Prayer requests

5:15 p.m….Oh, my goodness….pain meds are so good.  So is sitting down to rest. We did so much today.

First, Beth went with me to therapy at 10:30. It was tough today. My front thigh muscle has been a great big knot for a long time now. Andrew, the physical therapist, massaged it again today, to get rid of the knot. It makes walking so much easier. But this kind of massage was not the good feeling massage like you might think. It HURT! He would find the trigger points in the muscle and really push on them. It hurt like the dickens, but after pressing on it for a minute or so, I would feel that muscle start to relax, and quite a bit of my pain go away. I have been having terrible pain in my right hip joint, partly from arthritis in it, but also partly because of the knotted muscle. At one point when he was pushing a trigger point, after a couple of minutes, I felt that hip pain just disappear. He had also massaged it some yesterday, and he said he could tell the knot was much better than yesterday. Beth said today, he would watch my face, and when my grimace was the worst, he knew he had hit the right spot.

The incision is slightly adhered to the tissue underneath, so we have to rub that pretty hard to break it loose. And just like you might think, that hurts, too. But as the adhesion loosens, it makes it easier to bend my knee.

I’m glad I have started going to this therapy place, because the difference between it and the other place is like night and day. I get the feeling that the people who work at this one, really do care whether you make improvements, or whether or not you are in a lot of pain. They have told me when it causes severe pain, back off.

Today after spending 10 minutes with both a TENS unit and heavy heating pads on my knee, I used what I call the torture machine. It’s like a hydraulic press that pushes my foot up and bends my knee, but I can control how hard it pushes. Then I used the stationary bike. What they told me to do on it, is the same thing I have been doing at home….just pushing till my knee gets tight, and not going all the way around. Then he wanted me to climb a small staircase. I said, “You know this isn’t going to be a challenge for me, because I’ve already been climbing stairs.” I did that the day after surgery, and some here at home. He wanted me to do it anyway, so I climbed once, and he said, “Ok, let’s do something else.” I told him it wasn’t a challenge.  After that I just had to do some stretching. I go back tomorrow.

So for our church Thanksgiving dinner Saturday, I wanted to find a punch fountain. Not a champagne fountain…we are Baptist  So we went to Party City. Nothing. They said to to Michael’s Crafts. They didn’t have one, either.

So since we were in the same shopping center where Rachael works (at Banfield Pet Hospital in PetsMart), we called and asked if she wanted to go to lunch at Chili’s. She was excited to do that, since she was having a very stressful day today. After that, we went to the bank, and to Hobby Lobby to find a fountain. They didn’t have it, either.

Then we went to Walmart. That in itself, is a workout. Our basket was loaded to the top, and I still did not get everything I needed to get. I still need to get stuff to make a large pan of dressing, go to Sam’s to get turkey, and stuff to make punch. Walmart had a punch fountain back at Valentine’s, but not now.

So when we got home, the first thing I did was change into something really comfortable, sit down in the recliner, and take a pain pill. I might just stay here the rest of the evening.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I saw my dad’s first cousin, Laverne, in the doctor’s office yesterday, along with her daughter and daughter-in-law. It’s sad that we have to have our family reunions in a doctor’s office.  They are putting Laverne’s husband, Lamar, in a nursing home because she can’t care for him. He broke his hip and had hip replacement surgery back in September. He is 75 years old. Laverne is 77 and in bad health, too.

pumpkin leaves 

Rachael, our daughter-in-law, emailed and asked us to pray for her grandfather. He is having some heart issues and is in the hospital in Missouri. His name is Olaf.

My uncle, Mike, is getting a pacemaker/defibrillator, also. He is my dad’s brother, and just turned 65. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital a few days ago, with chest pain. My dad’s family is one big walking heart attack. My dad only has 20% function of his heart.

Heading for physical therapy in about an hour.


8 thoughts on “Prayer requests

  1. I am glad that you are going to PT, because I just know it’ll help.  I am also happy they are so much more knowledgeable that the other PT place.  I am sorry for the pain though and pray it gets better.  :heartbeat:

  2. Hey, young lady, I am still praying for a complete recovery for you! It sounds like you’re with the right program as far as physical therapy goes. Thankfully you have a bit of relief from the pain with the meds. Take care of yourself this weekend and don’t try any wild Irish jigs! love, Gail

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