It’s a new day…

It feels kind of weird, but I can feel that knee joint moving inside my leg. It takes it a while to settle into the bone.

Just for clarification…..

I was just told Brad doesn’t look like Ethan. So to be clear, I didn’t say he looks like him. I said he “reminds me of him.” There’s a difference. There are a lot of Asian men who remind me of Ethan, mostly because they are Asian. OK?

Four years.

pumpkin leaves 

I’m trying to make it around to see everybody, but it’s going to take time.  I have not commented back on all your messages, because…well….there were just a ton of them. I appreciate all the prayer, and for you checking up on me. And I appreciate those friends who were actually able to come see me. Debbie….now you know what to expect. (She may be facing this same surgery.) I will come and help you whenever I can.

I had the best sleep last night! I normally take several things together to make me sleep (all non-prescription), but last night we added the pain pill and the muscle relaxer. Man….I went to bed about 11:30 and did not wake up once till 4:00. I’m normally up 3 or 4 times a night. I reached over and told Steve I needed help getting to the bathroom. Got back in bed, and slept till about 11:00. It was wonderful.

There is extreme muscle weakness in my right knee, since to do the surgery, they have to really stretch them out.

Got the guts to watch THIS? It’s a video that shows a little of a total knee replacement. The embed option of the YouTube video has been disabled, so I’m just giving the link. I kind of winced a little at the hammering.  But not too bad. I knew what they were going to have to do, and I like watching surgery, although I’d rather it be on somebody else.

Last night before bed, I had a little bit of a rough time. I got that muscle cramp again in the thigh muscle, and I can’t even describe to you the amount of pain that produces. But a pain pill and muscle relaxer took care of it. It just wasn’t as fast a relief as when I had the femoral block in the hospital. That was really a blessing. But last night it was wearing off. I felt at one point like somebody was actually drilling right through my kneecap. They do have to drill into the bottom of the femur and top of the tibia to install the device.

Ok, here’s some pictures:

This is my physical therapist, Brad. He’s the one that told me I look like I’m in my late 30’s. I still was giving him a hard time about it yesterday. He was telling me something, which I forget exactly, about listening to some people. I said, “But you said you thought I was in my late 30’s, so you really can’t listen to what people have to say!” He said, “Hey, I’m entitled to my opinion.” He yelled at me yesterday for using the overhead bar to get in and out of bed. It was ok…he just said he was waiting for a chance to yell at me for something. I think I’m going to have to get even with him.   My mother was not surprised that I was giving him a hard time. She said, “Isn’t that what you always do?” How did she know that? But it makes people laugh, and it definitely put people more at ease to joke with them.

Brad and Cindy

Here’s the cookie bouquet my sister, Heather sent.


This is a better pic of the actual artificial joint.

artificial knee

Don’t look if you get queasy. This is my incision. I’ve been bleeding around one of the top staples, and then this morning I was trying to gently scratch (the incision itches like crazy) and caught one of my fingernails in a staple. No…it didn’t feel very good, thank you.  There’s a lot of bruising and swelling. Not to mention they wrote on me with purple marker that won’t come off yet.


Ok…here’s a post-op x-ray. This is from the side…you can see the kneecap on the right. See the little hash mark looking things along the right edge? That’s the staples. I was taking this pic while holding the xray up to the light, so it’s not perfectly clear. (Just for clarity again….the layer of polyethylene plastic that simulates cartilage does not show up on the x-ray, since it’s not metal.)

knee side view  

This is from the front. The staples show up as little circles from this angle.

knee front

And since I used Beth’s memory card to get the pics off my phone, I got one of hers that was already on the card. This is Andy, trying to act cool. Or stupid. Those two words are often interchangeable.

Andy S



12 thoughts on “It’s a new day…

  1. Hmmmm maybe your mother knows that because she’s…. your mother? Honestly at least to my untrained eye your incision site looks really clean and good!What fun things did the doctor write on you? >Okay I’m going to leave now before you come after me. I’m so thankful there’s several states’ distance between us. *runs!* hehe. Seriously though, I’m glad you’re doing alright and praying the pain and cramps go away soon. My friend who had the back surgery is in a lot of pain right now so if you could keep her in your prayers I would appreciate it. The actual surgery went very well, but she’s just in so much pain now – they grafted bone from her hip to repair a fracture in her vertabrae. It’s a lot of pain right now but in the end it will ease the bunch of pain she was in pre-surgery.

  2. :wave:Hi,  I hope you will heal beyond perfect.  Hey, I got a similar scar on my knee like yours!:lol: Of course, it is where they put the rod into my broke leg,:eek: Do allow the PT to push you to the max, therapy will help you out so much.  Do take care! Sharon trying to keep moving now 😀

  3. @srbinchrist – 
    Hmmmm maybe your mother knows that because she’s…. your mother?
    😆 Maybe. Wait…no…it can’t be! :nono: 😆
    The doctor’s assistant just wrote on my leg which leg it was. I couldn’t read it, though. He could actually be a doctor since you can’t read his writing! 😆
    :yes: It would take me a looooooong time to make it there. You don’t have much to fear.
    I’m sorry about your friend. I know she must be in terrible pain. Praying for her now. And thank you for the prayers! :heartbeat:

  4. Just got home from dinner at Denny’s 🙂  Great pics….just loved the one of your scar 😮  Pray you are feeing better.  I’ve been on vacation since Wednesday and enjoyed a day of shopping today.  I always shopped with my mom, and I missed her alot today.  I do take her with me to all the stores though 🙂  It’s just not the same 😦  I sure do miss her.  Talk to you tomorrow :love:

  5. You are still young and strong  and I have talked to ladies after they finally recover from all the pain and healing and they are thrilled with the final results of their surgery. God bless you   Sharon

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