Back on for now….

Sunflower line 

Words to live by:

“You should never kiss a girl unless you have enough bucks to buy her a ring and her own VCR, ’cause she’ll want to have videos of the wedding.” -Allan, ten years old  (courtesy of  Donkey_Guy_10)

Our internet is back on for now. We usually say when we see a phone company truck driving around the neighborhood, that it’s not a good sign. If our phone was working fine, it won’t be in a  few minutes. Now I am starting to feel the same way when I see a Comcast van in the area.  

Beth went to the movie with Rachael. Rach is off on Mondays, and Beth is bored to tears.

It’s Steve again. Comcast is working on things in our neighborhood again…so Cindy has no internet…again. I wonder if I can work the word again in again?


16 thoughts on “Back on for now….

  1. Thanks for the coment and checking in!  All is good here, just very busy at work.  :hammer:  We have a wonderful, restful weekend.  So, where did you go after church for lunch/dinner?  LOL.  Have a wonderful night, Jill

  2. Again? Here’s what you should do to the comcast guy:hammer: LOL well I hope they can fix it permenently some time. for a while our electricity would go off ever other day. :steamed: They FINALLY fixed that one after about a month. Sometimes there just so slow. Have a great day anyway.

  3. Yea, you’re back, Cindy! :love:Steve, once againagainst some odds, you again came through and used “againagain. And I just surpassed the Hartman’s head honcho, not again, but at least once for now until we again go nose to nose on some sort of contest!:grin::littlekiss:

  4. @JusticeMom – Again with the agains? Again with the attitude? Again with the gloating? Again with the in your face agains? Again, again, again! Is that all you can say? Think you won again? Well, think again missy! (cue the swelling background music) Once again, I shall rise from the ashes of defeat, again stand against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and once again stand atop the pinnacle again!! I will be champion again!!! (Ok, maybe I got a little carried away again)

  5. @Singing4sDad – Again!Attitude – Gloating – In your face – Victory ~ ah, I wouldn’t want to give the Hartman master of his home too much more strain on his brain-power or on ego, and so I graciously (and with much :ROTFL: satisfaction) bow to you. :rolleyes::lol::laugh:
    @SingingMom – No problem! Believe me, I understand the macho-need for misbehavior! :laugh::lol::ROTFL:

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