TV shopping

10:30 p.m….We were just listening to the sports scores on the news. I know at least a couple of Texas Tech Xangans that aren’t going to be very happy  Right, Renee?

pumpkin leaves

9:40 p.m….We got a tv. It is This one. That’s a Best Buy site, but we got ours at Walmart. Walmart just didn’t have this one on their website. And we didn’t pay that price for it, either. I asked for a discount, since they did not have the one we looked at on the shelf (a 720p instead of this 1080p), and they couldn’t sell the display model. The picture is beautiful, and it’s the perfect size for me. We had been living a long time with the bottom of the picture being cut off. Not anymore! And the old one was not HD. This one is, and it really makes a difference in the picture.

We also went to the church to install our video projector. It had been on the blink for a while, and had been to 2 different places to be fixed. The last place tried to charge us over $1200, so they were told to just put it back together, and we’d pick it up. But apparently they did fix the problem, because we only had to pay a little over $200 for diagnosing the problem and cleaning. It works now. We know they changed some parts in it eventhough they were told not to. But it works and it was cheap as far as repair prices go. So we’re happy. God answers prayers. This place tried to take us, and God said, “Oh, no you don’t!”

pumpkin leaves 

Our tv finally bit the dust. In a little while we are going tv shopping. I am excited about a new tv, but not excited that we have to spend the money. Our tv is old…probably 17 years or so, and we have had it repaired twice. The repairs add up to more than we paid for it in the first place. It’s been acting up for a long time, but if you take your fist and pop it in a certain spot on the side (while holding your tongue in just the right place), it clears up….for about 30 seconds. But about a half hour ago, the picture went away completely. Can’t put it off any longer.


23 thoughts on “TV shopping

  1. Sam’s is going to have a couple of good ones on Black Friday.
    I HATE when that happens!  Two weeks ago a lightening storm fried one of our VCR’s, then it wouldn’t relay the DirecTV signal to the set.  Now it’s going to be donated to the Salvation Army so they can repair it and sell it – or not!

  2. @kopfjaeger – Not tonight :giggle: But eventually. Right now we have it mounted on the wall. We put it on that 4 x 6 post that runs up next to the old tv. Looks good. Dad’s gonna strangle the first cat that gets on it, as an example. But it will certainly be easier to keep clean in a cabinet.

  3. @kopfjaeger – :yes: Because on a screen this size, it makes no visible difference. It’s relatively small. Beth was saying it’s just like buying a camera….the higher megapixel camera is really only noticably better when you blow the picture up really big. We compared several side-by-side, that were both 720 and 1080, and could not see any difference at this size. Now yours is a whole ‘nother story. You’d be able to tell the difference there.
    We’ve been playing with it…switching between the analog channel 11 and the digital channel 11, and I can’t believe what a difference there is.

  4. Sounds like a great new TV and for a good price which is nice.  Thank you for liking the pics. of the wedding that I took.  It was a very nice time and I even danced a little though with my Boyfriends Mom because Bret does not dance much at all.  Have a good week.  Take care.  Blessings. 

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