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Go see Fireproof. It’s good!! I’d see it again. Gotta get it when the DVD comes out. There were several grown men sniffling throughout the movie.

Church workday in the morning.

Read: It’s Official.

Country heart&star 

They can’t get out here to fix our internet till Thursday, Oct. 16   We’ve done everything we can do ourselves.

Sooooo…..I won’t be posting during the day. Have to wait till Steve comes home with the wireless card.

Go see Renee’s post.   

Also see: Another perspective on the debt.

Oh, and Wednesday when Beth and I were at the doctor’s office, there were several ladies in the waiting room talking. When one lady was walking out the door, she pointed to Beth and me, and said, “And mother and daughter look alike.”

Country heart&star


What do NASCAR, the Motion Picture Association, and Puerto Rico rum makers have in common? They all stand to benefit from the Senate’s $700 billion economic bailout plan. Hoping to entice the bill’s skeptics with some familiar bait, the upper chamber sweetened its deal with more than a billion dollars in tax breaks for special interests. As the Dow plummets, unnerving investors from coast to coast, the House has approved the Senate’s bill. With the economy hanging in the balance, more responsible members were faced with the question-to pork or not to pork? And while the Senate managed to slip in relief for manufacturers of toy arrows, its quiver contained little for American families. As the sun sets on President Bush’s tax cuts in 2010, leaders may use these amendments to leave the impression that the major tax issues have been addressed. They couldn’t be more wrong. To restore confidence we must actively pursue tax simplification and permanent tax relief. Energizing the economy means expanding the IRS’s grace not to a handful of niche markets, as the Senate suggests, but to all Americans, especially American families. If our leaders are this determined to bail out Wall Street, how much more concerned should they be with rescuing the family from our suffocating tax policy?

Additional Resources
AP: Congress OKs historic bailout bill

Christians Defend Police Chaplains Who Resigned over Prayer Policy

Pastors and Christian leaders held a press conference Wednesday demanding the reinstatement of six police chaplains who resigned over a prayer policy.

They called on Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and State Police Superintendent Col. Steven Flaherty to reverse the policy — which prohibits police chaplains from praying in Jesus’ name — and reinstate the chaplains.

In September, Flaherty issued a directive requiring police chaplains to offer only “nondenominational prayers” at public events, such as trooper graduations and memorial services.

Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation of Virginia, said the policy violates the First Amendment.

“Requiring a Christian chaplain to effectively pray to an unknown God should frighten every American,” she told Family News in Focus. “Once again, our sacred rights are being sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.”

“The birthplace of religious freedom, Virginia should not become a graveyard for religious expression.”

Republican Delegate Charles Carrico said he will submit a bill to overturn the decision when the General Assembly returns in January.

Biden Fails to Grasp Impact of Roe v. Wade

When Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden spoke with CBS’ Katie Couric recently, she asked him why he believed Roe. v. Wade was a good decision.

“Because it’s as close to a consensus that can exist in a society as heterogeneous as ours. What does it say? It says in the first three months that decision should be left to the woman. And the second three months… the state, the government has a role. … And the third three months, they say the weight of the government’s input is on the fetus being carried.”

Tony Perkins, president of FRC Action, said Biden left out some key details.

“The senator fails to point out the same-day ruling of Doe v. Bolton that (provided) broad health exceptions for women seeking abortions, (including) physical, emotional, psychological, familial and the woman’s age — thus allowing abortionists carte blanche to nullify any abortion restriction they so please.

“When the full extent of the Supreme Court’s decision is brought to light,” Perkins said, “it clearly shows there is no ‘consensus’ on Roe v. Wade.”

Biden, along with his running mate, Sen. Barack Obama, supports the so-called Freedom of Choice Act, which could wipe away every federal and state law limiting abortion, undoing decades of legal work and educational successes.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Learn the Top 10 myths about abortion.



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