It’s a 4 cat night….

6:00 p.m….I can’t even begin to tell you how far beyond tired I am. I haven’t slept much in the last 3 nights. Yesterday I did a ton of shopping.
Then this morning, we left the house at 9:30 for our monthly church workday. The first Saturday in December, we put up all the Christmas decorations in our sanctuary. And we fixed lunch. But since we are also having a special dinner for our pastor tomorrow after the morning service, we decorated the fellowship hall, too. We finished at 2:30, and then I had more shopping to do. Had to run back to Hobby Lobby to get candles for the tables.
When I was checking out at Hobby Lobby, I remembered I had not stopped at the Men’s Wearhouse to get our pastor a gift card. So I had to go back the same way I came. I was so looking forward to coming home and just sitting down.
In a little while, I need to make some gold bows to finish decorating the serving tables. We’ll take some good pictures tomorrow. We won’t have an evening service tomorrow, so Herb can have a day off. Steve and Dave (our youth/music minister) are both going to speak in the morning. And Beth and Laura (Herb’s daughter) are going to sing. It should be a good day.
Steve has been working on a beautiful wood desk set for Herb. It’s a clock, pen holder and paper tray. Brandon made the pen and mechanical pencil to go in the desk set. It is all gorgeous. Herb is going to love it, since he likes wood stuff.
I have to get up early in the morning to bake yeast rolls for the dinner. Beth is making another Snickers pie for the dessert table, and I think I will make some chocolate/caramel turtle cookie bars. And I have to call KFC to order the chicken.
I better get busy. I need to print some pictures we have of Herb over the last 15 years. We are going to display them on a table in the fellowship hall.
My knee feels like there’s a basketball in there.
silver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glitter
Every day is CATURDAY around here.
Gives a new meaning to laptop
Steve & the cats


20 thoughts on “It’s a 4 cat night….

  1. That is soooooo adorable.  I’m lucky if Maxx puts his body 1 inch from mine :ROTFL:.  I love your background’s so beautiful!  Sue Sommers has a ministry here in Florida.  She has also made records.  She has a beautiful voice.  You can google her as she has a website.  I haven’t had a lot of time to be on Xanga…with Thanksgiving and training at work.  Things should settle down a bit.  Have a blessed, blessed day!  :heartbeat:

  2. :heartbeat: WOW!! Are they comfortable OR WHAT!!!! :heartbeat:  The other one doesn’t want to be left out. Nothing like luvin’ Daddy!  :heartbeat:  Love the pic!! :wave:  ~Carolyn

  3. @buana – The cats love to sit in our laps, but especially when we have a computer in them, too. It makes it really warm.
    I figured you had been really busy. And I have, too. It’s been usually late in the day when I post anything. I was gone today from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We decorated the church for Christmas, and tomorrow is the special service to honor our pastor. And having therapy 3 times a week (that takes 3 hours out of my day), the weeks have been flying by. 😦

  4. I’m back… I’ve missed you. I read back over some of your back posts. I do love the beautiful background!! It is not only Christmas-y, & wintery, but gorgeous!! You’ve been really busy! Be careful of your knee! :nono:
    Have you heard from Ethan? Shaun is supposed to be home by Christmas! YEA!!! :yes:
    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ I don’t think I read far back enough, so I’ll have to do that later, cuz I need to go to bed. We are having a busier than usual Sunday, with a Christmas dinner right after church, plus still having our evening “stuff” going on, which includes my teaching the kiddos.
    TTYL! :love: Muchliest!!!:wave::love:

  5. You sure had a full day yesterday.  I shopped all day with my mother-in-law.  We stopped at the Food Court for hotdogs and soda.  It was fun and I was able to get some great bargins :yes:  I look forward to your pictures from the dinner.  Enjoy and I’ll check back later.  :heartbeat:

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