Ignorance of the Issues…it’s no excuse

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5:05 pm…..Thank you to those of you who have respectfully commented. I forgot to post this picture. I had posted a link to the picture of a baby that had been aborted at 22 weeks of gestation. This baby was born alive at 22 weeks of gestation. It just shows how much some people value their children, that they are attempting to give this baby life.

22 week baby

I have spent several hours now, reading and responding to, the ignorant comments left on Dan’s site (Simbathe2nd). I am thoroughly appalled at the people who say they are Christian, but who vote for Obama anyway. I wrote a long response to several people, and gave links to things for them to read.

It makes me furious for people to either 1) knowingly do the wrong thing, or 2) refuse to educate themselves on the issues. People just see Obama and “change”. They don’t like Washington as it is. Well…not many of us do. However, Obama goes directly against scripture. Did you hear me?

Here is the response I left on his site, to those who said they are Christian, and proudly voted for Obama, or to one who is Christian, but said they have not made up their mind yet. HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE ALREADY MADE UP YOUR MIND?

Wow. I am just amazed.  

Let me ask all of you who say you are Christian, but have already voted for Obama or will vote for him: Are you in favor of same-sex marriage?  

Lev 18:22…..22 “‘Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable. NIV 

Or maybe this version is easier to understand: 

Lev 18:22…..22 “Do not practice homosexuality ; it is a detestable sin. NLT 

I know…some of you don’t like anything other than the KJV. You’ll have to live with it. 

Obama has said he will overturn DOMA, or the Defense of Marriage Act, signed into law in 1996, by Bill Clinton. So even Clinton was less radical in social policy than Obama. DOMA was intended to prevent states from being forced to recognize same sex marriages from other states, and to prevent the federal government from recognizing such marriages. 

So…in light of scripture saying homosexuality is detestable, do you think it is what God wants you to do, to vote for a man who intends to overturn that law? He wants to give complete recognition to same sex marriages throughout the country, even federally. 

God said don’t do it, and you guys are voting for a man who said he intends to make it legal for others to do it. Do you think God is smiling on your decision? 

How about abortion? You see, contrary to what many want you to believe, it IS the taking of an innocent human life. Did you know that the more women see 3D images of their unborn children, the less likely they are to go through with that abortion they had planned? I know it’s true…we are involved with supporting a Crisis Pregnancy Center (in Texas). And I have a friend who is the Executive Director of a CPC in Ohio. They see it happen all the time.  

When I was 4 weeks pregnant with my youngest child, who is now 22, the ultrasound showed her little heart clearly beating. At 8 weeks of gestation, a baby has every body part it will have at birth. They just have to mature further. At 8 weeks, an unborn baby actually is recognizable as a human child. If you don’t believe me, go HERE to see it.

Now…our current laws allow that baby, yes BABY, to be torn limb from limb, literally. Go HERE to see a picture of an aborted 8 week old baby.

Yes, it’s gross. Do you have what it takes to honestly look at the pictures? Or do you just want to say, “That’s gross and illegal, and I’m gonna put it out of my mind?” 

Here’s one of a 22 week old aborted baby . (Edit: I changed that link due to problems with the previous link.)

That website is www.abort73.com

We are fighting to have those laws allowing abortion on demand, overturned. Obama wants them to stay. 

So….do you think partial birth abortions are ALWAYS illegal? Not so. Go HERE to read about them.

The baby is partially delivered, and then scissors are inserted at the base of the skull, allowing the brain to be suctioned out. Yes, that kills a living, breathing, squirming, human being. Go HERE to see.

NOW….you tell me that God wants you to vote for a man who wants abortions to remain legal, and who will, in fact, work to overturn any laws restricting abortion. Obama has actually fought to keep another state (not his own) from enacting any restrictions on abortion in that state. Not his own state, but another.  

Obama IS for overturning the ban on partial birth abortion. He wants to make it completely legal, once again. He has said the first thing he will do is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That law makes choice “consistent with Roe v Wade,” meaning the restrictions that have been placed on abortions since Roe v Wade was enacted, would be removed. Obama says on his website, that is his intention…to keep the laws “consistent with Roe v Wade

Take the Roe IQ Test , and see how much you know about what is legal regarding abortion.

Here is the Freedom of Choice Act.

Obama has also said that he wants it legal for any minor to seek an abortion without parental consent, and to have over the counter emergency contraceptives available to them without parental involvement. That means taking a pill, folks, that will prevent an already conceived baby from implanting itself in the uterus of the mother. Some of you are young without children, and that won’t bother you. But try to see it from a parent’s point of view: parents must give permission for children to take aspirin in school, yet Obama and other Democrats want to make it legal for an underaged person to have surgery without the parents’ consent. That’s just scary. 

Jesus said: John 14:15-16…..15 “If you love me , you will obey what I command. NIV 

If you voted, or will vote, for a man whose political opinions are to go against those scriptures quoted above, do you really think that was the Christian thing to do? You might have accepted Jesus at one time in your life, which technically makes you a Christian. But do you really think that is LIVING according to scripture? Jesus said to keep His commandments if you love Him. So can you claim to love Him, but knowingly go against what He says? Sure you can, but you’ll pay a price that HE will decide.  

Yes, we all sin. We all do things He says not to do. And Christians disagree. But if God were standing right in front of you (and He is), an He said not to do something, what would you expect His response to be, if you knowingly slapped your toe over that line anyway?  

I don’t think He’s going to be very happy. 

2 Tim 4:3-5
3 For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. 5 But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.


52 thoughts on “Ignorance of the Issues…it’s no excuse

  1. @SingingMom –  “You are arguing things that don’t even make any sense. Nobody said anything about Jesus or Christians loving government misspending our money. Of course we don’t like that, and God doesn’t either.”It was in reference to voting by “pocketbook” which I surmised to mean voting based on economic policy. Economic policy should be a big deal for Christians because it deals directly with how we are able to support our families and assist our neighbors with our finances. That is all I was trying to say.In regards to Israel.When I said that I meant when I personally look at that particular passage of scripture. I completely understand how others view it as a verse that says that Israel must be protected by the US which is why I said “I do not find it appropriate” not, “it is not appropriate.” I don’t mean to say I find it wrong and I probably should have clarified more, I’m still researching the issue. “It does not matter what people think about the validity of particular scriptures. It only matters that God meant what He said.”I never questioned the verses validity, only how it’s being applied at present. Please do not think I wish to usurp the authority of scripture, but I do call into question how we might put it into practice. I think we can call ourselves friends of Israel by having an alliance with them and by trading with them, but we need not be their personal attack dog. They are quite capable of using their own military as was the case with Lebanon.”This is enough on this “debate” as you call it, or “argument” as I call it. You seem to change the points of the argument with every comment. And I have grown extremely weary of it. Enough. I will delete or block you if necessary.”I was simply replying to the comment that was given to my reply in kind, although shorter. I take it that it was your husband correct? I was simply responding to the reply I had been given. I fail to see how that was wrong of me, but I am sorry you see it that way.

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