Guess what?

Got this from Connie (daisymae81). Kind of brings tears to your eyes. These days, Downs Syndrome babies are routinely aborted.

Beth laughed at my cane  I guess crutches and purple casts are cooler.

pumpkin leaves pumpkin leaves pumpkin leaves

Well….guess what I did today  That’s right….I went to Walmart. You knew I would pretty soon.

I had to go to the doctor today. Some of my staples were getting infected, and it’s dangerous. An infection that gets down into the joint, can ruin the knee replacement job. My doctor was supposed to be on vacation this week, so my appointment was for next Monday, to take the staples out. But they were in the office today and wanted to see me.

I asked Aaron, the PA, why they were in this week. He said they had two patients who had some serious complications. One had been in a car wreck, and broke her femur, just above the new knee she had put in 6 years ago.  So Dr. Burke cancelled his vacation because his patients needed him

Now how is that for dedication to your patients? Most doctors would have gone anyway, and left another doctor on call for the week. I really like Dr. Robert L. Burke.

He wants me to start transitioning from a walker to a cane, so we stopped and got one today. Debbie, yours has flowers. Mine has some bright designs called “rainbow.”

We also needed some things from Walmart. Steve could have gotten most of them, but I needed some clothes for my physical therapy. So I went in. I told Steve I wanted to be able to tell Jill(buana) that I walked Walmart today!  It was tough….I got very tired and had to sit down and let Steve finish the grocery part of the shopping. But I leaned on the basket instead of using a walker, and made it. The ladies that Beth worked with thought I shouldn’t be doing Walmart yet, at least not without a scooter. But I was determined. When we walked into the garden department, Laura said, “What is it with the women in your family?”  I just raised my hands and shrugged my shoulders. Then I showed them my battle scar. They kind of winced.

Now I’m sitting in the recliner with a TENS unit on my thigh muscle. It helps the spasms and pain in the muscle. Then I’ve got an ice pack on that. Debbie (DKT1978) called me right after we got home, and she was walking into Walmart!



20 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. I think it’s a safe bet that you didn’t get a cane with a flask hidden in the handle. :lol:And that’s quite a doctor you’ve got there. Many Kudos to his commitment to his patients. :goodjob:

  2. YES!!!  :so-cool::goodjob:  I knew you’d be walking into Walmart sooner than expected!!!!!  I am so proud :).  How cool is that of your doctor!  I went to the dentist..she is the best and nicest dentist I’ve ever been too.  She’s so easy to talk to and that’s a rarity with any doctor in my town. You are probably exhausted now.  Oh, I got an antibiotic…(free at our supermarket, Publix) and am resting tonight watching taped episodes of the Biggest Loser.  I have to have my tooth pulled on November 12th :(.  By then the infection will be gone and then I’ll need a partial (so not looking forward to that).  Anyway, glad you’re doing so well.  Much love :love: Jill


  4. @buana – Ooo…I’m sorry you’re having to have that tooth pulled. My next dr. appt. is also on Nov. 12. I’ll be praying for you that day, for sure.
    :yes: I am exhausted. I had to sit and rest a while in the store. Just a few minutes ago, I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. I get so tired and bored just sitting here in the recliner. I wanted to do something. I don’t think  I’ll be doing that too much, though, till at least next week.

  5. Now, get some rest…I understand your boredom though sitting in the recliner and not doing anything.  That’s good news though, you are getting well enough that rest is getting old!  So, I guess your cane isn’t purple, huh? 😀

  6. @buana – ðŸ˜† It’s got a little purple, and some blue, pink, and white. I think Debbie and I need to pose for a picture together with our canes.
    Part of my problem is that rest is always boring to me. I feel guilty when I am sitting down not doing anything. I am hyperactive.

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