Another cast….

Catnapping at lunch today:


We are home. Beth has another purple cast. She has to go back in 3 weeks to be re-evaluated. He pressed on her heel today, and while it still hurt, it wasn’t anything like last week.

After that, we were hungry, so we stopped at Whataburger and got some breakfast. Then we shopped at Walmart a while. Then we ran to Walgreens to pick up my prescription.

And we did a little stalking while we were out. We drove by Mike the Cop’s house. I told her she needed to stop and get him to sign her cast. He was home, but we didn’t stop.

Sunflower line 

One Party, Under Obama 

As both sides gear up for the conventions this month, one thing is clear. This is not your grandparents’ Democratic party. Same-sex marriage. Abortion-on-demand. Comprehensive sex education. They all add up to the most radical platform ever to make an appearance at the Democratic convention. For the first time in history, the Democratic planks will call for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Democrats put in writing their intent to defeat any effort to weaken Roe v. Wade. This is the face of the Left under Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) who is single-handedly recasting his party in the image of NARAL and the Human Rights Campaign. Although the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton, was the one who signed DOMA into law, Sen. Obama is adamant about repealing it, an act that would leave every state in America at risk of being forced to recognize homosexual marriage. His congressional cohorts tried a similar strategy in Congress and failed to find support for their extreme agenda among families. To the dismay of voters across the country, the leadership used their majority status to push the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), introduced numerous pieces of legislation that would give spousal benefits to gay couples, and even held a hearing on the possible repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. With approval ratings in the single-digits, it it’s obvious that the liberal agenda didn’t resonate with voters then-and even hidden behind Obama’s flowery rhetoric, it’s unlikely to appeal to Americans now.

A Tall Tale Uncovered on the Campaign Trail 

For all of his stirring speeches, even Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) can’t talk himself out of the controversy that’s emerged over his position on the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA). The legislation, which protects newborns who survive an abortion from infanticide, became a federal law in 2002. In Illinois, Obama actively opposed an identical piece of legislation as a committee chairman, stating later that he would have endorsed it had the bill contained the same language as the federal version. When it surfaced that he voted against the BAIPA, Obama lied in several interviews, including this one with Chicago Tribune in 2004 in which he told reporters that “had he been in the U.S. Senate two years ago, he would have voted for the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act.” This week, the National Right to Life Committee uncovered new documents proving that the Illinois version of the Act was taken verbatim from the congressional bill, which means that the man running for president has been lying about his position on the issue for six years. The deception continues on his website, where a June 30 “fact check” claims that the Illinois and federal bills “did not contain . . . exactly the same language.” Is it any surprise that a man who referred to babies as a “punishment” would vote for the killing of innocent children who survive abortions? As David Limbaugh writes in yesterday’s column, “Are pro-life Obama supporters so selfishly hooked on a feeling… that they’ll back Obama and his party in the most immoral crusade since slavery? It appears so.”

Evangelicals Support McCain by Wide Margin

More than 6 in 10 evangelicals who are likely to vote in November support Sen. John McCain for president, while just 17 percent side with Sen. Barack Obama. That’s according to a nationwide survey of 1,003 adults taken this month by The Barna Group, which identifies evangelicals based on nine belief questions.

Obama maintains an overall lead of 43 percent to 34 percent, as well as wide โ€” but shrinking โ€” support among most faith segments. Among atheists and agnostics, his lead is 55 percent to 17 percent. Catholics are standing behind Obama, 39 percent to 29 percent.

George Barna, founder of The Barna Group, said he believes the faith community may emerge as the deciding factor in the election.

“It is unusual to see such significant movement within the core segments of the Christian community,” he said. “While there is still a decided preference for Senator Obama, the more conservative element of the Christian population is slowly coming to grips with what an Obama presidency might be like.

“As the finer points of a wide range of issues are clarified by each nominee, the initial excitement about Senator Obama has lost some luster to an increasing number of people whose vote is influenced by their spiritual perspectives.”

