Storms make you tired…

  Steve posted some pictures from the Chronicle.

My sleep cycle is really messed up right now. Like it wasn’t already. The long hours I slept yesterday in order to repair my sleep deficit, just insured that I was not able to sleep last night. So I stayed up and cleaned some. I did a little laundry, mopped floors, and replaced things we took out of the front yard before the storm hit. Then I sat in the swing with some of the kitties for a while.

And around 4:30 a.m., I saw car lights around the curve in the street, and heard people talking. I could hear a woman talking loudly, and was wishing she would hush. She was disturbing my peace  Up until then, it had been so quiet outside. At first I thought it was just people heading out to work. But they didn’t go anywhere, so I walked down the sidewalk a little. There were 2 police cars, and 2 cops had a guy sitting on the curb. I heard the female officer say something about fighting with his friend. They eventually hauled him off, but when they came around the curve, they stopped and looked at me, sitting in the swing. So I’m guessing it’s a little unusual to see somebody sitting in the swing in their front yard at 5:00 a.m.   But I’m glad they were there.


Timon is still gone. We have searched everywhere. Tomorrow I’ll go down to the pound. Since city workers were out yesterday clearing debris, eventhough it was a Sunday, it’s possible Animal Control was out, too. Several people have missing dogs. When fences are down, dogs get out.

Trouble has been causing trouble. He was in the front yard with me today, and ran down the sidewalk. I called him, and he was coming back. At the same time, a car came down the street, and a neighbor’s little dog ran out to chase the car. That dog always does that. Trouble thought the dog was trying to fight with him, and he chased the little dog. Trouble is a big old hound, several times the size of this dog, which looks to be part Jack Russell terrier. Trouble bit the little dog along his backbone, a couple of inches above his tail. The little dog yelped so loud, for a minute or so, and started dragging his hind end.

I got Trouble back in the house and went to check on the dog. I called Rachael and she said it could recover. It does not look like the legs or back are broken. He does have bite marks on his back, but it could be just some nerve damage.

The neighbors that own the dog, left on Saturday in search of a place to stay that had air conditioning. Our power was still out at that time. But they left their little dog home alone….with no food. So another neighbor has been feeding it. It doesn’t appear that the owners really care much about the animal. It’s been over there crying every day. The dog dragged itself to the back yard, but did not want me to touch it. Hurt dogs can be very dangerous. But I took him some food. He does not appear to be in any pain right now.

I know our dog shouldn’t have been running down the sidewalk. At least I was trying to get him back in the house. But the other dog should not have been out, either. Our dogs are always in the back yard behind fences, except when the fences are down. Those neighbors always let their little dog run where ever it wants to run. I feel bad for the dog, but not for the neighbors. If they cared, they’d be at home, taking care of their animal. They are still gone.

Brandon and Rachael are staying over at my sister’s. He’s already at work that way. She has a generator, and they still have no power at their apartment. Rach went to work with Brandon today, and saw firsthand the work that goes into repairing and replacing AC units. She goes back to work at her vet tech job tomorrow.

My nephew, Michael, who is the cop in Pearland, has been working long nights. He comes home to do nothing but sleep, before he has to go back out at 5:00 p.m., and work a 12 hour shift. I know he’s exhausted, and he’s still young. Just wait till he gets older  

Here’s a few pictures we’ve taken over the last 3 days. Click on them to enlarge them.

1.) I was standing on the front porch watching the storm blow. Scrawny wanted to come out with me. 2.) Our front yard after the storm was over. I know…it’s a mess. 3.) The only damage we had to the actual house…a shingle missing. 4.) Part of our back yard with the fence down.

Scrawny  house  shingle  backyard

5.) Still the front yard, to the left of the house. 6.) The street was blocked on the way to my parents’ house, so we stopped and Steve cleared it with his trusty chainsaw. 7.) A huge sycamore limb fell and took out the greenhouse at my parents’.

trees_our house  2nd St  limb on greenhouse

8.) A convoy of trucks delivering portable generators and gasoline to the Pasadena Convention Center.


