Doctor visit

Brandon has a good joke on his page. And this post is excellent.

Back to therapy in the morning.

Country heart&star

I went to see the surgeon today. And they told me stuff I didn’t want to hear.  My range of motion is not good, and I should be further along in my recovery than I am.

They sent me immediately after my appointment, to the therapy place where Beth went. They recommend this place over all the others. And I do like the people there. I have to go back to the doctor on December 3, and if I am not much better by then, they will have to “manipulate” my knee, which means they will bend it for me. And that is really painful.

Andrew, who is the facility director and physical therapist, worked with me today. They heated my knee really well (which the other place did not do at all). The heat makes it easier to move. Then we used a machine that stretches the tendon that runs down the front of my leg. I can control it, in case it gets too painful, which I am thankful for.

He kept telling me it’s going to be painful. I kept telling him, I understand it will be painful, and while I’m not crazy about pain, I expect that and can handle it. I just did not like the guy at the other therapy place, intentionally doing things to cause serious pain.

So by the end of this week, I’ll have another machine here at the house, that I can use, just like the one they have. My knee would only bend to 65 degrees when we started, but when we finished, it went to 75 degrees. I have to be able to bend to at least 105 degrees.

Also, I have developed an adhesion between the incision and the tissues under it. So we have to massage it pretty hard every day to break it loose. That’s not fun.

And the doctor’s assistant wondered why I didn’t want to just go back in at the end of the year, to have the other knee done

Country heart&star 

Today is Andy’s funeral.

And I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. I’m kind of afraid he’s going to want to give me a steroid shot in this knee. It’s still swelling a lot. Since I’ve had them in my heel, and they hurt like the dickens, I’m not really looking forward to that. Beth is going with me, in case I don’t feel like driving.

Some of you participated in this, so I wanted to show you the map. Our youth/music minister’s youngest son, Jeremy, is homeschooled, and for his geography, they have been studying foreign countries and missionaries in those countries. I contacted some of you who are missionaries….and some who are not….to see if you would be willing to send him something from the country where you are.

Whenever they would receive something, even just an email, they would mark that country on their missions map, and put up a picture of that person. Well….now Jeremy has 49 countries on his map. Last night, his mom Chris, sent us a picture of the map:

mission map

I don’t know how well you can see the pictures, and names of the countries (click on the pic to make it bigger). Mae is at the top in Denmark and Ana in Bulgaria. On the far right is Sarah in Indonesia, and Shukping’s post card from Hong Kong.

This is Jeremy, back in July at VBS (and Bethany on the right). Jeremy will be 11 in January. His parents adopted him in Corpus Christi, Texas, when he was 2 years old. He was the son of a drug addict, and had some severe healthy problems. He has a shunt in his head to drain fluid from his brain. His foster family always carried him around, so he did not know he could actually walk. He did not talk, even at 2 years old. Now you would not know there was ever anything wrong with him (he does have difficulty with reading). They have worked with him, and taught him, and he is as smart as a whip.

kitten and Jeremy

The kitten he is holding is Sylvester, Brandon and Rachael’s cat. Dave, Jeremy’s dad, found him in a hole in the ground at the church, during VBS. Rachael took him home. Better them than us.


9 thoughts on “Doctor visit

  1. How you doing girl???  Much going on today yeah?  What an interesting thing to do ~ the map thingy ~ I coulda sent a postcard from here – you know me and my hubby are missionaries in Wales.

  2. @Neeka1 – :what: I never heard that you were missionaries there! Chris asked me to post his name and address in case anybody else wanted to send him something. It is Jeremy Stone, 12209 Palmdate, Houston, TX 77034. I know he would love to have something from Wales. His parents are Dave and Chris Stone, and their email is, if you would like to email them.

  3. Oh gosh!  I feel your pain. Hang in there.  Will you continue to go to therapy at the new place?  Did it affect your recovery when you stopped going to PT? I will pray you continue to heal quickly.  I also pray that the pain lessens as you go along.  Love, Jill

  4. @buana – Yes, I’ll go to this place. The people are nice and the therapist just shook his head when I told him about the things the other therapist did and said. This is the same place Bethany went for her therapy. It did affect me when I stopped going, although I did not lose all ther progress I made.
    The other therapist was most concerned about getting the muscle strength back, and not about increasing my range of motion. But this therapist said he’s not concerned about the muscle strength because it will come back in time. He’s concerned about the range of motion. I told him the muscle strength is already coming back, by just doing my normal routine.
    The therapist said today that I’m probably just the kind of person who develops adhesions. I told him I developed pretty painful ones after both my c-sections. My dad’s sister has had to have surgery to remove adhesions. I’m sure it’s just in the genes.
    Thank you for the prayers. I’m going to need them.

  5. OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! Sorry about the knee…makes me wince when you talk about it!!! THanks for the photo of the map…I can pick out our family on there…looks like it was a successful project!

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