Cartoons from my sister….

  HERE is one of the pens Brandon is going to make.

Update: I added one more cartoon at the bottom, that I intended to post, and forgot it.

I am working on crocheting some baby afghans. The last Sunday in August, we are starting a month long “Fill the Crib” campaign, for the Crisis Pregnancy Center. We bring new or gently used items to donate to mothers who need help. The center requires them to go through classes, and they get points for attending. They can redeem their points for baby items. That way, we can give them things to help them, but they have to show they are willing to earn them.

We went to Chili’s for lunch after church today.

And Brandon has taken up a new hobby/money-making endeavor: he’s making some beautiful wooden ink pens. The ones he had today are made of rosewood, but they went to a woodworking shop after lunch today, to look at exotic woods. He loves woodworking. Their dining room table temporarily has a wood lathe on it  I can’t really say anything….for months ours held an electric miter saw.

men at work 


croc family 

ice trays 

nail gun   stray bar

hiding scales


15 thoughts on “Cartoons from my sister….

  1. @DKT1978 – Beth, Rachael and I had chicken club tacos. I really like those. Brandon had Monterrey chicken. It’s grilled chicken topped with bacon and cheese. Then Steve had a hamburger. Their burgers are good. And no, they don’t have buffalo burgers :giggle:
    I just had to delete what Motor typed on here as he was walking off the desk :oh-no:

  2. We got everything I needed at Rockler today…..except the #2 Morse taper adapter I needed for my drill chuck :oh-no: I’m gonna go back tomorrow and make them feel bad about letting me get out of there without one.I also got the pen kit I really want to make. Go to my site and I’ll post some pictures of what it will look like. I’m making it in Cocobolo wood. I also got some Purpleheart blanks and some acrylics. I’m going to cut up some Paduke tomorrow.

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