9.) Our poor little church. That’s the back of the fellowship hall building. It’s aluminum covered walkway isn’t covering anything anymore. 10.) Steve checking out some electrical stuff on the back of the sanctuary. He had to shut off the breaker boxes, because there is wiring exposed. 11.) And see that sign in front of the church? Steve made that in 1995, before our 100 year homecoming. It is sandblasted clear heart redwood, which was handpainted.  Or it use to be.

church walkway  Steve_sanctuary  First Baptist Genoa

12.) This is the sign now.  Everything can be fixed, though. But clear heart redwood is expensive. 13.) Loudmouth and Blackjack “hunkering down” during the storm. 14.) And finally….the state of Texas is underwater. See the downed power lines at the bottom left? Ok…maybe I went a little too far…. 

sign  Loudmouth_Jack  Texas



29 thoughts on “Storms make you tired…

  1. Praying you are able to find Timon and that the little doggie is OK.  I am so glad you’re feeding him.  I also pray your sleep cycle gets back on track and you’re able to sleep well tonight.  :heartbeat: Jill

  2. Hope you fine Timon.  
     I can’t wait till I get my lights back on and my water.  The water in the bathtub is getting low that I saved for that purpose.   I hate driving around with no lights at the intercections, especially large intersections. 
    Tonight my Uncle’s houses lights came back on (Michele’s dad’s house).  I am spending the night over there and am enjoying being online with you and also waching my clothes.

  3. @DKT1978 – Hi, Debbie….I’m glad you got to go to his house. So has Michele gone back to her house yet?
    People don’t know how to treat those intersections like 4-way stops. I’m amazed. They shouldn’t be driving if they can’t figure that one out. Mark, Herb and Dave are still without power, too. It’s so nice to have ours back on because Steve has to sleep with a C-Pap machine, which takes electricity.

  4. Michele was at her last night and tonight.  Last night she took all of her animals back over there.  They do have water, but still no electricity.  They are using Uncle RQ’s generator to keep her freezer freezing.  She had a cow slaughtered and thus has lots of beef in her freezer and doesn’t want to lose it.

  5. @MrParadox – Thank you. Those are humongous 4 x 6 posts, set deeply into the ground. It just made us sick when we drove over there Saturday afternoon, and saw that sign. That was a lot of work, ripped to shreds. We had special ordered that clear heart redwood from Deer Park Lumber, because you can’t just go buy that stuff at Home Depot. It will take a lot of work to replace that. :yes: :wave:

  6. I didn’t realize the damage was that bad at the church. I thought you meant the walkway was DOWN, now completely gone. And I don’t remember you telling me about the sign.
    What did the neighbors say about the dog?

  7. @Singing4God8692 – The walkway is shredded. Pieces of the sheet metal cover were wrapped around some of the poles. One of the poles was down, and out by the dumpster. Mark went by and gathered up some of it. He and Robert cut the limbs that were torn out of the trees on the east side of the sanctuary and put them out for trash. But there are several windows missing. And of course, the sign has to be completey remade. I think I will see if I can get a banner made to put up in the meantime.
    He said not to worry about the dog being hurt. If necessary, they will put the dog down. I told him what Rach said about a 50-50 chance of recovery. The dog belongs to his step-daughter. He and his wife split up over a year ago, and she and the daughter moved out. They have never come back for the dog. He’s not crazy about the dog, but he said he has been taking care of it. He was really nice about it. And he had left food on the front porch for him while they were gone, but Connie also feeds it for him if he’s gone.
    Ron told us the German Shepherd he’s got just does not like any other animals. Sometimes he busts the front door open. He said one day that dog is going to get hold of some cats. But he tries to keep him locked up in the house.

  8. Oh I can totally relate to the sleep thing!!! Once I get off track it is hard to get back on. It is funny the things that happen in our neighborhoods when we are sleeping eh? I do hope you find your cat!! I thought of all the animals when you guys got hit…I cannot imaine someone leaving their pets especially without food!!! I do hope that dog will be okay. I sure hope he finds a better home!
    I am glad to hear you are doing okay. :love:

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