Had a slight hitch in my recovery today. I had a seizure this afternoon. Steve was right there with me, and it didn’t last long. It was just unexpected. I was standing at the bathroom sink when I suddenly felt terribly sick to my stomach, started sweating, and started feeling faint. I made it to the chair by the bed, and grabbed my cell phone. Steve was in the living room and I called him to tell him I needed help. He answered the phone, but I never heard him…I was already starting to leave the world of consciousness.

When he came in, I was able to talk some. I told him I felt sick and he got me a cold wash cloth. That’s when I lost consciousness and slumped over. He caught me and laid my head back on the bed so I could breathe better. It didn’t last long.

When I came to, I almost immediately suspected the Robaxin I have been taking. It’s a muscle relaxer, but also a central nervous system depressant. Steve looked it up online, and sure enough – it can cause seizures. My pain meds I take often, so I knew it wasn’t the hydrocodone. He called the doctor and got my meds switched, and called my neurologist to see if I needed to increase my anti-seizure meds.

I slept for 3 hours. Seizures wear me out.

Country heart&star

McDonald’s Straightens Up and Fries Right! 

The Big Mac attack on family values is finally over! After a five-month boycott, Americans finally got what they ordered-McDonald’s agreement to stop financing the homosexual agenda. Back in May, the fast food giant joined the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce to the dismay of millions of customers who did not feel served. At the time, company Vice President Richard Ellis refused to back down, even calling conservatives “haters” in a public statement. The American Family Association launched a national campaign to force McDonald’s to eat its words. And eat them, they did! This week, McDonald’s announced that Ellis had resigned from the GLCC. In an email to franchises, the company said, “It is our policy not to be involved in political and social issues. McDonald’s remains neutral on same-sex marriage [and the] ‘homosexual agenda…'” We thank McDonald’s — and those of you who used your buying power to encourage values on the menu and in company policy.



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  1. what a scare you had–glad you are better.
    i hadn’t heard about the mcdonalds boycott.  i’m not a boycott supporter as i am usually more concerned about the livlihoods of the employees losing their jobs due to a lack of business (the worker bees who have no say in anything and need the jobs.) .  it’s the social worker in me šŸ™‚  i want to go online and read more about this.

  2. Oh, Cindy.  I was praying for you last night…I just felt something not right!  I pray the change in meds will relieve you of the possibility of another seizure.  I thank the Lord that Steve was there by your side so quickly!  I’ll check in with your later :love:

  3. @mariqueenofscots – Hi, Mari….I understand your concern about the jobs of people who need them. Hopefully the boycott did not affect any one restaurant enough to have to lay people off. But I am definitely for boycotts when talking doesn’t work. I don’t want to hand over my dollars to a business who is going to turn around and hand it to organizations who believe the opposite that we do.
    And if any of those workers are Christian, God will take care of them. We have a small church that uses part of our buildings, and the pastor’s daughter works for McDonald’s in a corporate office. McDonalds I’m sure didn’t have a clue how many of their supporters differed from their views. Not that they really care, but that it must have really affected their bottom line!
    McDonald’s is Steve’s favorite place to eat when he’s on the road somewhere. Now he can eat there again.

  4. Steve is an angel and you are truly blessed!  :grin:How sad that they would need to ask someone that.  What a world we live in, huh?  Watching football…your Houston team beat my Dolphins šŸ˜¦

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