Maybe today will be better…

I’m not going to embed this in case you don’t have the stomach for it, but this video shows the whole Total Knee Replacement Surgery. You have to sign in on a YouTube account to see it, since it is graphic. You have to swear you’re over 18.

No wonder I hurt.

   From Carolyn (RazeHell):

Wizard of Id 

I ate the head off a turtle today  Well, ok…it was one of the turtle cookies in my cookie bouquet. It was good, but that was all I could eat. Sweets just don’t taste very good to me right now. I know…that probably signals bigger problems.

I forgot to tell you guys that at the hospital, when they brought me up to the room and were getting me set up there, the nurses wanted to make sure I lived with somebody that would not abuse me in my fragile state. She kind of asked me in a joking manner, laughing while she was talking, but she asked me if Steve was the kind that would hit me or lock me in a closet!  I couldn’t believe they actually asked me that.  I told them I had the best husband, that would be there taking care of me hand and foot. And they did see that during the following days. One of the aides told me he was so cute the way he took care of me.

Read Renee’s post. It’s very good.

Had another scare last night. I thought I was going to have another seizure. I was in the shower and started feeling the same nauseated, light-headed feeling. But once again, Steve was there to help me. After I got in the bed, I began to feel better. But my energy is just zapped.

I’m hoping my energy picks up. I had not been able to eat much. One of the side effects of the Robaxin, is you can only eat a few bites of food before you feel too full to go on. I also had nausea. Here’s the side effects of Robaxin.

Got this from Doug (MrParadox):


15 thoughts on “Maybe today will be better…

  1. Glad to hear you are recovering well!No I don’t guess know Rene… I was there 87-91. It’s fun to go back for games and to let my kids experience a bit of it! We had a great time, and with the game going into overtime, we sure got our money’s worth! 😉

  2. @lindaintennessee – Hi, Linda….we knew immediately what it was. As soon as I was conscious, I began thinking about the meds. The only thing I had never taken before this surgery was Robaxin. So we looked it up, and sure enough, it can cause seizures. So we stopped it immediately and the doctor called me in a prescription for Flexeril instead.

  3. Goodness, girl, you gave me quite a startle with the seizure stuff! I sure hope you get it cleared up. And, yeah, that new knee is probably why you gained a half a pound. No biggy! Take care! Gail

  4. @Richgem – Hi, Gail….seizures are not entirely unusual for me because I have epilepsy. But it’s well controlled on medication. But there are certain meds that cause seizures, and I can’t take them. We had no idea the Robaxin was one of them.
    Now I’m losing weight. Since the surgery, I’ve lost 3-1/2 lbs. :yes: 😀 😀

  5. @SingingMom – Whew! I’m glad you have a handle on the seizure thing! And Luuuckyyyy! Losing that much weight already?!?! I’m happy for you! Well, Hubby and I are off to Wallyworld. We have to make an emergency purchase; electric space heaters. Our coleman gas wall heater(as old as this old house) died today. Good thing. My husband discovered that the heater vent was cloggged and it’s a miracle we didn’t have a fire last spring! Bye! love, Gail

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