Nightmare on Indian Trail….

4:50 p.m….My mother called almost an hour ago to tell me that my cousin died. Andy was 39 years old. He and his wife had a baby almost 2 years ago. She could not reach him one day this week, so she went to the apartment. She found him dead in his bed. 

This is Andy, Yiting, and their daughter, Amadea in February 2007. They married in 2002.


Country heart&star

I will post some highlights on the sermon a little later.

And since I know Jill’s going to ask, no…we did not go out for lunch today after church    I know…rather odd for us.

I had a really strange dream last night. It involved Beth and some of the men who are or have been in her life  I think it was an attempt by my mind, to make them all into one person.

First, she called “M” on the phone, and he showed up at our house, although we had no idea he was coming. And as I’m typing this, I just realized that there was yet another guy in her life that did that (I had not realized it till now – I thought this dream only included 4 guys). Robert would show up unannounced.  He was her stalker from Walmart.

But when “M” showed up, I knew it was M…knew he was a cop…but it didn’t look like him. And his name was James.  (That’s the guy she went to Red Lobster with a few weeks ago.) When I said, “Hi, James,” he told me his name was not James, but Jimmy (Jimmy was her physical therapy assistant, who asked her out, and now we found out has a 12 year old son.)

Now this guy in the dream did not look like any of the real life guys. I really don’t have any idea who he looked like. But when he showed up, he was not in a cop uniform. He was wearing camo.  Ethan has worked his way into this dream (not an unusual thing). (For those who don’t know, Ethan is a friend who is an EOD tech in the Air Force, and wears camo regularly….Hi, E….. ) But the guy definitely did not look like Ethan.

Nothing really happened in the dream. I think I was just too confused trying to make all these people into one person. It was quite disturbing…so much so that I woke up in the middle of the dream, wondering why in the world I would dream something like that.

I either need to quit dreaming, or Beth needs to stop meeting guys.


32 thoughts on “Nightmare on Indian Trail….

  1. :ROTFL::ROTFL::ROTFL:How funny you are!  Thanks so much for your comment.  It means so much to me.  No lunch out???  Shocking :).    I am making chicken cordon bleu for dinner tonight.  We had breakfast out..eggs, potatoes, bagel and coffee at our favorite bagel place.  For two of us it was only $8.50.  I think I’m going to make some sugar cookies too…I’m in the mood :yes:.  I check it with you later and again, thank you for your prayers.  Much love, Jill

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your cousin Andy.  What a sad, sad thing that a horrible addiction took a beautiful man.  I will pray for his beautiful family.

  3. @buana – Thank you, Jill. He was doing so much better for a long time. He had been into drugs when he was younger. His father was abusive, and that’s the way he chose to treat the pain. But a couple of years or so ago, he got back into them. I know he was high the day we gave Yiting a baby shower. Then he got abusive, and they separated last year.

  4.  So sorry to hear about your cousin.  :love:
     You didn’t eat out today, whoa!  I went to Taco Cabana and got a bowl of spicy chicken soup.  It was good. 

  5. That is such a shame about your cousin.  His daughter is too young to ever remember him.  I hate that for her sake.
    Have a great week !!!!

  6. Oh dear, I am so sorry about your cousin, that is so sad, and so sad for his family too. 
    You had asked about Lea’s bday?  The thirteenth. : D   November is a great month eh? ; )  Church?  Well…We do homechurch and fellowship with others at a larger home fellowship once a month along with Marianna leading a large girls’ and young ladies’ group in our home once a month as well, a Bible study is given along with homemaking lesson. Busy times!  : )  Where do you attend? 
    You take care now, we are praying for this nation.   So glad we can take that rest in the Lord.   Blessings to you,   ~Amelia

  7. It’s terrifying that your cousin has just passed because of drug abuse.:( I worry how Yiting will get over such a trauma and how she can manage to take care of her baby. 
    Please send my condolescence to their family. God bless.

  8. @lindaintennessee – 😆 Uhhh….no. You have to suffer just like the rest of us have had to in the past! 😆
    We’ve just always held them (since you are by yourself, you might want to wrap them in a towel as protection) and put the drops in, then fold the ear down and gently rub it so it gets down in there good.

  9. @thats_italian – Thanks, Amelia.
    That’s a neat idea about your home church. We allow a small church started in a home, to meet in part of our church. They got too large for the home, but not large enough to build their own church.
    We go to First Baptist Church of Genoa. It’s on Almeda Genoa Rd, just a little north of the Clear Lake area. I’ve gone there all my life, and my mom joined there when she was 6. Both my parents were raised there. My parents were married there, Steve and I were, and my son and his wife were. Steve is a deacon, Sunday School teacher, Bible Study teacher (Friday nights), and all around gopher. :what: I’m Treasurer, VBS director, and the other gopher :oh-no: Now that our kids are grown, they are involved in responsibilities there, too. We are an extremely small church, but God keeps blessing.
    My nephew’s birthday is also the 13th. He will be 24.

  10. @Idobelieve_fairytales – I know it will be hard for her to get over. She loved him. They had been married 6 years, but were separated. She was very good for him. When he was younger and had been doing drugs while going to college, he met her and she helped him to get straightened up. It seemed like he had something to live for. I last saw them in January 2007, when we gave her a baby shower. He even learned to speak Chinese. Her family still lives in China.
    I think she will be ok as far as supporting herself and the baby. She was actually already doing that, plus supporting Andy because he had lost his job. She makes good money. She recently got a new job working for the Attorney General’s office in our state capital of Austin, Texas.

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