Who do you obey?

Want to play a stupid game?

truths and lies

Acts 5:29…..29 Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than men!” NIV

Who do you obey? Do you listen to what God says, or do you do what the world says you should do? Do you obey what God says to do, or do you listen to what you want to do, even when it goes against God’s word?

Do you go certain places, eventhough you know it would not please God, just because you want others to see you as cool? Do you date certain people, eventhough you know it’s not someone God would be pleased with, just because you don’t want to be alone? Do you watch certain movies that God would not be pleased with, just because everybody else is doing it?

Do you care more what others think about you, than what God thinks about you?

Just some things to think about.


Commentary: Wedge Issue of Abortion Won’t Go Away

$1.2M Grant Aims to Add Gay-Affirming Churches

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and five partner organizations have received a $1.2 million grant to increase the number of churches that affirm homosexuality, bisexuality and “transgenderism.”

The Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund — which seeks to be a “unifying force for social change” — donated the money to expand the “welcoming church movement,” in which congregations are asked to accept all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Kermit Rainman, social research analyst for Focus on the Family, pointed out that the campaign violates God’s design for gender and sexuality.

“Gay activists and their allies have made no secret of their strategy to convince Bible-believing Christians and Jews that homosexual behavior is no longer sinful in God’s eyes,” he said. “This false doctrine is playing out in denomination after denomination, with increasing discord.

“Christians are not called to rewrite the Bible in order to love our gay friends and neighbors. True love does not sacrifice the truth.”

Gay Activists Mislead Floridians on Marriage Amendment

A gay activist group in Florida is working to derail the state’s marriage amendment by running misleading television ads during this week’s Democratic National Convention.

Florida Red and Blue’s ads claim the amendment — which would define marriage as solely between one man and one woman — is an attempt by the government to interfere in people’s lives and would take benefits from senior citizens.

The group needs to be held accountable for false and misleading advertisements, said John Stemberger, state chairman of Yes2Marriage.org and president of the Florida Family Policy Council.

“The citizen-initiated and citizen-led Amendment 2 has nothing at all to do with government action,” he said. “It has everything to do with citizen action stopping the government from redefining marriage against their will.

“Telling senior citizens that they will lose Social Security and/or domestic-partner benefits by voting yes on 2 is outright fraud and preys upon Florida’s most vulnerable and precious citizens.”

Stemberger’s group collected 92,000 signatures to qualify the marriage amendment for the November ballot.

Adult Stem Cells Continue Success, Win More Gold 

Adult stem cells and other ethical stem cell research continue to rack up success after success, while embryonic stem cells continue to fail. Stanford researchers have verified that embryonic stem cells transplanted into mice are resoundingly rejected by the immune system and destroyed. In contrast, adult stem cells from menstrual blood showed the potential to treat peripheral artery disease and prevent limb amputation. An international research group led by Dr. Michael Murphy, Indiana University School of Medicine, restored blood circulation and limb function in mice treated with these cells, which could potentially be used as an off-the-shelf treatment for damaged or diseased limbs. Japanese researchers report that they can produce flexible stem cells from wisdom teeth, even after the teeth have been in a freezer for three years. Today, Harvard researchers report that they can produce insulin-secreting cells directly from other pancreatic cells in mice, improving diabetes symptoms. And in case you missed it, Maarten van der Weijden won the open-water race Olympic gold medal. His life was saved years ago by an adult stem cell transplant for leukemia, one of thousands of lives saved by adult stem cells.

Sure does appear to me like God is blessing the stem cell research that does NOT involve the taking of innocent life! One more confirmation by God that life begins at conception – not when humans say it begins.


16 thoughts on “Who do you obey?

  1. Wow that makes me sick. For a “Christian” to accept Homosexuality. How does that ever happen? I can’t understand. Especially a “church”. What are they thinking? It makes me very angry.

  2. @Simbathe2nd – Me, too, Dan. It’s one thing to love the people…we can do that…but we don’t have to accept what they want to do, since it is something God says don’t do. But we live in a day when we don’t want to “step on other people’s toes” by saying what they are doing is wrong. Well…unless the group is a Christian group. Then others feel they have free reign to talk against us.

  3. @SingingMom – I know. The loving them part has really been hard for me. I know one and I’ve let them know how I feel but I just don’t know. It’s an extremely difficult balance between love and acceptance. I try to be friendly to them but It’s just really awkward.

  4. @Simbathe2nd – :yes: I had a distant cousin that I grew up with, who died of AIDS 9 years ago. And I have another lesbian cousin. Beth works with a lady who is lesbian. I miss David all the time…I loved him. But I did not like what he did, and he knew it. He tried to keep it a secret from me for a very long time, but I knew. The lady Beth works with is very nice, and we like her. But we can’t accept what she does.
    Many years ago, Steve and I worked with a girl whose husband had a sex change operation. Can you imagine the shock? One day she was married to a man, and the next day she was married to a….well, certainly not a woman but definitely not a man, either.

  5. @SingingMom – Wow sex change is one of the weirdest things a person can do. It’s so unantural. How would you even live in society with that? I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. My friend knew a lady who was married without knowing it to a sodomite and he later died of AIDs. What a shock. We live in a day an age were we are facing things not even dreamed of by people a decade ago. Our world is in a fast decline. Which means one thing. Jesus is coming. Soon.

  6. That stem cell article was excellent! I hope the medical community and the political beings that be would give up the idea of using babies as a factory for their idealistic rhetoric that somehow they are indespensible as long as there is a need for it. That the end justifies the means. UGh!!!
    Thanks for checkin on on the album! I know brides check our blog to see how their weddings are recieved and what people are commenting so it always blesses us when people take the time to comment!


  8. Thanks so much for dropping over, Cindy.  Not sure if you know, but I’ve shared here about a little friend of ours, age 20, who was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia a little over a month ago … it was very serious, and she had to have a bone marrow transplant this past month, and her sister, age 14, was the donor.  They harvested the stem cells from her bone marrow, and transplanted them into Elizabeth with great success!  She’s still on the long road to recovery, with two treatments each week, but the doctors are amazed at her progress!  There are only about 6 in one million people who get this, and her case is being well documented.  The Lord has done great things through it all!  As for the ‘gay’ issue … it’s so true above when it says, “True love does NOT sacrifice the truth”!!  We’ve known a few who’ve chosen that lifestyle through the years, and all we can do is lovingly share with them the truth in the Word, show them His love, and pray for them!  From there, God can, and does work in the hearts of those who are seeking the Truth!  Some of the testimonies that I’ve heard of those who were delivered, are awesome!  Thanks again, for coming by, and have a blessed weekend!  Blessings ~ Deborah <><

  9. @Threads_of_Faith – Hi, Deborah….I did read that when you posted it. I am so glad she is doing well. God blesses when we do what is right, and I am so thrilled that the blessings of adult stem cells are being seen, and the failures of embryonic cells are being brought to light.

  10. @Idobelieve_fairytales – :goodjob: I am proud of you for skipping it!
    though I’m not a Christian yet.
    All you have to do to be a Christian, is believe Jesus Christ is the son of God who came and died to pay the price for your sins, and accept Him as your savior.
    John 3:16-17…..16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. NLT
    That’s what defines what a Christian is. You don’t have to be perfect. 😉 :heartbeat:

  11. @SingingMom – Thank you :shysmile:
    I’ve got another question that is what are the difference between a Catholic and a Christian…are thet more or less the same except the different versions of bibles, and Catholic believe in Maria whilst Christian believe in Jesus?

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