Here comes Ike…

10:10 p.m….We are getting hurricane force winds. Time to go back out on the front porch and watch the trees  I just called my parents, and they are fine. Beth and Rachael are texting. They are fine over there, too. Rach is bored.  

8:40 p.m….I don’t know how many more times I’ll be able to update. A lot of LaPorte has lost power now. We may be next. Our utilities are underground, so it takes longer for us to lose power, but somewhere along the line, there will be a major transmission line down.

On the news, they just said the Hurricane Ike is 600 miles wide….the distance from Houston to Panama City, Florida. We are now getting the tropical storm force winds. It’s gusting over 60 mph. The hurricane force winds are now hitting Galveston Island.

Lots of things are hitting the side of the house, but none of them are the dogs. They don’t want to come in yet.

7:50 p.m….Thanks a lot, Renee. Now I have Oklahoma running through my mind, with the wind sweeping down the….well….Gulf Coast.

The good news is we no longer have to worry about trimming the dead palm fronds out of our 50 foot Mexican Palm in the back yard. They’re pretty much down.

7:10 p.m….Renee (carrensey) just called from Fort Worth. There is a 17 year old boy they know of, that is trapped by the water. His  drunk dad refused to evacuate, and they are trapped. The son did not have any way to get out. Please pray for them.

And ask Renee about the lizard story.

On Crystal Beach, which is on the Bolivar Peninsula, there are 15 people who refused to evacuate, trapped on a roof, and rescuers cannot get to them.

And there are parts of east Houston flooding, without a drop of rain in that area. It’s just a little northeast of us. It’s strictly from the storm surge pushing Greens Bayou out of its banks.

6:20 p.m….This is the weirdest storm. The center of the eye is just 98 miles off the coast….and the stupid thing appears to be strengthening! They eye has gone from 80 miles across to 44, just today. The winds, which were 100 mph all day yesterday, are 110 mph right now. When it reaches 111, that’s a cat 3 storm.

I was just outside. I don’t think we’ll have nearly as many pecans this year  Some of the cats are still out, and Wheezer was scared half to death when a pecan clunked on the hood of my car.

We were talking to our neighbor across the street. She is home with 2 little kids, a cat, and a dog. The cat got attacked by something the other day, and his eye is infected. When she lets the dog out to go to the bathroom, he heads for the gate, and breaks it open. By the way…her kids are about that same way. And she just got out of the hospital with meningitis. Her husband is at work…in Baytown. Where it floods. She’s pretty scared.

5:45 p.m….Today is kind of reminding me of a movie we use to watch all the time when the kids were little: Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.

hurricane          hurricane          hurricane

You can watch video of the actual storm coverage from our CBS station (same thing we are seeing on the tv) HERE.

We don’t have a garage that is actually for storing cars, since it stores a workshop and…junk. So we just went out and pulled the cars up as close to the front of the house as possible. Beth’s is a convertible, so it’s got a soft top. I could just see a tree limb going through the roof of her car  She would not be happy.

4:15 p.m…One thing that a lot of people do not realize about hurricanes…when they say the “landfall” will be in a certain place, it means that’s where they expect the eye itself to cross. In this case, the eye is 62 miles wide right now, so the eye is going to cross quite a few places. So they will give where the center of the eye crosses.

But that doesn’t mean that’s the only place that must be careful. This storm is hundreds of miles wide. I heard them say earlier that it fills 40% of the Gulf of Mexico. Landfall now is predicted a couple of hours earlier than they had previously thought, but that doesn’t mean that’s when the first part of the storm pushes onto the land. That means when the eye, or the center, of the storm crosses. By that time, half the storm is already on land and tearing things up. I had to explain that yesterday, to a church member who has lived here most of her life. She did not understand.

If you are going to live here, you must understand hurricanes.

CATURDAY  is posted a day early, since we probably won’t have power on Caturday Saturday.

hurricane          hurricane          hurricane

If you don’t have this program, Eye of the Storm is an excellent way to track the progress of a hurricane. We have it.

2:00 p.m….The news just said a child in Montgomery County (which is the next county north of us, about an hour away) died when a tree fell on him. It wasn’t because of the storm, because the winds are not real high right now. But his parents were cutting down the tree to keep it from being blown down during the storm, and it fell on the child, killing him.

TIKI ISLAND  in Galveston Bay, is now being covered by water. HERE’S  a map. Some parts of the mainland are beginning to flood, but it’s only places that are right down on the water. Actually right now, Louisiana is getting more of the winds than we are.

Here’s something that might be interesting to you. The San Luis Hotel in Galveston, is where all the media and law enforcement stay during a hurricane. There’s very interesting history in that hotel. It is built on the old Fort Crockett. History is so fascinating, and I love to see things that have survived that long. That’s why I like antiques and genealogy.

