To the doctor….

Beth’s doctor’s appointment was at 9:00. This doctor is still saying she does not have rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor that did her surgery said he still believes she does. I believe she does, too. I think the rheumatologist is overlooking some of the symptoms she has. But if she does not have a definite diagnosis of RA, it’s ok for now. It’s better for her medical records. She won’t have the diagnosis of a rheumatologic condition of some kind following her a round.

But we are treating it just like it IS RA. The Celebrex is helping her with the pain. And we can probably continue to see Dr. Moss, the one who did her surgery, to be treated with the Celebrex.

After we saw the doctor, we stopped at Home Depot to pick up some more floor tiles and adhesive. There are several more tiles we need to replace here in the living room. They are wood parquet tiles. Then we went to Walmart. We knew Rachael was in the store somewhere, since Beth had just talked to her. We found her.

While I was shopping in Walmart, my purse broke.  So…there was one more thing I had to get that wasn’t on my list. And there was one thing on my list that I forgot  I do not think it is possible to remember everything I need to get…all in one trip.

After a quick drive through Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions, we came home. Rachael beat us here. We went outside to take pictures of the rabbit hutch. Brandon is going to repair it for Rachael’s rabbit, Bumpy. (The rabbit use to belong to the son of a girl she worked with, and he named it. We had nothing to do with that.)

Beth went to pick up pizza, and went over to Brandon and Rachael’s for a while. She is bored to tears, not being able to get out and around as much as she use to.

On the way to the doctor, we passed Debbie (DKT1978 on Xanga) on the road. Then on the way back, we saw our youth/music minister, his wife, and their youngest son on their motorcycles. They were headed to the bank, so we followed them. Yes, we’re stalkers.

Sunflower line 

Beth has an appointment with the rheumatologist this morning.



9 thoughts on “To the doctor….

  1. @Idobelieve_fairytales – :yes: I usually go with her unless it’s just a routine check-up kind of thing. If 2 people go, then more things the doctor says are likely to be remembered. Plus if it’s an appointment where we may learn something new about her condition, I want to be there.
    @lindaintennessee – :yes: :yes: :yes: The doctor’s appt. was at 9:00. Then we stopped by Home Depot. Steve and I are replacing some floor times in the living room and needed more of them. Then we went to Walmart, where I shopped while Beth sat in the garden dept. and visited with co-workers. We met Rachael at Walmart, and she came over here after we finished shopping. Beth and I ran by Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions, and then headed home. Now I am too tired to do anything.  :sleepy:

  2. @DKT1978 – I barely saw you, too. Since I was driving, I wasn’t watching that side of the road. Beth said, “There’s Debbie!” I turned my head quickly and saw your car headed toward LaPorte. We passed you right at the college.

  3. :)I am glad the meds are working.  You made me smile about the “list”.  I have to make a list to get the list.  Today Mary and I was at the grocery store trying to purchase a few things.  We got hotdogs and kept saying there was something we need to get–yep the hot dog buns.  Loaf bread it is. šŸ˜†  For what it is worth right now all “things” are cleared.  Thank you beyond words for your prayers!  Well need try to get some rest–taking Mary back to college tomorrow.  Blessings, Sharon

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