Preparing for a storm hit

You can go HERE to see continuing coverage of Hurricane Ike.

And you know me….I will try to take pictures. The mayor of Houston just said there will be hurricane force winds extending over 100 miles from the center, because it is a big storm, even if it is not strengthening. They are contradicting themselves, though. The mayor is telling people there will be 125 mph winds (a cat 3), while the weather man is saying it might downgrade.

And I will try to update. Steve said we have 6 hours of computer battery power!

The 10:00 p.m. coordinates put the storm crossing Galveston Island. However, there’s good news. They are now predicting that it will not grow to a cat 3, and that it may downgrade to a cat 1 by landfall. That’s very good news. Keep praying!!

The storm has been trying to pull in some dryer air this afternoon. And the millibars have increased, which is a good sign. As a storm strengthens, the millibars drop.

Go HERE to read about the Baytown Nature Center. Baytown is on the north end of Galveston Bay, just across the bridge over the Houston Ship Channel from us. (In fact, that bridge is called the Hartmann Bridge. No relation.)

The nature center use to be an upscale subdivision called Brownwood. It was abandoned after Hurricane Alicia pushed the storm surge over it. Carla had previously done the same, but after Alicia, the city bought out everybody’s property. It has been returned to its natural state.

hurricane          hurricane          hurricane

Well, the storm gets closer to Galveston with every update. It is at this moment, predicted to cross the coast at Freeport and the west end of Galveston Island. That’s at the same place Hurricane Alicia came in, August 1983.

This afternoon, I got a call from New York to check on us. Friends of ours that actually use to live across the street from Debbie (DKT1978), are in NY right now. And of course, Jill (buana) in Florida has been checking on us. Tonight, Connie (daisymae81) called from Mesquite, near Dallas. You guys are great. I really appreciate you checking to make sure we are all ok. Connie offered us lodging at her house if we decide to evacuate. Connie….can I bring both dogs, the rabbit, the turtle, and 27 cats?   

We need to be praying for Laura’s home (txmom2jami). The storm is predicted to come in right where she lives. She has gone to Austin.

We went this afternoon to the church, our pastor’s house to fasten down some things, and my parents’ house. Brandon & Rachael also came to my parents’ house to help us board up their windows.

Steve and I stopped at Home Depot on the way to the church. Oh, man….it was absolutely crazy there. We just wanted to see if they had any gas powered chain saws left. They had 2. But people were lined up in the parking lot to get wood for their windows. I have never seen it like that. And it brought out all the crazy driver’s, too.  People wouldn’t let you in or out of the parking lot, for fear you would get their spot in line.

At Walmart, the police were directing traffic at the gas station this afternoon. Tonight, Walmart is closed. That’s a strange feeling to see them closed. We thought we’d stop and get hamburgers on the way back home. Whataburger, Burger King and Jack-in-the-Box were all closed. Wendy’s and McDonald’s were open, and it was really paying them to do that.

The roads around here looke deserted. Many have headed north, but there are many who are just staying put. Here are some maps showing where we are. See the little sighing smiley over Galveston Bay?

Ike Thurs

This map shows our location. Deer Park is where the “A” is, less than 6 miles from the bay. Bethany likes to go down to Sylvan Beach on Galveston Bay to take pictures.

map of our area

hurricane          hurricane          hurricane

Hurricane Ike is now expected to come in further north than they originally thought. There is a possibility we could get a direct hit.  And I’m sure at some point, we will lose power, so you may not hear from me.

I’m watching Channell 11, which is our CBS station. Some of the questions from people, I just have to laugh about. People get just plain stupid when a storm is threatening. One woman just asked if it would be ok to evacuate to Corpus Christi.  What?? Go from one area where the storm could hit, to another area where the storm could still possibly hit?

I-45 going north is getting congested. Galveston is being evacuated. They are taking critically ill babies from the neonatal intensive care units in John Sealy Hospital on Galveston Island, and moving them north. There were not enough ambulances on the island, so DPS troopers are escorting more from points north, onto the island to make sure they get seriously ill babies out in plenty of time.

For those of you who know people in our area, I am posting the zip codes that are being evacutated. They are mostly areas that are either along the coast of Galveston Bay, or areas that are low enough to flood:

77507 – Far east side of Pasadena, close to Galveston Bay

77058 – Houston, Nassau Bay area, which is near NASA and Clear Lake

77059 – Houston, area around Ellington Field (formerly Ellington Air Force Base)

77062 – Clear Lake City area of Houston

77520 – Baytown

77546 – Friendswood

77571 – LaPorte

77586 – Seabrook

77598 – Webster

It looks like the storm is coming in around  the Angleton and Freeport area. I spent about an hour this morning on the phone trying to calm down one our church’s elderly ladies whose nature is to panic about everything. I told her I promised we’d take care of her, so believe it.

We are going over to my parents’ to help Daddy board up their windows in a couple of hours. He’s a 72 year old heart patient…he should not be trying to do that by himself. My sister that lives in Friendswood is coming up to my sister’s in Pasadena. I’m trying to get clothes washed up, and all the dishes clean.

Memorial Hermann Hospital, where our youth/music minister’s wife is an RN who co-ordinates the staffing, is being evacuated. It will be on lockdown as well as Bayshore, which is the hospital where all our kids were born. It’s 15 minutes from us.