Ps 50:15…..15 and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”

Ps 56:3-4…..3 When I am afraid, I will trust in you. 4 In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid.  NIV

If you have DirecTV, you can tune in on channel 361 to see the constant hurricane coverage on our CBS station in Houston.

We are watching to see what we need to do. Deer Park does not have to evacuate for a cat 2 storm. But they are now saying the storm surge is comparable to a cat 4 or 5. That’s when Deer Park would need to get out.

We will get the core area of the hurricane come right over us. I can’t say right now if they eye itself will cross over us, but we will get the worst part. The meteorologist just said our max sustained winds will be about 85 mph. Ike is still a cat 2, but the winds have increased to 105 mph.

Parts of Galveston Island is now under water, and they expect the entire island to be under by this time tomorrow. Some of the waves are easily topping the seawall  on the island now.  MUCH has been built on the west end of the island since 1983 when Alicia hit. They are now saying that we may have as much as a 20 foot storm surge from Ike…or comparable to a cat 4 or 5 storm. The winds won’t be as fast, though as a stronger storm.

Dr. Neil Frank, who use to be the director of the National Hurricane Center just said he did not anticipate the storm surge being as high as it appears to be with this storm.  That’s not very encouraging. The Coast Guard out of Ellington Field, is rescuing people who thought they were going to stay on Bolivar Peninsula. The roads are under water. That’s not surprising at all, though.

hurricane          hurricane          hurricane

Yes….it IS 2:00 in the morning and I’m still up. I was just outside picking up a few things out of the yard that could become projectiles. Steve will have to do more after daylight. I’m not tall enough to reach the windchimes.

The clouds are rolling in. You cannot really see the moon, but you can see light where it should be. There is a very light breeze with occasional gusts, but very tiny ones.

The news has had constant coverage since Thursday morning.

I just realized today is my sister’s birthday. Yesterday was my nephew’s. It’s not everybody that gets a hurricane for their birthdays. 


37 thoughts on “Here comes Ike…

  1. I wasn’t up, but I am now. Doug just finished breakfast and left for work. I am making an Excel spreadsheet for John. Now that the formalities are over.

  2. :ROTFL:  At least your sister will have help blowing out all her candles!
    I thought I would catch up with everyone a little while I am waiting for the pain meds to kick in.
    Thinking of you guys and praying you remain safe.  Keep us posted!  Are you going to take some pics for us?

  3. @wolfpacwife14 – Brandon and Rachael are going to my sister, Heather’s, in Pasadena. That’s the sister he works for, and it’s close to their apartment. My parents are thinking they are going to ride it out at home, but I wish they would go to Heather’s also. And they might, because she and my sister, Laurie, will hound them. They are not in an evac area,though.
    We are watching closely to see what we will need to do. With a cat 2, I’m not afraid to stay home. But they are saying the storm surge is comparable to a cat 4 or 5, where Deer Park might have to evacuate. *sigh*

  4. @chatcat42 – Nahhh….we are fine. We are not getting the same effects that Galveston is getting. We will not be under water. Right now, our winds are not even that bad. We are 40 or so miles in from Galveston Island, but 6 miles west of where Galveston Bay juts up into the land. Hobby Airport is about 20 minutes west of us, and they are having winds gusting at 32 mph. We probably get that here, too. Every now and then, the trees bow down, and then it’s quiet. For now. The real wind will start around 8:00.
    You can go to this website:  to see actual video of the storm coverage on our CBS station.

  5. @SingingMom – Doug just came in and said he was going to mow and I went out and burned trash. With the weather it may be a while before anything outside can get done. We are suppose to have a picnic and skeet shoot tomorrow for John.

  6. @lindaintennessee – :yes: It will be a little busy around here for the next couple of days :oh-no:
    Just took pizza out of the oven. Figured I better cook it while we still have electricity. Tomorrow if we don’t have power, maybe Steve will drive down to his office and make some coffee. They have a generator. Can’t do without my coffee 😑 :laugh: :wave: 

  7. @buana – :yes: It looks pretty bad. But we are sitting here blogging, and making brownies. Beth wanted to bake brownies before we lost power, so they just finished. :what: I was sitting out on the front porch just a few minutes ago. Wheezer is still outside, but she is not a people cat, and she won’t let me bring her in. So the garage door is still open just a little. I’m hoping she’ll go in there and we can close it.

  8. @wolfpacwife14 – Thank you, Sue. Galveston is having a lot of problems. Houses on the west end of the island have caught on fire, and the fire leaps from one house to another. They can’t do anything about it. I was just out on the porch watching the rain blow. I love it.

  9. @mom2candc – Hi, Terry….thank you so much for checking in on us and praying. We are ok right now…even still have power. We’re kind of getting hammered with rain right now. I guess the worst thing right now is our cats are not getting along πŸ˜† They don’t like all being in the house together.

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