Another loss

Our neighbor knocked on the door about 11:30 and asked if we had a white cat. I told her yes, and she said she was in the street. She had gotten hit by a car. This woman’s father was the neighbor who hated cats and use to shoot them. He also would pour antifreeze in the street, so they would drink it and die. And he came home drunk one night (a common occurrance) and tried to run over another cat….in somebody else’s yard.

We called her Junior. She was born on our deck in a box in April, 18-1/2 years ago. Beth found the kittens that a stray cat we named  Dusty had. The box was not prepared for her to have kittens…it was small and did not even have room for her to lie down. But that’s where she decided to have them. She was so scared and did not seem to understand what was happening, so I’m sure it was her first litter. Dusty was a white cat that just took up residence here. So when one of the kittens turned out to be white like her mother, we named her Dusty Junior, or Junior, for short.

Junior has been sick for a while. She got a respiratory infection over a year ago, and has not been able to get rid of it, even with medication. She was so old, and was getting more skinny every day. I was planning to take her into Rachael’s clinic and have her put down, but I was putting it off, just like I have with every other animal we’ve put down. I didn’t want to do it.

Night before last, she ran from me when I tried to pick her up to bring her in the house. So I just left her outside. She has stayed outside for a large part of her life and she loved it out there. Yesterday, she was snoozing in the shade on our front porch. So I didn’t bring her in last night, either.

The cats who play outside, like to play in the street. Sounds just like little kids. I go and shoo them out of the street, and they go right back. I was afraid this might happen, but I didn’t think it would be Junior.

This is Junior. The first pic I took in October 2007, and the second was in December 2004.

Dusty Junior


Our back yard is one continuous animal graveyard. I cannot even count the number of animals we have had in the nearly 29 years we have lived here.

I think I heard Timon again last night. There was a dog barking, and it sounded like his bark, out by the drainage ditch behind our neighborhood. I recognize their barks just like a mom recognizes the voice of her child. They are all different. The cats are the same way with their meows. Sometimes they sound so similar that I have to listen for a while. But some are so distinctive.

My sister sent me this link this morning. It’s pics of Hurricane Ike and what it did to our area:

Last night I was reading that they have found debris from Bolivar Peninsula, 5 to 6 miles inland in Chambers County. They think the body of a woman believed to have drowned in the storm, and found in Chambers County, may have been from Bolivar. THIS MAP can give you a better idea of where everything is. Bolivar Peninsula sticks out across the opening of Galveston Bay. The debris, and possibly the body, washed from the peninsula, across East Bay, onto the mainland north of it. That’s what a storm surge can do. Communities along all edges of Galveston Bay were ruined.

This storm was small in comparison to other disasters. Nationwide, only 60 lives were lost. Compare that to the tsunami or earthquakes in other countries. But if this kind of destruction goes on all the time, just imagine what the destruction will be like during the Tribulation. I am glad we will not be here to experience it.



16 thoughts on “Another loss

  1. I’m sooo sooo sad and sorry for your loss.  What a beautiful cat.  I love them all, they are so precious and fun.  Hopefully, Timon is close to returning home :love:

  2. That’s sad. I can’t believe people who get drunk. How could people be so dumb. I enjoyed watching the slideshows on the side of your page. Your family reminds me of mine in some ways lol. You look like some awesome people.

  3. @Simbathe2nd – Thank you, Dan! That was very sweet!
    The reason this man drank was mostly to numb the pain. He was a Vietnam vet, and had many problems stemming from that. He spent most of his time at the VFS Hall down the road. But he did not have a happy home life, either, even before he went to war. He was pretty much a miserable person. When he was sober, he could be polite, but he was never what I would call friendly. He came over once when his wife was real sick, to ask for prayer. But he wasn’t a praying person. The pastor who did his funeral said that he was saved shortly before he died. I hope he really was. However, the rest of his family is mostly miserable, too. His wife is Christian, but the youngest daughter (and her 4 kids) live with the mom, and she does not behave in a Christian manner at all. She has an ex-husband that she use to fight with all the time when they were married, standing in the front yard for all the world to hear, screaming obscenities at each other. I don’t think they’ve ever noticed, or even care, that nobody else on the street ever behaves that way.

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