Laura (Txmom2Jami) went to Austin. They found a couple of cabins there to rent for a few days. She lives in Surfside in Brazoria County, which is right on the water.

Please pray for our first responders. My nephew, Michael is a cop in Pearland, His wife, Holly, is a nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital. They can’t leave, but they are not in an evacuation area anyway. And Beth’s friend, Mike, is a cop here, too.  Also, her cop friend, Richard, lives around the corner from us, and works in Kemah, which is right on Galveston Bay. (EDIT: Our pastor’s son-in-law, Dustin, is also a police officer in Friendswood.)



30 thoughts on “Preparing for a storm hit

  1. We left last night.  Went to my parents in Livingston which we are praying is a good move!!  :sunny:  It sounds like most people I know are staying in League City, Friendswood, Deer Park, etc. My husband told me yesterday afternoon around 4 that we were leaving LOL!!!  I had no idea, just thought we might ‘think’ about it.  So we left last night at about 10:15 and got here at midnight.  We snatched my mother in law from Friendswood and brought her with us.  The traffic was clear, but what about today?  How do things look there?  Are alot of the people you know staying?  We will be praying that you are all safe and sound!!  Keep in touch!
    Stephanie <><

  2. @Resolved2WalkInLove – I have been thinking about you being in League City, and wondered what you were doing. I’m glad you got to higher ground! Lots of people are staying. Of course, there has been no evac order for Deer Park. But I am not worried…just cautious. My sister in Friendswood is getting out, and coming to Pasadena to stay with another sister. My other sister lives in Montgomery County, so they are high and dry.
    I talked to my sister, Heather, in Pasadena, and she told me Holly the nurse will be at their house. They don’t let the new nurses work emergency, but my nephew is a cop and he has to work. I have been concerned about Holly’s parents in LaPorte. They are only 5 minutes from us, so I don’t know where they are going.
    The roads are clogged now, but nothing like Rita. They are telling people stay home if you are not in one of the mandatory evac areas.


  4. @DKT1978 – :ROTFL: I didn’t realize she had that many animals! She really does have the contents of the Ark, if not the ark itself. She needs to get busy and build one.
    They are saying so much….scaring people. I just told Steve I know they are the experts, but the officials are trying to cover their own behinds. We are not going to have any 18 foot storm surges in the channel. 😡 It’s good to be cautious, but this is overboard. I like to hear the news coverage, but I don’t like to see people getting so scared. Nita called this morning, and she said she just sat down in the hall and cried. I told her that when she panics, that’s when bad things can happen. You have to keep your wits about you. And she is really not in danger. She is going to stay at Emma’s, so neither will be alone. But if it becomes necessary, we will open up the church.

  5. :heartbeat:I have been thinking and praying for you guys… praying for a calming in the wind… the reports don’t look too good…
    God is our protector… you guys be careful!
    Love you!

  6. @DKT1978 – Call me if you need to come to the church. We won’t automatically have it open, but will if needed. You have my home #, but my cell is 281-685-6871. And for Heaven’s sake, bring John with you if you need to come. But tell him to leave the kimchi at home! :ROTFL:

  7. I am worried about you guys…but, am turning over to God and praying!  Is it supposed to hit on Saturday or tomorrow night?  I haven’t checked the storm yet, but will when I fininish commenting.  Are you going to the Church?  Keep me posted. . :heartbeat: Jill

  8. @buana – Hi, Jill….I’m fixing to post a map for you guys. We are going to get the storm. It is now predicted to cross the coast at Freeport/west end of Galveston Island. There is a bridge that goes from the end of Galveston Island over to Freeport. That’s how close they are. And Laura (txmom2Jami) lives in that general area. She has evacuated, but I know she’s worried about her house.
    The storm is now following about the same path that Alicia did 25 years ago. If you get on Google maps and look at Texas, you can see how close we are. We are in Deer Park.
    The storm is still a cat 2, with winds of 100 mph. They do expect it to strengthen to a 3 before it hits. Alicia was also a 3.
    We are all hunkering down. I believe we will be fine, but there will be power loss of several days, lots of trees down, and some damaged buildings.

  9. :eek:WOW~ and I’m not saying that because of IKE… I’m saying it because of the 27 cats! ha!  Sure, bring everyone… my one little kitty might like the company! ha!  Not sure that Charlie will, though… we may have to ship him off to a hotel! lol!
    I’m stealing that map for my Friday blog… k?  You guys just BE CAREFUL and get out of there if you see it coming too strong…
    Love you all… we will be in touch!

  10. :heartbeat: Hi Cindy … just letting you know, I’m praying … Connie shared with me that your were in the path of the hurricane.  Hubby and I are praying that it loses it’s punch before making landfall … and do you really have 28 cats??!!  I love the names … we have one great little cat, who is more ‘dog’, than cat!  He comes when he’s called, and he actually ‘talks’ back!  Has lots of personality!  I’d love to have a couple more!   Anyway … you all stay safe, and know that all of our prayers are with you, and everyone else there!  Do keep us posted when you can!  ~ Deborah <><

  11. @Threads_of_Faith – Thank you so much. There are several of us on Xanga that are in the storm path. We appreciate the prayers! And yes, we do have that many cats. Many of ours are the same as yours…they come when they are called and they talk to us. Whiskers can open the front door, so if he tries and it’s locked, he comes to me and meows at me till I go open it for him. :laugh:

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