Snickers Pie, anybody?

We did put Oreo down this afternoon. She was just suffering too bad. She could not get much air into her lungs. The doctor said it sounded like she had fluid in her lungs. She couldn’t tell for sure if she had congestive heart failure, because Oreo was wheezing so bad trying to get air. But when she put the medication in, Oreo went to fast, it makes me think she probably did have a heart problem also. There was no question she was gone, almost immediately. Sometimes they have to listen to the heart a few minutes to make sure it has stopped. But Oreo’s definitely stopped. She isn’t hurting and she isn’t gasping for air now. She was 18 years and 8 months old.

I didn’t mention yesterday, that Sunday night I had a dream about a particular EOD tech in the Air Force again. *sigh* It was a strange dream, as they usually are. You know that old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind?” That’s a lie.


 Can you believe this? What a Christmas present!

What Child Is This?

Not sure what to buy your loved ones this Christmas? Planned Parenthood suggests an all-inclusive trip to its abortion centers. Planned Parenthood is selling gift certificates to its Hoosier clients for the purchase of everything from birth control to abortions. Betty Cockrum, president of Planned Parenthood Indiana, who touted the idea as the first of its kind, even went so far as to call the gimmick “life-saving.” Few can fathom how such a perverted scheme could have passed muster, even at Planned Parenthood where spreading the tidings of promiscuity and death is the reason for every season. Fortunately, the Indiana Family Institute President Curt Smith is launching an aggressive campaign to defund Planned Parenthood, using this as ammunition that the organization doesn’t need taxpayer dollars or the legitimacy that the government provides it. In a sacred month that we reserve to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, pro-aborts are capitalizing on the death of unborn children. What is Christmas but the promise of new life through Christ? While President-elect Obama promises to ring in the New Year with massive subsidies to Planned Parenthood, join us in calling on our leaders to stop footing the bill for barbaric organizations like this one. This holiday, ask the Indiana legislature to set an example and give America the gift of a lifetime 


Beth may wish she had never started this. She has been making “Snickers Pies.” Everybody that hears about them, wants one. She told Jimmy the Therapist about it Monday, and his eyes lit up. He said, “You bake?” You could just see the wheels turning….”She’s cute AND she bakes!”

A Snickers Pie starts with a graham cracker crust, in which you put a layer of fudge, a layer of crushed up Snickers, and then a layer of real whipped cream. Not Cool Whip…..REAL cream. People were eating multiple slices at Thanksgiving.

We went shopping after therapy on Monday afternoon. First we went to J C Penney. I had in mind only one item (a purse, because my Walmart purses always fall apart). But we also ended up buying Beth two dresses. They are evening wear, but they were so beautiful, and they were on sale. And I thought she should have a couple of dresses like that “just in case.” They are both black…one a black chiffon halter with beaded trim, and the other a formal length strapless satin gown, black with white trim. They did not have the right size on the satin gown, but we got a larger one that I can alter. It’s really pretty.

And of course, we went to Walmart.

I am going to have to try to get Oreo in to see the vet today. She is struggling to breathe and I think her lungs are probably full. She is very old (almost 19, and for a cat that’s really old) and this respiratory infection has gotten really bad. She was having such a hard time breathing, and you could see she was scared, so I held her and squirted one of my inhalers in her face. It took a few minutes, but she finally was able to breathe a little better, and laid down and went to sleep.


15 thoughts on “Snickers Pie, anybody?

  1. 😦 uhmmmm… I would like to have a Snickers Pie… Oh my gosh that sounds so good!I cannot go into JC Penney and come out with just one thing… at least two things… love that store… same goes for Walmart and Target… ha!Hugs… talk to ya later!

  2. :wave:How about a Snicker’s Cake?  And then there is the Baby Ruth…. yea 😀 I hope you are doing beyond grand.  It’s kinda been stressful for me lately…but guess what I am so thankful.  Yesterday went to the rec center for the knitting club.  I am working on a scraf for Mary’s boyfriend.  There was a beautiful lady there.  She talked about walking at the mall twice a week and doing some other things.  That you got to keep going, if unable to physically at least do something to exercise your brain.  She is 84 years old!  Thank you again for being my xanga friend!  Love, Sharon

  3. @justhopingnow – We talked yesterday about how you could make this pie with different candy bars.
    I hope things get better for you, Sharon. The 84 year old lady you mentioned reminds me of a guy at therapy. He is 94 and he just had his 2nd knee replacement. And he just zips around much faster than I do. I’m jealous. 😆

  4. Boy that Planned Parenthood bunch gets sicker all the time! That gave me an idea… Maybe Beth can sell her Snickers pies! My hubby makes yummy pies; all from scratch. He made the crusts and then we were crunched (in a good way) for time, so he ran to the store and bought the cheater kind. He made one of my favorites, Apple Butter Pumpkin. And he made one of his favorites, Oatmeal Pie (blecchh!!!) Anyway, I have extra poundage to battle with and haven’t stepped on the treadmill yet. I’m still slugging around from overeating.  I still pray for you with your therapy fun time. Maybe they’ll hold off on killing you! Your funniness reminds me a bit of my Sister’s funniness! I think you’ll get along! Bye for now. I have to pick up a child from the high school. love, Gail

  5. Oh, prayers for Oreo.  Our yorkie, who is 15 years old is getting thinner and can hardly see or hear.  She was at the vet today and he tooks a bunch of tests and said her heart is very good.  It’s just hard to see animals get old.  That desert Beth makes sounds very yummy!  Have a wonderful night.  :heartbeat:

  6. @buana – Thank you, Jill. We did have Oreo put down this afternoon. The vet (who is Rachael’s boss) said she had fluid in her lungs, and it was pretty serious. She said we could get some x-rays and try to treat it the best we could, but we needed to think about putting her down. I told her let’s go ahead and do it. Oreo was suffering so much. She’s not in pain now, and she’s not gasping for air.

  7. i’m so sorry about oreo. i had to take our family dog in once, i was a mess, knowing she had to be put down. she was just in so much pain. praying your heart is not hurting too badly. you must miss oreo terribly.i wanted to thank you for dropping by and leaving me a comment, lifting us up before our Father. means so much to me! :)ugh! i’ve already put on 10 pounds this holiday. i’ve GOT to stop eating leftovers! lol

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