Bush Reminds Beijing of Freedom’s Gold Standard 

Since the Opening Ceremonies, America’s First Family has been a prominent fixture at the Beijing Games. Apart from the athletic competition itself, one of the most talked-about events was the President’s symbolic appearance on Sunday morning at a Christian church service, where he and Laura applied even more pressure on the Chinese government to stop its brutal oppression of people of faith. Although the President has taken a lot heat for his presence at the Games, he has used every opportunity to encourage his hosts to welcome the role of religion in public life. In an interview last night with Bob Costas on NBC, President Bush spoke candidly about his desired outcome of the Beijing Games:

THE PRESIDENT: …[I]f you’re a religious person, you understand that once religion takes hold in a society it can’t be stopped…
COSTAS: [D]o you find Hu Jintao… receptive [to Western ideals]?
THE PRESIDENT: It’s hard to tell. I mean, it’s-all I can tell you is that it is best to be in the position where a leader will listen to you. I went to church here, and I’m sure the cynics say, well, you know, it was just a state-sponsored church. …[A]nd that’s true. On the other hand, it gave me a chance to say to the Chinese people, religion won’t hurt you, you ought to welcome religious people. And it gave me a chance to say to the government, why don’t you [recognize] the underground churches and give them a chance to flourish?

Our prayers are that as these Olympians compete, the international Church will not forget the Chinese Christians who are running to finish the real race and to keep the faith. 



19 thoughts on “Another cast….

  1. Cute kitties! We really enjoyed Holland and the lake was a perfect setting for the wedding. It is still kinda hard to believe our son is married! Now our younger son is leaving for college so I am a wreck right now! :hammer: :wave:

  2. 1. I’d heard of Catwoman, but this definitely looks like Catman!:ROTFL:  2. You talk a lot about Whataburger. I take it you would recommend it. And they serve breakfast, too! Is it a fast-food place? 3. Interesting articles… thanks for the info. 4. Congrats on the paid-off cards.(last post, I believe).  5. I’d sign the purple cast if I were close enough to do so. 6. :wave: Muchliest! :love:

  3. @JusticeMom – ๐Ÿ˜† And that’s only a small portion of the cats we have!
    Yes, I would definitely recommend WHATABURGER. It is a fast-food place, but they have good fast-food breakfast stuff. Beth likes their sausage biscuit, and I like the egg & sausage taquito. Mmmm…..
    Maybe we should just forge your signature on the cast! ๐Ÿ˜† :heartbeat: :wave:

  4. @SingingMom – &  @Singing4sDad – I checked out the Whataburger site …. looks yummy, but I checked for WW points, and pretty much anything I would order would wipe out my points for an entire day. (Just one sandwich, for example). Enjoying a meal would pretty surely wipe out 2-3 days of eating! I did find that I could eat a vegetable salad with grilled chicken and diet pop or unsweetened tea, and one Texas toast for a reasonable amount of points. So… that is probably what I would need to eat most of the time if I frequented Whataburger very often. :sigh:  
    @Singing4God8692 – & @SingingMom – I’m coming over to see my forged name…. someday, I might actually get to see it in person. Who knows?! :goodjob:

  5. @JusticeMom – Beth will post that on her Xanga in a little while. She’s down here getting something to eat right now.
    Steve said just send us some blank checks and you can see your forged signature when they come back! :ROTFL: :ROTFL:

  6. @JusticeMom – ๐Ÿ˜† :ROTFL:
    Beth just said you wouldn’t even have to be good for the money. She’d get the money and you’d just get stuck with the overdraft fees :ROTFL:
    You want me to smack her for you? :hammer: :ROTFL:

  7. @SingingMom – What? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Now you are going to forge a smack for her collecting on a bad check  in league with her dad  who is forging my name on the check? :nono: Sure, go for it:goodjob: ~ get them both:hammer::hammer:, and I’ll let you off for good behavior! :grin::yes::lol:

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