We saw Timon…

5:15 p.m….I’m trying to get caught up on everybody here. I’m waaaaay behind.

We had church this morning. Just the worship service…with no power. We had the doors open for air, and propane lights to see. It was good. Storms bring people together, and we felt it was important to give thanks this morning. It was a small group, but good.

Right after the service was over, the lineman who was working on our electricity flipped the switch on the pole and asked Brandon if we had power. We had turned off the breakers because we have exposed wiring, but YES!!! We have power at the church. We all clapped when it came on. But still no power here at the house. It’s getting real old. And it’s expensive to run a generator.

Beth and I went out after church to put up more flyers. We also searched more for Timon. We did not see him. We’re going back out in a little while.


We were coming home from Brandon and Rachael’s. It was around 11:00 p.m. when we turned east off of East Blvd onto Pasadena Blvd. And we saw him run out in the road. He was trying to cross from a field on the north side of Pasadena Blvd to the field on the south side. But our truck scared him and he ran back into that field. We immediately stopped and searched for him, calling him by name. But we did not find him. He’s been gone one week.

Beth and I do not like to give up. So we came home and just she and I went out to search more. Still did not find him. So please pray that he either comes home or we find him, and that he does not get injured. I am so afraid he will get hit by a car. That is a very busy intersection.

By the way….would you like to know how to meet all the Deer Park cops who work the night shift? Just  go out in an area that still does not have power after a hurricane, and search for a missing dog for 2 hours in the middle of the night.   When we were all in the truck searching, a cop pulled up beside us and I told him what we were doing. He said ok, kind of in a “I think you’re crazy and I’m not really interested in lost dogs,” sort of way. That was maybe 11:30 or so.

So when Bethany and I went back out later in the Caddy, we searched for quite some time before a constable stopped us, at 12:50 a.m. Not a DP cop this time. I told him what we were doing and he said he would keep an eye out. He even said he would come to our neighborhood and find one of the flyers, and get our phone number. Such a nice man. Much better attitude than the first guy. But of course, where there’s one cop, there’s usually more in the middle of the night when they really don’t have that much to do.  Deer Park is not really a heavy crime area, although we do have some.

When he first stopped us, he was still in the SUV he was driving, and I knew he was running our plates. So I stuck my arm out the window and motioned for him to come on. I was busy and had other things to do.  He said he stopped us because we looked suspicious. I told him I knew, and he was the second officer to get suspicious.

Two more DP cars pulled up behind the constable. One of them was the cop that I had spoken to before, but we were in a different vehicle that time, so he did not recognize us. After we all turned around to head in the other direction, he pulled up beside us at the light. He gave us a look like, “Go home, you crazy women.” He obviously does not have pets that he watched being born, and raised them for 9 years  And he didn’t see that scared look on Timon’s face. I hope if somebody else finds him, it is someone who loves animals, and doesn’t carry a gun. I am afraid they might shoot Timon because he is a large dog, that many people would be afraid of.

So Sunday afternoon we go out to put up more flyers in a couple of other neighborhoods. Beth said we could give one to Mike because she knows he’ll keep his eyes open.

I’m pretty sure somewhere there are Deer Park Police laughing at us. That’s ok. I’m going to laugh at them next time I see one of them at Shipley’s

When we were working at the church, one of our members was talking about a cop she saw that was bored, and was doing donuts in a parking lot. We got a kick out of that….he wasn’t eating donuts, he was doing donuts.

I don’t know if any of the DP cops were married. The constable was. Gotta make a note to myself to check on those kinds of things. I have an unmarried daughter  I’m pretty sure she’s not going to think that’s funny.

I think the first cop is the one that’s been driving through our neighborhood at night, shining his flashlight at me when I’m sitting in the swing in the front yard at odd hours. I saw him turn into our neighborhood.

I’m also certain I know how they knew we were driving around looking suspicious. There were no cops where we were. But there was a wrecker that had been following us for some time. He turned everywhere we turned. When we went to the softball field to shine the flashlight around, I noticed him parked in the drive of the church at the front of our neighborhood. It’s almost right across the street. I know he reported suspicious activity. If he had just rolled down his window, he would have heard us calling a dog. Good grief, people.

It’s not the first time I’ve irritated a a few cops in our city. When Beth’s car caught on fire on East Blvd in May 2007, she had been dropped off at our house by a lady who happened by. So we jumped in the car and headed back down there. It’s just a half mile or so from the house. By that time, they had the intersection blocked so nobody could drive down there. But I turned at the intersection, intending to just pull up there by where they had it  blocked off. Well, here came another car with his lights on. You know they thought I was going to try to run through there. One officer walked up to the window and I told him that was her car on fire, and she had come home to notify me what was happening. He told us to pull up in the nearby church parking lot, but not before telling me to “get out of my street.” I gave him the look and said, “Your street?” His reply was, “Yes, Ma’am…MY street!” I was kind of grinning at him, and I’m fairly sure he knew I was just joking with him. But they thought they were going to have a situation on their hands.

After the fire was out, another officer named Sparks was standing there with us. They were sweeping up all the glass that had shattered from the fire. He said, “Gives a whole new meaning to pick-up truck.”  Beth told him he was a funny man. I saw him again later when I had jury duty. He was going to testify in the case.

It’s 2:35 a.m., and I guess I should go to bed. But I don’t think I’m going to sleep much. I want to find Timon. I know he’s hungry and scared. He’s never been lost like this before.

We watched The Pursuit of Happyness at Brandon and Rachael’s. It’s good. And no…that’s not a typo. It is “happyness.”

And Brandon got a really good raise, with a promise of more when he passes his EPA certification!  



7 thoughts on “We saw Timon…

  1. I am so happy you found Timon alive!  I now pray you are able to find him and bring him home.  Praying, praying, praying!!!!!  RYC:  I’m going over to post a blog entry now :ROTFL::hammer:.  Thanks for the reminder!  I have been thinking about it for a few days and couldn’t really come up with anything to say :hmmmmm:  I’ll check in later, as you’re probably still asleep or getting ready for church.  It’s 8:41 am on the East Coast. 

  2. Thanking God for power in your church, but still praying for you to get power soon at home!  I pray you find Timon when you go out looking…praying, praying, praying!!! 

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