Our day so far…

Beth saw the ankle surgeon again this morning. She is out of her cast….again. She is in the boot again for 2 more weeks before she can put any weight on it, so she still has to walk with crutches. The doctor said the stress fracture looked good now. You can still see a white streak across the heel bone, about 1/4″ wide. Once again, we did not think to take pictures of the x-rays.

Then we went to Walmart. Beth went to the back to visit with the ladies in the office while I shopped. I saw Michael up on the scissor lift hanging a sign from the ceiling. I asked him if they let him play up that high, because he could get hurt. I told him Beth was in the back and he said he had seen her, but didn’t want to interrupt her visit with the ladies. Then he said, “I haven’t hit on her in a long time.”  (That’s probably because she hasn’t been to work in a long time  ) I told him he could punch her on the arm and tell her he was hitting on her, but to be careful, because she hits back. I had walked a couple of aisles over, when I heard him say, “I KNOW!”  Michael is the one that told Beth, “I think your mom wants you to date me.”

And we saw Manuel. He was at the door in the garden department when we left the store. I loaded everything in the car and was about to back out, when Manuel walked up to the front of the car and acted like he was washing it for us. So I asked him to check the oil, too.  We had no clue why he followed us out there….unless he just wanted to see Beth one more time  

Two of the kittens are on the floor fighting over the cap off my water bottle. Rolly is really growling at Loudmouth, because he’s trying to take it away from her. There must be a half dozen bottle caps on the floor. I kept finding them when I was moving furniture the other night. I found their stash.

(EDIT: Loudmouth, Rolly, and Buddy just got so involved in their fight, that they did not see Patch run up, grab the bottle cap, and run off with it.)

Sunflower line 

Gov. Palin Announces Teen Daughter’s Pregnancy, Dr. Dobson Offers Prayer

‘There is forgiveness and restoration when we confess our imperfections to the Lord.’

The mainstream news media are attempting to use Gov. Sarah Palin’s announcement that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol is pregnant as evidence the Republican vice presidential candidate is a hypocrite. But Dr. James Dobson said it only means she and her family are human.

The Focus on the Family founder and chairman offered his prayers and encouragement to the family.

“Being a Christian does not mean you’re perfect. Nor does it mean your children are perfect,” he said in a statement. “But it does mean there is forgiveness and restoration when we confess our imperfections to the Lord.

“(The Palins) should be commended once again for not just talking about their pro-life and pro-family values, but living them out even in the midst of trying circumstances.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, also praised Gov. Palin’s pro-life values.

“Sarah Palin’s family is a microcosm for every courageous pro-life story there is,” she said. “Her response of boundless love and inclusiveness is a shining example for every family facing a crisis.”

Palin and her husband Todd say they support their daughter and her boyfriend, who have plans to marry, and have asked the media to respect their privacy.

“We’re proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents,” they said in a statement Monday. “As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support.”

Commentary: News Media, Left See Christianity Rooted in Forgiveness

by Tom Minnery, senior vice president, Focus Action

There is more to the faith than simply “Thou shalt not.”

The political Left seems determined to cast doubt on Sarah Palin as a strong vice presidential candidate, but in the process it may be learning something about the heart of biblical Christianity.

When it first became widely known that Gov. Palin’s daughter Bristol was pregnant out of wedlock, commentators on the Left – some with palpable excitement – began to wonder whether this would dampen the roar of enthusiasm with which social conservatives greeted Palin’s candidacy. After all, don’t evangelicals oppose the idea of sex apart from marriage?

But that hope on the Left is dying quickly, given the continuing support of Palin by Dr. James Dobson and other evangelical leaders. The fact is that Christianity means more than simply avoiding the wrong, because in this life none of us can accomplish that. It means repenting of the wrong and then making it right, thereby encouraging the wronged parties to forgive.

We don’t know the dynamics inside the Palin family, but it seems these principles are in play. The baby will be born rather than aborted quietly, and the young parents, at least at this point, intend to marry. Repentance seems to be embedded into this set of circumstances, and forgiveness from the family seems evident in the public statements that followed the news of the situation.

I took several phone calls from reporters seeking an explanation for all of this, but not nearly as many as I did last year when Dr. Dobson interviewed Newt Gingrich about his own marriage failure. At the time, Gingrich was eyeing a run for the presidency, but there was a stain on his personal life.

That on-air conversation with Dr. Dobson made it evident that Gingrich was repentant and had been forgiven. I explained to the reporters who called that Gingrich seems to have done all he could to right his wrong, and that is why so many Christians were sticking with him. For some reporters, this was a facet of Christianity they did not understand.

Likewise, when Sen. John McCain bluntly admitted to Pastor Rick Warren recently that his greatest failure was the failure of his first marriage, his own repentance seemed evident and this helped him.

Slowly, through the moral failures of public people, the news media and the secular Left seem to be realizing that Christianity is rooted in forgiveness, and about Jesus’ work on the cross, and that there is more to the faith than simply “Thou shalt not.”

Study Links Men’s DNA to Marital Conflict

A new study out of Sweden claims there is a direct link between a man’s genes and his ability to remain faithful in marriage.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm said men with a particular variant of gene called an allele – present in two of every five men – are at twice the risk of marital dysfunction and divorce. The study also showed women married to men with the allele scored lower on relationship satisfaction than those who are married to men without the gene.

