Tonight’s dinner will be…

Dinner was good. Red Lobster always is.But on the way, we had a flat tire  Seems like if it’s not one thing, it’s another. So tomorrow….probably 2 new tires.

Progress is being made. The front section of our subdivision has lights. Our electricity is fed in from 2 different ways, so they got theirs already. But it’s only fair…we had lights for 3 days right after the storm. They have been out since the storm. I don’t begrudge them that at all. Maybe tomorrow we will have power not from a generator. Outage numbers are coming down slowly in Deer Park….3018 outages, or 25 percent. Down only one percent from last night.

Linda told us that after the storm, Kinder Morgan gave free gas to their employees. They also loaned generators to their employees. That’s a good company to work for.

On the way to dinner, I was noticing buildings. The same thing I’ve been noticing a lot since the storm, I also noticed tonight. The buildings with the fake fronts that look good only from the front where you can see them, have lost those false fronts. A nearby old shopping center was refaced with a fake stucco. It’s partly gone. The underneath is exposed. Apartments have lost their brick facings. They were torn away when a big storm hit.

That made me think of people. People who put up false fronts often don’t fare very well when a storm blows through their lives. And storms will blow through everybody’s lives.

There is going to come a day when those who falsely put on the front of being Christian, are not going to make it through the ultimate storm. God knows what’s real and what’s not.

Cat tongue

RED LOBSTER!! It’s their Endless Shrimp special right now. We are treating Linda, a lady from church. Her hubby, Glenn, is in Mississippi right now, so she’s by herself. He took his mom over to see her sisters. As Linda said, “Mamma doesn’t do the flying thing alone.”

Linda works for  Kinder Morgan. She has been giving Beth the heads up on job openings there. Today she told her about 2 more. So Beth and I drove over to the place where the jobs would be, so she would be familiar with the area if she gets one of them. It is in a different office than where Linda works. It is right at 11 miles from us, and easy to get to. And the one Linda really wants her to apply for pays close to twice what she was making at Walmart. Linda is friends with the Human Resources lady, so she recommended Beth. It would be at their Galena Park, TX terminal, on the north shore of the Houston Ship Channel.

I forgot to tell you that Beth and I did our good deed for the week for an animal. While we were out searching for Timon Sunday afternoon, there was a turtle in the road, close to being run over. You could see it was scared. It was frantically running back and forth across the road to find a way to get out of the road. Only it could not climb the curb no matter how hard it tried. So we stopped and I got out to retrieve the turtle. I put it in a flower bed at the base of a tree at the business we stopped in front of. I hope he didn’t run back out in the street. It’s a busy 4 lane road. Apparently his mom never taught him not to play in the street.

Still no Timon.

I’ll think about you all while we’re eating at Red Lobster. Or not…


15 thoughts on “Tonight’s dinner will be…

  1. Wow! Yay for the turtle and sad for Timon! I prayed for you late last night. I had gone to sleep and then felt something tickle my forhead; no, not my hubby. I figured it was either a moth or a spider. I despise spiders, especially the crunchy black ones. So, in a bit of a panic, I was swatting at my face, hair and pillows because I didn’t want to be in bed with a spider. That’s happened to me before and it’s no fun! Anyway, after all that swatting, running to the bathroom, coming back to bed, I certainly was in no condition to go back to sleep so I prayed. First for you, and then for everyone else. And then I went to sleep. My hubby slept through this whole thing. He’s blessed with the ability to just go off into the netherregions of a non-thinking snoring place. I talk to the Lord about how we’re going to take care of everybody and everything. After I’ve done that, I think again, and give Him all the stuff I thought I WAS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF! Today my eye started bothering me again, but that wasn’t until after I drank a very rich mocha. I am seeing a pattern here with chocolate mixed with coffee and milk. My body almost immediately tells me in several different ways that enough is enough. So, my new challenge is to avoid mocha for the rest of the week. Nothing is impossible for God, right? Well, I’ve gotta go. I hope you enjoyed your Red Lobster din-din with your friend! I adore shrimp! Had some yummy shrimp in Ca. in May. Mmmm, Mm!  Keep me posted on things… i care very much, my fellow March girl! Hugs, Gail

  2. OHHHHHHH…Red Lobster…I’m jealous!  I loved the coconut shrimp I had…they gave me so much (with fried shrimp) that I took it home and had it for another dinner.  That with salad and those wonderful biscuts…made yummy two dinners. Still praying for precious Timon’s return!  I am so excited for Beth and will pray for God’s Will in this job :love:

  3. @kopfjaeger – :yes: I thought I remembered you talking about being there. Today the tunnel was closed because it’s still flooded, so we had to go 610 to Clinton. Man, Clinton Dr. is in so much worse shape than the last time I was over there. And there was one traffic light out, and those 18 wheelers were running it right and left. And quite a few others, too.
    We had a flat on the way to dinner tonight. I think we’re going to get 2 new tired tomorrow. Maybe switch the fronts to the back and put new on the front. The right rear tire is shredded.

  4. @Richgem – πŸ˜† I wouldn’t want spiders on me, either, but they don’t bother me that bad. Once when I was a teenager, I went upstairs to go to bed, and didn’t turn on the light before I got in the bed. When I laid down, I felt something strange  on my pillow, and it moved. It was a lizard! I got up quick. I don’t dislike lizards and I’m not scared of them, but I sure don’t want one on my pillow!
    If I had to give up chocolate, I think I’d just live with the pain :yes: Nothing is too hard for God, but I really think He wants us to have chocolate πŸ˜†
    Thank you for all the prayers. I really appreciate them.

  5. I love red lobster. That sounds so good. So glad you guys are okay after the storm. That had to be scary. I have been keeping up with your posts just to see how everything is going. Hope the power is back on today for you. Take care. Love & Hugs!!!!

  6. On Friday, two days before the black out, a couple from church took Doug and I to Red Lobster for dinner.   Our food was good too even though I am not a fish eater.  Lol, I ate steak and it was very good.  It was nice of you to treat Linda.  Doug and I love to be treated!  πŸ™‚  Actually, that was the first time any member of the church has asked us to dinner either to their home or out to a eat. 

  7. @wolfpacwife14 – That was very nice of them to treat you. I don’t eat fish when we go there. I go strictly for the shrimp. Right now is “Endless Shrimp” which means they will keep bringing more if you want it, for one price. It’s their version of an all-you-can-eat buffet. It was very good.

  8. @wolfpacwife14 – You know, I grew up not liking seafood at all. My mom is allergic to shrimp, and neither of my parents were that crazy about fish. So we just never had it. Our high school choir held a banquet for it’s seniors my senior year, and we went to a seafood restaurant in Kemah (right in the heart of an area that was trashed in the hurricane). I had hamburger. I could not make myself eat seafood.
    Somewhere along the way, I learned to like fried shrimp. And then I tried shrimp cocktail. I love both of them now. So for years we have gone to Red Lobster as our birthday place. My kids love shrimp,and Rachael does, too.
    I was the same way about Mexican food growing up. Never ate it, and when our choir went to San Antonio my senior year, I thought I’d starve to death. Everybody wanted to eat Mexican food and I didn’t like it….I thought. I don’t remember when I finally found out I liked it, but I was grown. Now Casa Ole is one of my favorite places! :yes:

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