell right back in a deep sleep. I did not actually get out of bed until 1:30 this afternoon. I know…that sounds terrible. But I just could not make myself get awake. If you’ve ever had surgery, and tried to wake up after anesthesia, that’s how it feels.

In the meantime, Beth and Rachael were shopping at Walmart. Then Rachael came over for a while. They are doing major house cleaning, and are bringing over some things tomorrow to put out for heavy trash pick-up at our house. They don’t have that kind of trash pick-up very often where they are, and we have it every week.

I’ve been trying to throw out a lot of stuff, too. We just have so much junk in this house. I can throw out a hug trash bag full of junk, and you can’t even tell it. I feel like I never make any progress.

I’m trying to catch up on the Xangas I missed while we were without internet last week. I’m going to put some chicken on to cook for dinner, and then roll VBS pennies. Fun.

Oh, and Beth got an email from Jimmy the Therapist. Her physical therapy sessions are over. He told her she was fun to talk with, and not bad to look at, either  That means I have some stalking to do.


22 thoughts on “It’s Monday…

  1. You need to get some sleep…it sounds like you have been running yourself into the ground lately. I can’t really get on you about it because I have been doing the same thing myself. But it’s easy to tell others what not to do….lol. I hope you feel rested now. I have missed hearing from you! Have you heard from you know who lately…Jeremy?
    Hope all is well. Have fun with the stalking!

    MY SOAP BOX:  Those psp dvd players, video games, and i-pods can be nice diversions.  Negatively in my opinion, it seems like they can also take over a person’s mind where one blocks out the rest of the world. These modern day machine’s also  make the user appear to be rude, because they appear to ignore those around them.  Limits on the usages of those machines and  keeping others in mind around while utilizing those machines would be good ediquette those playing and listening should keep in mind.   What do you think? 

  3. @DKT1978 – Well, if you decide to get rid of stuff, we are having a garage sale to benefit a missionary in September.
    Well, I think you are probably right about people getting caught up in playing them. I know when Brandon has been playing, he kind of zones out. His attention is on the game and nothing else. Parents can limit that by teaching them appropriate ways to play the game, so that it doesn’t take over their lives. Anybody that has their attention on something else is probably going to come across as rude, because they won’t pay attention if they are spoken to. But just about anybody can be that way. Sometimes people appear rude, but they have no idea they are. We’ve probably all appeared that way at some time or other.

  4. “Copy Cat”……:ROTFL:   I pray you are feeling better and get the rest you need.  Missed you when you’re internet was out.  Glad you’re back.  Have a blesse day.  Jill

  5. @SingingMom – I know that enless he completely changed his life and ways (which is next to impossible) that he and I don’t have a future together. But he will always be Bailey’s father and there is nothing I can do to change that. And with me being the built in baby sitter, yes he is around, and yes he may be using Bailey as an excuse to be around me. But I am not going to do to Bailey what my mom did to me and keep her father from coming around. I know how growing up without my dad tore me up inside, and I don’t want that for Bailey or any of my sisters or my daughter.

  6. @pinkbarbie21 – No, I’m not saying you should keep him from her. I’m just saying things seem more cozy than I would expect with your situation. When he wants to see Bailey, it could be arranged to do that at your mom’s house.

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