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Setback.   The doctor said Beth has developed a stress fracture along the same line where he broke her heel bone in surgery. He had to break the bone to shift it over 20 degrees. She has a slight malformation of her feet from birth. But her calf muscle and Achilles tendon are so tight that walking has caused them to pull that healed fracture back apart. The x-ray 6 weeks after the surgery showed a nice, neat white line that was thin. Today’s x-ray showed a line about 1/4″ wide, where it’s been pulled apart, and the bone is trying to recalify in the break.

So it’s back in the boot or a cast for 6 weeks. She’s trying the boot for a few days to see if it will be kept still enough. She cannot walk on it at all. If this doesn’t work, then it means going back in a hard cast. He said if it were to break all the way, and she put pressure on it, that screw in her heel would break off.

He said she will not be able to go back to cashier at Walmart. She cannot have a job where she has to stand. So we extended her leave by another 2 months. If in the meantime, an office type job comes open, she might be able to get that. But she is also looking for employment somewhere else.

I broke the news to her bosses this afternoon. Laura just put her head in her hands. Callie said, “I MISS BETHANY!”

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The Crazee Cat Lady and 4 fur babies…..

crazy cat lady

Doctor’s appointment this morning. Church business meeting tonight.

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Steven Curtis Chapman Shares Hope of Christ in the Midst of Tragedy

Steven Curtis Chapman says his faith in Christ enabled him to “keep breathing” after losing his 5-year-old adopted daughter, Maria, in a car accident in May.

In their first public interview since the tragedy, Chapman and his family shared their grief — and hope — today on “Good Morning America.”

“There is a hope that we have, that we’re anchored to, in the midst of just what sometimes seems unbearable,” Chapman said.

On May 21, Maria was accidentally hit by her 17-year-old brother, Will Franklin, after she ran into the path of his SUV in their driveway.

Will Franklin said his faith has sustained him.

“It’s been really hard,” he said. “I’ve gotten a stronger faith through all of this, but there’s those days that just hit you. … You’ve got to continue to choose to live. That’s the faith that continues to keep me going.”

Steven Curtis Chapman said his family still has a lot of questions.

“But that’s what faith is,” he said. “It’s living with the questions.

“I have to continue these chapters that are still being written. We need to keep living these moments.”


17 thoughts on “Crazee Cat Lady


  2. Poor Beth. I’ve been praying for all 5 of the Hartman’s this week. Thanks for sharing the article update on the Chapman family. I had been praying for them, too. It would be so difficult to deal with such a tragic loss…. truly it would make one have to really lean on the Lord.

  3. Not so good of news for Beth!  😦   What a bummer! 
    Has she thought about the Banking industry?  Almost all of the jobs are sitting for the most part and there is always a great turnover at banks.  Not the best pay but most have pretty good benefits.  Beth could search all the local banks and apply online.  Most even post job position openings and even at what branch.  At least they do here.  Just a thought!  I would think they pay at least what she is making at Wally World.

  4. @wolfpacwife14 – :yes: She actually interviewed at the bank that is in Walmart. They wanted her really bad, but they wanted her to work hours she did not want to work. The position she has had at Walmart has been good because the hours have not interfered with church.
    She put in an application for an office job at an energy company that one of our church members works for. Have not heard anything yet, though.

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