More Ike…

10:35 p.m….Alright…this isn’t funny. This stinkin’ storm is heading more and more toward Galveston. That means more and more toward us.

Brandon and Rachael were just here. They bought a “new” vehicle…a 2004 Tahoe. It is BEAUTIFUL!! I am so excited for them to have a bigger, nicer vehicle. It sits up high, which is good, because there are parts of our area that flood easily. And now they’ve got room for more kittens!

New Tahoe

Rachael posted a slide show HERE.

 And this is our church’s pulpit. It was made by hand from driftwood washed up by the 1900 Hurricane in Galveston:


When I was little, my grandfather brought it home to refinish it. It was really dark before he stripped it and restained it. And what you could not tell before he refinished it, is Mr. Petersen cut all these little pieces of wood, and hand inlaid the words “Love God” in this beautiful design. There’s a lot of history in our church.

pulpit inlay

5:45 p.m…..Hurricane Ike has taken a more northerly turn…more toward Galveston. We will have at least category 1 force winds here. I guess the church workday on Saturday is off 

hurricane          hurricane          hurricane

Noon-thirty: This storm is projected to hit in the same place as Hurricane Carla, 47 years ago tomorrow….around Port Lavaca. We are on the wet, nasty side of the storm. They are projecting storm surges above 10 feet in Galveston, and as much as 4-6 feet on the west side of Galveston Bay. We are just under 6 miles inland from the bay. I’m not worried about flooding here, but LaPorte probably will get some. Definitely Seabrook and Kemah.

hurricane          hurricane          hurricane

Laura (TXMom2Jami) and her family are evacuating ahead of Ike. Her county, a little south of us, has issued a mandatory evacuation notice. They are almost like us…they have so many animals not a hotel in the U.S. would let us in. That’s why if we ever have to evacuate, we will go to our church. It has stood through a lot of storms.

During Hurricane Carla, we stayed overnight at the elementary school where I went. My parents went to school there, too….Genoa Elementary School. It is right across the street from our church. The school was torn down several years ago, and a new one built, so it is not the same school we went to. But I have so many great memories of the old school. (Oh my goodness….I was just reading the “About Genoa” section on that website, and there are some glaring inaccuracies in the history of the school. It even lists the WRONG ROAD!! That makes me mad. That’s my history.) I have some pictures when they were tearing down the old school, and working on the current building. I’ll see if I can find them and post them.)

I was 4-1/2 years old when Carla came through in September 1961. It was exciting for us. We (the kids) had never been through a hurricane before. I’m pretty sure my dad was at work that day, because he wasn’t with us at first, and my mom took us to her mom’s house, just a few minutes from ours. It was on the way to the school (we all lived in the Genoa area). A family friend wrapped my sister, Tammy, and me in blankets and carried us to the car, to go to the school. She was just 2. I think they thought the wind was blowing too hard for us to walk, but I don’t think it was, as best I can remember. It was so unusually cool, though, for September. It gets that way before a storm comes in. I remember it doing the same thing before Alicia came in, in August 1983.

I still have a picture in my mind, of the things I saw just before Mr. Edworthy put me in the car that day. Some things you just don’t forget. And when they are associated with a huge adrenaline rush, you remember them. Steve’s dad swore I was way too young to remember Hurricane Carla. Hogwash.

When Carla came in, my mom was pregnant with her third child, my sister, Laurie. When Alicia came in, I was pregnant with our second child, Rachel (but I didn’t know it yet). Brandon was 21 months old, and he remembers a few things about Hurricane Alicia.

When we got to the school, my cousins were already there. It was like a family reunion. We stayed in the oldest section of the school, which was built in 1936. One wall in each classroom was all windows. That’s not a good arrangement in a hurricane.  But we lined up blankets and sleeping bags along the opposite wall, and watched the trees bowing down outside. There were huge live oak trees in the school yard. Daddy got to the school later. He was a member of the Texas State Guard, and sometimes he had to go help in hurricane situations. Mamma said that’s what he was doing right after I was born. He had to go to Louisiana after what I’m pretty sure was Hurricane Audrey, in June 1957.

The day before, Daddy had boarded up all the windows in our house. The house was like a cave with no light coming in from outside. Whenever we have to board up for something, I can still remember that strange feeling I had being in the house with boarded up windows, 47 years ago. And I still get that kind of “anxious” feeling, that something big is about to happen.

We did not have any damage in Carla, other than a few tree limbs being down. We are about 50 miles inland from Galveston, so we don’t get as much of a direct hit. But now we are less than 6 miles from Galveston Bay.

When Alicia came ashore, August 18, 1983, we stayed at my mom’s. Steve, my brother-in-law Ricky (Laurie’s husband), and my dad all had to work. Steve and Ricky both worked for Houston Lighting & Power and had to work storm duty. I worked there, too, but was not needed at that time. So the rest of us gathered in one place to keep each other company.

Still, storms are exciting to me. I know they do tons of damage, but I love storms. Even thunderstorms. (No….I won’t stand out in lightning, in case that was your next question.)  I’ve been known to stand outside and watch for tornadoes. And I have seen many, including one that came across our neighbor’s back yard.  I was sitting right here at the computer, looking out the window, and realized that strange looking cloud was dipping down some, and spinning. And it was throwing little clouds off its tail as it spun. Yes, of course, I had to head out on the deck to get a better look   It was neat.

I’m sure, once again, my cousin Ross is busy flying people in off the offshore oil rigs. He’s the one that use to be a cop in Conroe, but quit to make more money flying helicopters. He also flies Apaches for the Army. He said cops don’t get enough 1) money, and 2) respect, eventhough that’s all he ever dreamed about being. I still think that sudden decision had much to do with just getting back from a year in Afghanistan.

Well, I need to get busy on stuff I am supposed to be doing. Tonight is business meeting at church, and I have to get the Treasurer’s Reports done. I also need to go get my nails done, as they are starting to come off. Here I go posting about things that make others mad, because they aren’t spiritual things. *rolling eyes* There’s also a Walmart trip in there somewhere.

(EDIT: By the way, our church’s pulpit was built from driftwood washed up during the 1900 storm in Galveston, that killed thousands of people. A man named Mr. Petersen built it, and one other similar to it, and gave it to our church. The other one he made was given to another church, and we don’t know where it is today.)


15 thoughts on “More Ike…

  1. Isn’t there always a Walmart trip in there? ðŸ˜€  I am praying for TXMom2Jami.  Since yesterday we have been receiving lots of wind from the storm, but no rain.  Interesting stories about your hurricane evacuations.  We have never evacuated and have been very lucky.  The worst we had, Wilma, caused roof damage, but other than many trees down, etc. we’ve been luck.  We do need to get hurricane shutters though. 

  2. I do appreciate the offer, but not this time 😮  When are you going to get it?  Do you lose your elecric with heavy winds?  That’s the worst part for me…I can handle winds (if my house does), but when the electic goes’s difficult.  We had days of it when Wilma hit, but lucky for us it was cool out.

  3. @buana – When Alicia hit in 1983, it was the dead middle of August and we were without power for between 4 and 5 days. That’s rough for me. Our house is all electric. Now I just die in the heat, it makes me feel so bad. In Alicia, I was just barely pregnant, and felt bad anyway. It was miserable. Unfortunately, I’m sure there will be lots of power outages.

  4. LOve the new car.  I pray they drive it in good health and stay safe! What a beautiful pulpit…I love it.  What’s the latest with Ike?  Not liking the track where you’re concerned. 

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