I don’t know what we’re gonna do with her…

9:40 p.m….Beth didn’t injure herself seriously. She irritated a tendon in a finger on her right hand (yes, you guessed it…she’s right handed). She lifted the finger and the knuckle popped…unintentionally this time. It began to hurt, swell up, burn and turn kind of red. After icing it, and taking ibuprofen, it was feeling better today. She did bowl today.

After our morning church service, we took a group to eat pizza at CiCi’s, and then bowling. There were about 15 of us. It was fun. I forgot to take my camera, though, so I hope Rachael posts some pics that she took. She got some videos, too. If she does, I’ll link them.

Then on the way home, I remembered I needed to stop at my parents’ house. I had to return the family wheel chair  It was the one my grandmother used before she died 8 years ago. My mom uses it some when she cannot get around. But I used it some right after my knee surgery. I also took her a couple of sweater coats I had that I don’t wear anymore. She prefers those over a full-sized coat, and I had 2 hanging in the closet that had not been worn in years…still in really good shape.

We stayed and talked a while. As we were leaving, my aunt and uncle came over, so we stayed a little longer and visited. She is my mom’s sister, who just turned 60 two weeks ago. She’s the mom of Jill, who had breast cancer, and Ross, the former cop who flies Apache helicopters for the army. He now also flies a Lifeflight helicopter. Got all that? There will be a test later .

After we left, we decided to stop at Jack-in-the-Box. There is a new one Steve prefers to stop at. It’s more of an “upscale” Jack-in-the-Box, if there can be such a thing. But going to that one put us on a different road coming home, than we usually take. So we were stopped at a light, and heard a honk. It was Holly, my nephew Michael’s wife. She was on her way to work. She’s a nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital. We wouldn’t have seen her if we had taken the normal way home. I just thought that was kind of neat.

We got to meet the new boyfriend of a lady at church. He’s an old friend, but a new “beau” for her. Nita’s husband died several years ago. She will be 84 in January. But you would never know she’s that old. She doesn’t look like it, or act like it. She reconnected with a man she worked with for many years, and they are “dating.” He’s really smitten with her. But she’s robbed the cradle, and we are giving her a really hard time about it. Bob is only 69…14 years younger than she is. His daughters are not in favor of him dating an older woman, but they have not met her. They may change their minds. Her mom, Fannie, lived till her mid 90’s. She was a member of our church also. Nita’s maiden name is Arnold, with is the same as my sister’s married name, so I have wanted to do a detailed genealogical study, to see if I can find a connection.

She called yesterday to see if Beth would sing a special song for her this morning. She likes Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone). Beth has sung it once before. But Beth was teasing Nita and saying she was going to sing Young Love.   So when she got up there to sing, she looked at them and grinned. I was laughing, but trying not to, since I was afraid that would mess her up and get her laughing, too. It’s not good to start laughing in the middle of your solo.  Here’s the song she sang:

My knee is really tight right now, so I’m sitting here with a heating pad on it, before I do some stretching, and bike riding. I only have 2 cats on my lap right now. I did have 5.

I have physical therapy at 1:30 tomorrow. I probably won’t make it around to see everybody until after that.

Christmas cat     Christmas cat     Christmas cat

Beth just hurt herself again, and she wasn’t even doing anything.  She’s just talented, I guess.


14 thoughts on “I don’t know what we’re gonna do with her…

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    @lindaintennessee – 
    @buana – 
    Well, Debbie already knows, but in case the rest of you did not see what Beth said……
    It’s just an irritated tendon in my hand. It burned and swelled, and I iced it. But I went bowling today so it’s not terrible.
    All she did was move her hand, and a knucle popped. Nothing out of the ordinary. But it began to swell, burn and hurt. I’m sure it’s due to her rheumatoid arthritis. It’s easy to injure soft tissue. She needs a padded room so she won’t get hurt.
    Jill….I wonder if we can line a room in bubble wrap? :ROTFL:

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