Happy birthday, Andy…there’s a storm in the gulf.

 We are under a hurricane watch. Tropical Storm Edouard is headed toward Galveston and may be a category 1 hurricane by landfall sometime Tuesday morning. At least it isn’t a really strong storm. Time to fill up the gas tanks. Tomorrow I’ll go and get more water and a few canned things, and more pet food.

We came home from Andy’s birthday dinner at Red Lobster tonight, and found that a thunderstorm that came through during dinner did some damage here. The tree in our neighbor’s front yard was blown down….onto our pine trees and flower bed. Most of the tree is still in their yard, though. It took out some limbs on our pine trees. And left a real mess. They will have to cut that tree up with a chainsaw.

Here’s a few pics from tonight. First, the whole gang: (left side) Beth, Brandon, Rachael, Kathryn, Mark, Herb, and Dena, (right side) Andy, Steve, me, Dave, Chris and Jeremy.

Andy's bday Red Lob 8-3-08


Beth 8-3-08



Andy the way we usually see him:

photo Andy

Rachael and Kathryn….Rach was trying to use drinking straws for chopsticks….

Rach & Kathryn

The neighbor’s tree. It was rotten in the middle, but you could not tell it until the trunk was broken.



And here’s the guy that was sitting across from us. Isn’t his hair cute?   Not only did he have bad taste in hair styles, he had no manners. Apparently nobody ever taught him any etiquette.



Didn’t have many in our morning service today. Tonight after the service, we are going to Red Lobster to celebrate Andy’s birthday. On Aug. 5, he will be 16.

I’m so proud of Brandon and Rachael. They told me this morning that except for the motorcycle, they are completely out of debt! And they can have the bike paid off in November. I am as excited about it as I would be if we were completely out of debt. It’s a secure feeling. They’ll be buying a house later on, but with a nice down payment.

Brandon didn’t think it was such a big announcement, but it is. How many young people these days are so deeply in debt they not only can’t get their heads above water, they’re so deep they can’t even see the top of the water? They have been sticking with the Dave Ramsey plan. So at the next seminar, they will be able to say they are debt free. That’s a big deal to Dave Ramsey followers. It changes the way you live when you don’t have to worry about how to make the next payment.

And in a couple of months, Beth will be completely out of debt, with money in savings. She also went through the Dave Ramsey course. It’s not only a blessing to them, but to us, too. We don’t have to worry about how our kids are going to make it.


16 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Andy…there’s a storm in the gulf.

  1. And yaaaaaay for out of debt. I’m in debt right now but it’s mainly for student loans. Kind of unavoidable. And currently paying that back. But I don’t have any credit cards and don’t plan on it.

  2. That’s so cool…being out of debt. What a blessing.  We’ve been making headway on our debt as well.  We just paid my car off!!!  Yippee….That payment will be put towards our credit card debt.  Enjoy Red Lobster.  We were just given a gift card for Red Lobster this week.  I love it and can’t wait to eat there.  Have a fun, blessed time.  Jill

  3. @buana – You guys could go out to Red Lobster tonight, while we are eating at our Red Lobster, and we’ll think about each other :ROTFL: Well…maybe it just wouldn’t be the same…..:lol:
    I cannot wait till we have the house paid off. Not too much longer.

  4. Great pictures, Cindy Poo Who!  Great conversation, too…(Well, great listening on your part! hehee)
    By the way, PB and Michael just finished Dave Ramsey’s program with a group at their church and loved it!  It has truly been helpful! 
    Sweet dreams…Love ya bunches–paula sue

  5. @heyheypaula – Thanks, Paula Sue Who πŸ˜† I really enjoyed the conversation tonight. Thank you for calling.
    We did the Dave Ramsey program last year, thanks to Brandon and Rachael. They bought the DVD set and we watched each one at church. It was good. Sue (wolfpacwife14) said they were considering it also.

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