11:15 p.m…The bike and I did not get along well the first time. The fly wheel went around fast before I could stop it, and bent my knee too far and too fast. Something popped and started to burn. I can’t tell you how much that hurt.

Another thing about my physical therapist: I think he’s a sadist.  When Steve and Beth were going to therapy after their respective surgeries, the therapists told them to push, but to stop if it began to hurt. My therapist literally tries to make me hurt. Steve was actually the first to say that, and I agree. He bends my knee till I can’t stand it anymore. I don’t think this man should be a therapist.

Thought I’d share this picture. The man on the far left is my cousin Wendy’s husband, Rob. They went to Scotland recently, both for a vacation and a family wedding. All the men in the wedding wore kilts.

Rob is the cousin who was on his way to work at the Pentagon the morning the planes hit on 9/11. He saw the plane hit, but he was thankfully not in the building yet.

Rob in kilt

Steve went to Walmart and got me a recumbent bike  for my exercise.  The doctor told me to use one to exercise my knee. I’ve had a couple of bikes before, but they were not comfortable. This one has a good padded, chair type seat. And it’s right here next to my chair so it’s easy to get to. It takes up a lot of room now, but later we’ll move it, when I can climb stairs.

I have decided not to return to the physical therapy place I was going. I don’t care for the therapist, and Thursday they had me doing something that could be dangerous for my leg. They want me doing certain things, when the doctor said do something else. They want me off my cane, eventhough the doctor just told me to switch from the walker to the cane. Today I walked a little without it, and my knee buckled and I started to fall. Fortunately, I was able to grab a couple of pieces of furniture, so I didn’t actually hit the floor. It scared me.

The therapist, rather than being encouraging, makes fun of me for things I’m not yet able to do. That might be encouragement to him, but I don’t like it. And I’m not going to pay him to do it.

So I’m using some of their techniques, at home. I can do all the same stuff they do anyway.

Right now, I am having a lot of deep bone pain. They have to drill into the tibia (lower leg bone) to put the stem of the knee part. That’s where I’m feeling the pain right now. It will suddenly feel like somebody is using an 18 volt DeWalt, to drill right through my knee.

While Steve was gone, I got up to do a few things. I picked up some boxes and the newspaper to throw away, fed the cats, cleaned the kitchen counter, cleaned the grease off the back of the stove, and rewashed a load of clothes that didn’t get clean enough the first time. That absolutely wore me out.


21 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. Hi Cindy!  Just trying to get back into the swing of things and get around to catch up with certain friends.
    I have been keeping up with your progress, but just haven’t gotten around to commenting.  I do apologize.
    I use to work on an orthapedic floor so I’m very familiar with the knee surgery recovery process.  Consistancy is the key. :goodjob:
    ~Blessings~     Paula

  2. @NaNa2003 – Hi, Paula…I didn’t realize that’s where you worked. It’s a tough process. I’m not looking forward to having the other one done, but it has to be. Thank you for coming by. I think about you often.

  3. SIGH… I love a man in a kilt! LOL! I would have quite with that therapist, too. Every case is different, and your doctor knows the right time table for you getting your strength back. I know with hip surgery, some people are able to bear weight on the leg right away, while others are not. The doctor knows your limits. I think I would try another office for therapy. I would certainly complain to your doctor about this guy. he could really mess up somebody’s recovery. You know when the pain is too much. Your therapist needs to listen. I remember that bone pain! YOW! There is nothing to compare with that awful, deep aching. I pray you will soon be past this part, friend.

  4. I would do two things – I would ask your doctor for a referral AFTER telling him what you experienced, and I would find out if there is an oversight board that you can report that therapist to. He could be hurting other recovering patients, too. He needs to be stopped. :nono:

  5. I definately agree with you! I wouldn’t put up with a therapist doing that to me. The same way I got a new surgeon when mine wanted me to wait for an insurance other than medicaid!

  6. Not a nice therapist at all.  What is wrong with people :hammer:  Here you are trying to get well, not worse.  I think you made the right decision not to continue with him and I pray the bike gets better for you. I got some cleaning done this weekend and I am in th process of doing laundry.  I’ll be making Chicken Parm and Meatloaf today..so I have dinners for the week and  tonight.  Of course we have our weekly staple of Digorno’s Pizza :).  I’ll check on your later :heartbeat:

  7. @DanishDoll – :yes: I was able to bear weight on this leg nearly right away. And I do walk. But what the therapist wants me to be able to do right now, is lift my leg. That means the front thigh muscle has to work. But that’s the muscle that gets stretched out the most during surgery. It’s getting better, and I’m making steady progress. But Mr. Therapy wants it done yesterday. I do understand them wanting me to keep the knee moving, so it does not stiffen up, but the muscle takes time to repair. And if I try to force it, it’s just going to cause further injury. And they should know that.
    I’m afraid I may have to eventually have hip surgery, too. This arthritis (both osteo and rheumatoid working together) is just eating up the cartilage in my joints. If I have to have hip surgery, I want you to tell me what to expect. I need a mentor 😉

  8. You should say something to the therapist, and then you should report him to anyone in authority of any kind who will listen, including and especially, your doctor.
    That’s wrong.

  9. @TXMom2Jami – If I do decide I need to still go to therapy, I will try the place Bethany went. The people there were nice…except the girl in the office. She was usually pretty sour. But the therapist and assistants were all helpful and seemed like they cared.
    Steve went to this same place after his shoulder surgery 8 years ago, but it was a different therapist. But I do plan to tell the doctor, in case someone else wants to go there. He can warn them. He did not refer me to this place exactly….I was able to choose where to go, and this is closest to our house.

  10. @buana – One of our church members volunteered to come over and clean house for me tomorrow. And I know this is going to sound stupid, but I told her I was going to decline her offer right now. Our house is such a wreck, I would be mortified for anybody to see it. And we’ve got construction/destruction going on over here (sort of…it’s at a standstill right now). I told her I really appreciated it, though. She is the sweetest lady. I’ll get the cleaning done little by little as I’m able.

  11. Oh, DEAR! Can you pleeeease be careful? Now how do you like that? A stranger begging you to be careful! That’s because I care. I’m glad you dumped the therapist!  love, Gail

  12. @Idobelieve_fairytales – No, it’s not common in America at all. These men were in Scotland, and that’s where kilts are worn. Some of these are American men (like my cousin’s husband on the left) who had gone to Scotland for a family wedding. Sometimes men in America, who are of Scottish ancestry, will wear kilts for some kind of special occasion.

  13. Great!  Now you’ve got me scared to schedule my physical therapy on my arm.  I’m surprised you didn’t bop the therapist already :hammer:  Now, get on that bike and ride girlfriend!  Doug and I road 6 miles on our bikes today with one of our senior couples from church.  It was a lot of fun!

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