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Church this morning. Schlotzsky’s for lunch. I’m going to stay home tonight. Today was hard for me.

Today during the service, one of our members was singing the special music. His wife went down to the front where we have kneeling benches, so she could pray, and you could see that she was crying hard. I saw her shoulders moving. I immediately wanted to go to her and put my arms around her and pray with her. But I kept thinking, with me in my “crippled by surgery”state right now, it would be too distracting for me to hobble over there with my walker.

But I kept hearing God tell me to go to her. So I did. I’m glad I did. She is struggling with her mom being very ill. Her mom will probably not make it much longer. And yesterday, they discovered her mom’s house had been broken into. Her mom is in the hospital right now, so she was not home. It was gang activity. They stole her mom’s jewelry, including a 3 carat diamond ring she had inherited from an aunt. Her son had been staying there, and he had his 5 electric guitars stolen. They also spray painted the walls with gang symbols.

They are the people we ate lunch with today.

When I went down front with Mary Ellen, Beth and Ashley were hoping I was not going to try to kneel next to her  I cringe at the thought.


14 thoughts on “Tired…

  1. What a gift you were able to take God’s leading and make it over to her.  A true blessing to her I’m sure.  I will be praying for her family and her mom.  I haven’t ever been to Slotsky’s Deli.  There is one in Ft. Lauderdale…but that’s quite a haul just to try it. Maybe they’ll open up here in Palm Beach County some day.  Much love

  2. How sad for Mary Ellen that this happened to her mom’s house. I am glad you didn’t kneel! YOUCH! My husband gets mad at me for doing things I really should not do, but sometimes I just have to!

  3. Doing what God tells us to do is what it is all about for us Christians!!!!  There is something I didn’t want to do tonight in my flesh  :question:, but God kept telling me to do it.  I did it  :yes:and I’m glad I did.  πŸ™‚    Praise His Holy name!!!!  :heartbeat:

  4. @buana – We use to drive about 45 minutes away to get Schlotzsky’s, before there were any around here. There was one on the other side of Houston. It’s worth the trip :goodjob:
    I could not resist going to her. And she told me it meant a lot. I did wrestle with thinking it was going to be a distraction since there was special music going on, and I had to walk across the front of the church.

  5. I am glad you listened to the Spirit telling you what to do and meeting her needs. In moments like that you just have to do what the Spirit tells you to do and trust the Lord to give you the ability to minister.

  6. :wave:Big Hug!  God Bless you!!  It drives me crazy, ha ha when I am lead to call someone at well sometimes really weird hours.  Thank God I do.  Please try not to over do it.  I am so sorry about your physical therapy. GRRR.  You really need to report them?  Well, I got dishes to wash, etc etc.  For some reason a lot of things have not been getting done lately. :sleepy: In my prayers, Sharon  by the way tweetie’s mother will be going to an exsisted living home (which her cousin works at).  They have a floor just for people with alzheimers.  She starting to see and talk to people that are not there. 

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