9:00 p.m….I am moving furniture, cleaning (vacuuming and mopping) and replacing more wood floor tiles. So I will try to make it around to see everybody tomorrow. I went outside earlier and took some beautiful pictures of the sky. I’ll try to post those tomorrow.

Here’s the storm as of 5:15 p.m. Central Time. We are fine. In fact, Steve is outside doing yard work. Gustov is down to a weak Cat 1 storm right now.

Gustov 5 15 pm

Beth called a few minutes ago. She was going over to Brandon and Rachael’s after picking up Ashley (Mark’s daugher). But they saw smoke and followed to see what was going on. They got to a main intersection fairly close to my parents’ house, and found that there was a huge fire at an RV storage facility.

But Mike the Cop was there directing traffic, where they had closed the intersection. He came over and told her what was going on. I asked her if that meant it was smokin’ hot where Mike is, and she said she was going to hang up on me. I just don’t understand.   I live to give my kids a hard time (as well as their friends…right, E? ) It just adds such purpose to life.

HERE’S a story on the fire. It’s also not very far from our church.


Here’s where we are in relation to the storm. I put a little smiley face over Galveston Bay. We are roughly 6 miles west of Galveston Bay (this was taken at 11:45 a.m. Central time):


It is cloudy, but it’s not raining. And we are getting some gentle wind gusts right now.



18 thoughts on “Gustov

  1. My parents live in Oakdale, La. I spoke to him a little bit ago and they seemed to be doing good. Dad had a big pot of soup going. It really sounded good. Kind of made me hungry.  I just can’t find soup like that up here.
    You all stay safe.

  2. My prayers are with you and your family. I hope you stay safe. My husband is leaving later this week to go to Lousiana and Mississippi to help with E911.:brokenheart:But, you guys are going to need him more than I do.

  3. @Jess_uh_kuh – He probably won’t be gone very long. It does’t appear to be really bad in most places. There is mess to clean up, but nothing like they were expecting. They said 500,000 are without power in the New Orleans area, though. My brother-in-law still works for the power company here, and he always goes out to help restore power when hurricanes have hit. He gets paid handsomely for it, too. Each time he gets storm pay, they replace another appliance in their kitchen πŸ˜†

  4. @Jess_uh_kuh – Having said that, though…if the levee does completely break in N.O., there will be a much bigger mess. The news just said there are about 600 houses near that levee, but only 300 are inhabited because of Katrina. That 300 might not be if this one breaks.

  5. :wave:Hi,  I hope none of the “bands” causes you any problems.  That was what we had to deal with when Faye came by–RAIN.   Yep, one’s heading this one, and another, and another, etc.  Starting to look like fleas!  Well, Lord willing all of these well pass soon :grin:–hmmm I think I need to get some rest before I start packing some “stuff” that can not be replace.  Thank you so much for everything!  Sharon

  6. PTL that the storm didn’t get bad. Glad to hear you all are safe. I enjoyed reading your past several posts. I see that “Stalker Mom” is enjoying her role! :giggle: Glad to hear also that you are getting some rest tonight. BTW ~ I love your beautiful cabinet and the collections of dishware that you have in and on it! :goodjob: Muchliest!! :love:

  7. @JusticeMom – Oh, I’m definitely not resting. Well….I am taking a breather from my cleaning for a few minutes. I’m fixing to go scrub some saltillo floor tiles. I’ve got the living room completely re-arranged, and replaced 10 parquet wood tiles that had been damaged. But every now and then I have to sit down and rest my knees.
    Thank you about the cabinet. I just love seeing all the blue things in there. I sent pictures to the couple I bought the cabinet from. They were glad to see his grandparents’ belongings being enjoyed. They just did not have room for them, and I don’t really think antiques are their thing.
    I don’t know why Stalker Mom gets so much enjoyment out of stalking πŸ˜† But I do get a kick out of teasing. At least it’s just good-natured teasing…nothing mean.
    The storm was not as bad as the weather people expected it to be, but it did some damage in LA and MS. We heard on the news tonight that an elderly couple that evacuated from New Orleans and went to stay with their daughter in Baton Rouge, was killed at her house when a tree fell on them. You just never know what kind of freak things are going to happen.
    Muchlierest!! πŸ˜‰ :heartbeat: :love: :heartbeat: :wave: :heartbeat:

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