“This is an interesting scientific finding, but it doesn’t justify cheating on a spouse,” Jenny Tyree, associate marriage analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said. “There’s nothing impressive about a husband or wife who would use their DNA to cop out on their marriage commitment.”

Good News: Mom’s Advice Helps Curb Binge Drinking

Moms can be effective in keeping their kids from binge drinking in college, according to a study from Boise State University in Idaho.

Nearly one in four college students binge drink. However, if mothers talk to their teens about alcohol between high school and college, those numbers drop to one in ten.

The study also tested the effectiveness of specific warnings and found that moms should explain the risks and consequences of drinking, including trouble with police and alcohol-related injuries and fatalities.

Linda Klepacki, sexual health analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said the study also parallels some of the research in sex trends. 

“Moms telling teens that they don’t believe in pre-marital sex and that they don’t believe in contraceptive use in unmarried teens are two of the highest protective factors to keep teens from having sex,” she said. “Way to go, moms!”


13 thoughts on “Our day so far…

  1. @lindaintennessee – I’m with you, Linda. I don’t understand. They all have stories that are worse than this. I did like what Focus on the Family is saying here, though….that the Democrats are seeing forgiveness in action that they did not expect to see. And they don’t know what to do with it.
    So now Sarah Palin, our possible vice-president, has now had a child with a serious birth defect, and a grandchild conceived out of wedlock. And she’s still pro-life. I think that says volumes about her and her family. They have lived (and are living) through circumstances where many people would have jumped at having an abortion.
    On the last article, about moms warning teens about alcohol binging and sex, I am curious whether or not a “mom figure” in their lives might have a similar effect.

  2. When our kitty was younger, he loved those twist ties they close bread with and played with it for hours.  He would always shoot them under the fridge and I would give him another….fun times!  I am getting very worried about Hurricane Ike…the models show it coming directly to us! 

  3. Dr. Dobson is right that Christians should be forgiving. Let’s face it, the truth is reaction from Republicans would be a lot different if it were Obama’s daughter that got pregnant (not a racial issue; but a political issue–many, though not all, Republicans would be less forgiving of a political rival), and that is wrong and patently un-Christian. At the same time, Dr. Dobson is being terribly inconsistent. He has previously written that absent or busy parents are the main cause of things like teen pregnancy. Yet he seems to fully support a candidacy that would make Sarah Palin even more absent, by placing here thousands of miles away. But here’s where it gets really silly, politically. That consequence is the major political parties’ own fault. The VP, under the constitution, doesn’t do anything, really. So Sarah Palin could theoretically return home to Alaska after the campaign, get weekly security briefings, and wait for McCain to keel over. But the Vice Presidencies of Al Gore and Dick Cheney have turned the office into exactly the sort of thing Dr. Dobson himself has said parents like Sarah Palin (and yes, Barack Obama–should be with his kids, too) are unqualified to do. But Dobson is a politician, not a moralist, so I no longer expect his views to make sense.

  4. @buana – Our kitties find twist ties, too. I don’t know where they find them, since most of our bread comes with those little plastic clips on them now. They must have a stash somewhere that I haven’t found yet. 😆

  5. @MrParadox – Awwwww, Doug….see, I knew it wouldn’t take you long to disagree. On anything.
    Very true that many Republicans would not forgive. Many Republicans are not Christians. Many who say they are Christian, are not truly Christian. No secret there.
    Absent or extremely busy parents….read that as parents who do not take any interest in their children’s lives….probably are the biggest reason for teen pregnancy. Those parents take little interest in their kids’ activities, even if they do truly love them. They aren’t there to guide them. I seriously doubt Sarah Palin has been absent that much from her family, with the possible exception of the time she has been governor. Even when she was the mayor, it was of a very small town. She, by her own admission, has been quite active with her family.
    If she is elected to Washington, she will have to try to make time for the children. It will be a very important thing to do in their lives.
    However, teens get pregnant for other reasons as well. My sister got pregnant, and she was the youngest child of a stay-at-home-mom who spent ALL her time with her kids. My mom’s sister got pregnant, and it was the same situation with her mom. However, she started to do things she did not normally do after her father died when she was 16. In both cases, they married the father. My aunt has been married 41 years, and my sister 23.
    I said all that to point out that teens who repeatedly get pregnant and don’t marry, are really the ones Dr. Dobson is talking about. When you see a 19 year old that already has 3 kids, she’s unmarried, and on welfare…. that’s the subject of his statements. They are looking for love and attention, and not getting it from parents, seek it from males (I’m not even going to call them men) or mistakenly believe that they will get love from the baby.
    My personal opinion is that Bristol should have already married this boy, since that’s what they plan to do. Yes, they did make a mistake, but they are trying to rectify the problem.
    I just have a feeling that Sarah would not be a “do nothing” VP. I kind of think she will be taking a lot of bulls by their respective horns. If they are elected, I believe she will learn a ton in the next 4 years, and then be set to be president the following election cycle. And man…will she ever be a pit bull then. I think domestic oil production in Alaska will be one of her big items. She has to be an EXTREMELY intelligent person to get where she is in the short amount of time she has had to get there.
    James Dobson is a marriage and family counselor, who is also a Christian. His ministry was started to give help to other families struggling with situations that arise from lack of parental/marital education, and lack of Christian foundations. He’s just like any doctor (physician) who might try to give his patients moral advice along with medical treatments.  But he in no way ever gave up his right to state any personal political opinions.
    And I think he makes a  lot of sense. But then you usually disagree with me, too. So be it.

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