Bethany linked this in her post, but I’m going to, also. Read Gabe’s post.

Also, read this: Obama Camp Lashes Out at Fox News Over Coverage of 2001 Radio Interview. It’s long, but worth reading. Obama is really upset that Fox News has aired the interview. Here it is again (I posted it yesterday):

I just paid off the last of Bethany’s medical bills!!  

Now to start on mine.

Today has been 23 years since my grandfather died. It’s a beautiful day today, but that day, it was rainy and cold outside. When we got the call that morning, and we gathered at the hospital, the weather wasn’t too bad. But by the time we all left the hospital, a cold front had blown through. The day of his funeral, October 30, was really rainy and nasty. I was 3 months pregnant with Bethany then, so they never got to know each other. Brandon turned 4 only 8 days later. He and Paw-Paw were buddies.

Paw-Paw had really bad heart problems just like my dad, and was frequently having to go to the hospital. One day when he was about to go to the hospital, we showed up at their house (my parents and grandparents lived next door to each other). Paw-Paw could not make it to the car, so Steve picked him up and carried him.

Paw-Paw turned 80 on July 2, 1985, almost 4 months before he died. This is Steve and Paw-Paw (Clarence Roberson) at the family birthday party:

Paw-Paw & Steve Setp 1985

Paw-Paw’s parents were married on October 28, also. I thought it was strange that he died on their anniversary, 93 years later.


8 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. @buana – No, it wasn’t really the air show. I think it was the flu actually 😮 I have been really sick (started when I was in the hospital), and then after I came home, Steve got sick. He’s been running a high fever. Mine got up to nearly 102. It’s kinda rough on top of surgery.

  2. Is that the same Steve that does the Caturday? He looks a bit younger there.
    One of my grandparents died during bad weather too. It was so bad I took a train to New Orleans… and it was involved in a very bad accident on the way there.
    Have a good day!

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