Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband, Steve

54 years young


Ten months old, October 1955….

Steve Oct 1955

Steve 10 mos

October 2008…..


Last night, we met Paula (heyheypaula) and her friend Martha, for dinner at Casa Ole. They are going to Galveston to leave on a cruise, so they stopped in Houston. There were 7 of us: Paula, Martha, Bethany, Rachael, Brandon, Steve and me. We had a good time. Paula told lots of cruise stories that really had us laughing. I know people must have thought we were drinking.

Then Steve and Paula fought over the check. The waiter offered to flip a coin  Steve won because he’s bigger     He went and paid, and came back to the table with the receipt. Paula tried to grab it when he wasn’t looking, thinking it was the check. She didn’t realize it had already been paid. You have to watch her….she’s sneaky

Then we stopped by our church to show it to them. They might be off the ship in time next Sunday to come by for our worship service. Bethany sang a short concert for them. Then we sat around the kitchen table and drank coffee. Our youth/music minister, Dave, came down to the church and visited a while, too. He has family in Decatur, where Paula and Martha live.

It was a lot of fun….lots of laughter. We had not seen Paula since July 2007. Here’s me, Paula, Beth and Martha:

Cindy, Paula, Beth, Martha



36 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Your husband is younger and more handsome than I am…I wonder if he hates that his birthday is so close to Christmas?I’m sure you sang him a song today, I hope you continue to sing…

  2. @PPhilip – He never has said anything about his bday being so close to Christmas. Not that I remember, anyway. My great-grandfather’s was even worse…it was Christmas Eve.
    I haven’t sung to him yet, but we will in church. Haven’t made him a cake, either. Maybe I should get busy….:giggle:

  3. Not like Chinese :hammer:  I adore it……I especially love Chinese Buffets because I can have a little of this and a little of that.  We usually have Chinese takeout once a week.  Therapy tomorrow? 

  4. @buana – Yes, ma’am. 3:30.
    Our kids didn’t grow up eating things like Chinese food, so they did not learn to like it. I never even tried it till I was grown, and I went with some of the girls from my office to a Chinese restaurant for lunch one day. And the things I was willing to try were limited. I’ve since come to like many things, but there are many restaurants that I prefer…especially Mexican. So we don’t eat Chinese food out very often….maybe a couple of times a year.Other times I’ll buy La Choy in the grocery store. :giggle:
    I grew up eating a very limited menu…mostly ground meat or chicken, with veggies (most of which I didn’t care for except for green beans) or fruit, and a starch like potatoes, mac & cheese or rice. I never ate Mexican food till I was a senior in high school. When our choir went to San Antonio that year, I thought I would starve to death, since I thought I didn’t care for Mexican food. Now I love it. I also did not eat seafood until after high school. Since my mom is allergic to it, we never ate it, and I never learned to like it. Now I love Red Lobster!
    So there you have my experiences with foods I thought I didn’t like, because we never ate them :laugh: But I’ve always loved chocolate! πŸ˜†

  5. 1. I shall go over to tell Steve on his own site ~ you know. 2. How wonderful to have time together again with Paula (& with her friend). I’m jealous for you guys, & for her! Some day……!! 3. NOT like Chinese? That’s just wrong! :oh-no: Looks like Steve is the only one with working tastebuds in the family! :ROTFL:  4. Thanks for answering the question on Beth’s site. That girl is so pretty! 5. I “stole” your pix of you 4 girls!:yes: :love:

  6. @JusticeMom – πŸ˜† Steal away! What’s mine is yours. I do hope Paula gets to come back for church next Sunday. That will be great. :yes: …Jordan is just beautiful. She looks older than 14 when she is all dressed up.
    Now to be fair….I didn’t say I didn’t like Chinese. I like them just fine. It’s Chinese food I had a problem with….:ROTFL: :ROTFL: :ROTFL:
    I was cracking up at the answers on Beth’s quiz.

  7. Now to be fair….I didn’t say  — humph! Literalist! :sigh: I didn’t say the Chinese. :laugh: I was cracking up on her answers, too! :ROTFL: I left a note on Steve’s site. I’m off to pick up my DIL from ER… Later…. :love:

  8. :sunny:First things first… Happy Birthday to Steve!!! Many blessings to him this coming year!And, yeah :heartbeat:, you all got to meet up… so glad… wish I could have been there with you all… wish I could go on that cruise! ha!Hugs and everyone have a lovely day!

  9. I agree you with you Cindy in that at a Chinese resturant there are a select few choices that I like. Since Brandon isn’t a big fan of Chinese food I enjoy when some of the people I work with with either eat at one called Flaming Wok across the street or we’ll order take out from time to time. I usually stick with the chicken w/ fried rice, a couple of egg rolls, egg drop soup, sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls and my favorite Edemmonies (soy beans). I of course don’t eat that all in one sitting, just rotate them. Oh yes I almost forgot fortune cookies are really good too. Sorry we weren’t able to make it for lunch yesterday Brandon was feeling a lot worse then when you saw him the night before. He was so achy and hot/cold and coughing a lot he just felt and looked miserable. We spent pretty much the whole day taking day quil, drinking airborne, staying warm, and watching a lot of tv in between naps. He went to work this morning still feeling/looking awful. I’m praying it’ll be an easy day or maybe he’ll get to come home early to recover.

  10. @JusticeMom – As I was telling Andy at church last night- Chinese restaurants do have things that aren’t Chinese food (chicken tenders and whatnot), but no matter what it is, it ALL tastes like Chinese food! It’s like they throw everything in one big pot to cook it. It just all has that weird taste.

  11. I guess I’m a little late with my birthday wishes for Steve :'(.  Sounds like he had a great day!
    Great picture of all you girls.  It’s good to hear that Paula is doing well!  I wouldn’t mind being on that cruise myself.  We are expecting 1-3″ of snow tonight and tomorrow morning.  Fun, fun!

  12. @kgeverett – It was much warmer the end of last week, but today it started turning cold again. They are predicting freezing rain tonight in the northern parts of Houston. Makes me just want to spend the day in my comfy warm chenille robe and slippers, with a cup of coffee! :goodjob:

  13. Ya I’ve been to the Imperial Court off Center street. When I worked at DPAH we would go their for lunch different times. My absolute favorite there was the chicken on the stick. Then later I went back there and they changed my favorite by adding some red sauce to the chicken =( I vaguely (sp) remember the desert area, I remember the soft served ice cream though =)

  14. @SingingMom – Sounds like fun to me!!!!!  My ____’s dragging.  In a little over a week we’ve had three Christmas dinners and three Christmas programs.  :’/  By the way…I’m sending you something.  It will look great in your garden this summer. 

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