Brandon has some comparison pictures of Bolivar Peninsula on his site…before and after Hurricane Ike. And Bolivar is now an island. The storm cut a channel through it. No idea if they will leave it that way, or fill the channel back in.

9:00 p.m….We came down to Steve’s office to make some coffee and charge my cell phone, and the laptop battery. It’s just 7 minutes down the road from our house, and they got power back yesterday. But even before, they had a generator.

We still have not found Timon. Tomorrow we will go down to the pound in LaPorte, which is the city next to us. We live right on the line between Deer Park, and LaPorte, and the lady at the DP pound told me try LaPorte. He could have easily wandered right across the city line. In fact, he probably did it on purpose. A couple of nights ago, I was sitting in the front yard, and I could hear a dog barking across the drainage ditch behind our houses, which would be right over the line in LaPorte. It sounded just like Timon’s bark. Eventhough it was midnight, I walked through our neighbor’s yard back to the ditch (it’s large…the size of a bayou, which Houston has a lot of) and called him. I’m sure he did not hear me, since there is quite a lot of noise going on in the area right now. There’s generators, construction, and one of the POD’s, or point of distribution spots for post-hurricane supplies, was right across the field on the other side of that ditch. It is closed now. Trouble is so lonesome without Timon. He even was trying to climb the side of the house to get to Beth’s 2nd floor bedroom window yesterday.

After we leave here, we are going to Brandon & Rachael’s to get their battery powered fans. That will make it easier to sleep.

There are almost no restaurants open yet in our area. The power was out in 90% of the Houston area, and there’s still a long way to go. But I called around today till I found a place that was open…Burger King. So Steve stopped on his way home from work and got dinner. Peanut butter sandwiches are getting old. Our house is all electric, so we can’t even cook. Beth is craving Chili’s and I want IHOP. But Debbie (DKT1978) told me about an IHOP that is open. It’s about 20 minutes away, but it might be worth it.

I noticed tonight that Mike t. C’s (  Is that cryptic enough?) neighborhood doesn’t have power yet, either. But the church right across the street does. Debbie is at her uncle’s house since she still does not have power, or water.

The men at our church are going to try to rebuild the back room of our youth/music minister’s house. It’s actually a parsonage owned by the church. The roof was ripped off, and water poured in during the storm. It ruined the ceiling and the beautiful laminate floor they had just put down last year. Our insurance deductible for wind damage is $10,000, and we are a very small church. But we have a lot of capable men. And actually, we have quite a few capable women, too

Tuesday, when I was posting signs around our area for Timon, I got a unique opportunity. I was back by the park in our neighborhood, and a little boy and girl stopped to talk. They were riding bikes through the neighborhood. The little girl, maybe about 13, was Hispanic. The little boy looked to be around 10 or 11, and he was black. Normally I would not mention that, because it doesn’t matter, but it is important to this story.

They rode all the way across our neighborhood, and pulled up at another light pole where I was posting a sign. I told them they were fast. The boy looked at my car, and saw the “NOBAMA” sticker on the window. It’s similar to the one below here. So he asked me if I hated Obama and why. I told him I don’t hate the man, but I have different beliefs than Obama has. He looked kind of puzzled. I didn’t want to give him too much to remember, so I just said, “Obama believes in abortion, and we believe it is wrong.” He just shrugged his shoulders, and rode on to the next light pole.

I don’t know if I made an impression on him or not, but you could tell his family was pro-Obama. He looked like he never even considered any other possibility. Maybe he will think about what I said, by the time he is old enough to vote.

It will undoubtedly be a while before I make it around to see everybody. Thank you for checking in on us. I will be around as soon as I can.


Our power is out again. We got it back after the storm, having only been without it for 22 hours. That was 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Then about 6:45 Tuesday night, we lost it again. I had gone out to run errands, figuring I would post that night. When I pulled in the driveway, there was this strange look of no lights coming from the house. And I knew

Some guys on the next street drove around to find some of the linemen working on the system, and they said it would only be 2 hours. It’s been 2 days. Now Centerpoint saying they are not accepting any calls about the power in our neighborhood. People have been calling constantly because we are a little island here of no power. All around us has power.

So…our neighbors Brian and Leonard just left to go driving around again, to find a truck full of linemen. It actually looks like they have probably just forgotten to do something. We know a couple of the power poles don’t have fuses on them.

We are sitting in the front yard and I’m on Steve’s wireless laptop. This thing frustrates me, but it’s better than no computer at all. But I won’t be posting much until our power is back on. I can’t sleep because we have no fans or ac. And Steve isn’t sleeping because he has to use a c-pap machine, which runs on electricity.

We should have made our plans for a generator a little sooner


10 thoughts on “AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  1. I’m still at Uncle RQ’s place on Preston St. by myself.  Why don’t ya’ll come over here and cool off and take a warm shower or something.  I don’t know what Steve’s machine is but maybe ya’ll could do it here.

  2. @DKT1978 – Hey, Deb….we’re at his office right now. Coffee is making. The office is just 7 minutes away from the house. I really appeciate you offer. Beth stayed at the house. She’s been reading. It’s amazing how many books you can read when you don’t have internet πŸ˜†
    We still have hot water. We have a huge water heater, enough for us to take warm showers for a while. If this keeps on, we may try to get a generator sooner. I know my sister isn’t using their’s now. Their power is back. My other sister, Laurie, walked in Heather’s house today and Heather’s power went out! I said Laurie needed to stay out. πŸ˜† And her husband is the one that works for Centerpoint.

  3. Oh Cindy, I really feel your pain on the no power.  It does make life difficult.  I didn’t know until now that you guys lost your power again.  I knew that you got it back quickly after the initial hurricain.  As a matter of fact I thought of you guys several times at how quickly you got your’s back as we continued on in the dark day after day.  To our good….we’ve been having 50-60 degree nights so we haven’t had our ac on anyway.
    Praying your power soons returns!

  4. :wave:Hi,  Good hearing from you.  I would not be able to make it without a/c.  Galveston I believe is about 26? miles long.  It  is 7 miles here.  Yea I know the barrier island would be no more if that hit here.  Actually we were saying if it had hit us that South Carolina would be wiped out.  The TS./hurricane that pass us was not that bad.  Worse problem besides some flooding for me is getting sick.  I never realized the physical reactions you experience during a hurricane.  This was just a small storm I could not image how you guys are dealing with what went through there.  Have you seen this?
    I am proud of you guys sticking together during this time.  Hugs, Sharon

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