Brandon got some excellent pictures yesterday…with Bethany’s new camera. He took way more pictures than she did. We have over 900 pictures, so here’s just a few. These are of the Air Force Thunderbirds:


In this picture, look just to the left and under the first plane on the left. See that thing that looks like a white stick? That is the San Jacinto Monument, built at the battle site that won Texas her independence from Mexico in 1836. It is just 5 miles from our house, but it’s 11 miles (as the crow flies) away from Ellington Field in this picture:







And here’s photographer Brandon, and Rachael:

Photographer Brandon

More later. I have over 600 more pics to put on the computer.


9 thoughts on “Airshow

  1. Great pictures.  You had such a beautiful day for the show.  So glad you were able to use a wheelchair to get around.  Just finished making a Tuna Noodle Casserole and Banana Nut Muffins.  Tonight will be burgers on the grill with homemade french fries and leftover corn casserole.  So where did you go to lunch after Church? 

  2. @buana – Send me the muffins. That sounds good! :giggle:
    Actually we just came home after church today. We have a lot to do. Steve is going out of town in the morning, so there’s much to be done before he goes. He’s mowing the yard and washing clothes. Tonight he’ll have to pack. At tonight’s service, our missionary to Macau, China (Mei-Mei Lee…pronounced May May), is visiting to update us on her work. Then we are having a spaghetti dinner afterwards. So I’ll have more pictures.
    The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, and today, too. Great air show weather. It started out very cool because it had dipped into the 40’s, and then warmed up to about 80. We all got sunburned, but it sounds like Rachael was the worst. I have not seen her yet today.

  3. Actually the muffins weren’t all that great.  I used a packet mix from Betty Crocker, which had me just add water.  It was just ok.  My homemade banana bread is much, much better.  I bought the packet at Walmart for like 33 cents..I guess you get what you pay for :).  It does say on the package you can add milk and some other ingredient.  That may have been better.   How interesting about your missionary.  Enjoy meeting with her and your spaghetti dinner!  I’ll be looking for pics. :heartbeat:

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